I don’t often dig into many fighting games but I saw this was on sale on Switch and I have heard of Guilty Gear as a series for awhile. So.. here… we…go..

Coming from a background of Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter and Darkstalkers I already had an idea of what I was going to get with this game. However I am happy to find while it can be technical! It is a super easy game to pick up and fun in the spirit of something like Smash Brothers. Not nearly as chaotic but without question a fun game to learn with lots of personality!

A beautiful game in terms of design and animation. Very cool with the soundtrack. Good speed to learn and lots of option in the menu for learning the game. Of course each character has a story or tale to tell. Similar to a interactive Comic book with GREAT VOICE Acting for each character.

The biggest issue I have with the game really has nothing to do with the game and more to do with the series. I googled Guilty Gear and OMG.. SOOO MANY GAMES… So much to dig into .. and How I managed to not dig into this sooner is odd and perhaps a testament on how little time I have. Either way it’s a great game. A fun fighting game.. easy to pick up.. easy to play.. fun characters! and.. .CHEAP.. I got it on sale for less than 10$.. on switch.. FUN FUN!

Took me much longer than I expected to Finally FINISH THIS free DLC for Resident Evil 7. This will contain some Spoilers if you haven’t played RE 7. So yea.. here..we…go

So this DLC takes place directly after the Main story. You play as Chris Redfield “Yes Chris from RE 1,CV,5, and 6” who is chasing after Lucas Baker while unraveling more of the details and connections for this chapter in the Resident Evil Series. This DLC plays very different from the actual game in that it’s more ACTION rather than horror.

The DLC while Free doesn’t prove much in terms of NEW content. While you have more weapons and ammunition this time around but the monsters remain the same as those you encountered during the main game. The areas you explore are slightly different but for the most part are caves that you didn’t explore in the main story.

It’s mostly puzzle solving and key hunting. Not very long… at all..which for free content “NOT SURPRISED!”.. Either way .. it’s fun.. and a interesting part added.

So me and the girlfriend last night played and Finished the newest addition to the Streets of Rage series.. Streets of Rage 4! for the Switch… and here…we..go..

My background with this series is very limited as I never owned a Sega system till recently while getting into Emulations on the pi… So beat em ups are really just a dabbling genre that me and the girlfriend will pick up every now and again to enjoy.

While a background with this series I am sure would have been cool from what we gathered of the story and the characters it became clear it’s not Necessary. I does a good job of explaining what is going on and the why.

Picking up the game is super easy and you don’t need Two Controllers to play it. We used the Two Joy Cons and no issue playing the game. It plays pretty basic. Jump, Attack, Special Move and Pick up items. A combination of pressing two buttons at once allows you to do a super move. Again pretty simple and very Classic Arcade system for a beat em up.

You move up and down the screen beating up enemies of several types. Progress from stage to stage each with it’s own types of bosses and Enemies. In between each stage a small comic book clip like move explaining the story.

The game is beautiful by design, with really cool Synth Music to keep you pupped and going. It’s fun and easy enough to learn that anyone can just pick it up and play.

The best part!! Cause of a sale in the Nintendo Store it only cost 9.99! However I would have probably payed more cause it is a fun coop game. It does comes with other modes and you can reply it with lots to do in variation. Honestly.. IT’S A FUN GAME.. and I hope for more!

So today was the release of Mortal Kombat 11 Aftermath. The expansion to Mortal Kombat 11 and while everyone knows I am a huge fan of this series and I want to SPOIL THE HELL OUT OF IT… That is not what I do on here.. However I will tell ya alittle bit about it!…so here…we..go!

Just to start with I want to point out that while the expansion does cost about 40$ IT IS NOT REQUIRED for some of the content. That is correct.. SOME OF THIS STUFF WAS FREE FOR ALL WHO ALREADY OWN MK 11!.. They patched it this morning and gave everyone New Brutalities, Friendships, and some new Stages WITH… Stage Fatalities! All you had to do was download the patch that was released this morning and POP!.. You got that content for free! Pretty AWESOME NEWS and cool!

So what did you actually purchase for 40$? Aftermath is the Second Chapter to the Story mode.. which is about 6 chapters long = about 3 hours worth of content story. Pretty cool stuff if you ask me! With it you also receive 3 New Characters Sheeva, Fujin, and Robocop. What I later came to learn after having finished the second chapter is that while you play it you also receive lots of added content in the way of augments, Costume changes and character skins. Again pretty cool stuff to have but is it worth it?

Honestly I think it’s worth it just for the story alone but with the characters as a fan of the series I can say I feel like it was worth it! I do believe you can buy the characters separate for a bit higher of price.. but still.. fun!


So while I said I wasn’t buying any new games this year.. My girlfriend went and gifted me this horror thriller in all it’s glory. So here’s what I have to say about it…and here..we…go


To begin with any game that has Crabs… or promotes crabs.. or Lobsters.. IS GOING TO BE SCARY!! …or so I thought.. This Remake of the 1999 Classic Resident Evil 3 is actually not as bad as people say but not as good as I thought it would be. While people complain currently about the level of replay and shortness of the game I think it goes without saying you are only playing ONE character.. Not two as in Previous titles like Resident Evil 1 and 2 or any of the later games. Jill is the star this time around and while it takes very little from it’s horror elements of the previous Remake “RE 2” it fills it with action….again..

It’s a beautiful game to play and while it’s mechanics are pretty much exactly what was given with RE 2 Remake. It adds to it elements that work and some that almost NEVER work. Jill this time around is given the ability to mix products such as ammunition, and herbs this time, which is an interesting element added from the original and really brings nothing new to this remake “if you knew how to do it in RE 3.. YOU KNOW how to do it in RE 3 Remake”. I WISH I could say that about the dodging mechanic or even any of the button mashing elements that happen during the zombie attacks.  Both are poorly placed and mechanics that I guess a person could learn to master but why? It doesn’t help for much and isn’t nearly as helpful as the original game.


It does sprinkle some musical elements from the classic game which is awesome but while running around Raccoon City most of what you will run into is more of the same from the RE 2 Remake… SOME New monsters are in it which is cool and dealing with Nemesis is about the same as it ever was.. ANNOYING AND FUN!! I never really felt any elements of dread.  Even while the chaos was going on it just didn’t feel like it took the time to tell the why!!?

I can say that 60 bucks is for sure.. A HIGH PRICE to pay for this game. I would wait till it gets cheaper because it’s not worth the price.. HOWEVER.. It is a great experience of game and really it didn’t have anything bad about it. Just not as big a impact as RE 2 Remake.. again.. it’s a beautiful game and I loved playing it .. but in the end felt .. more could have been done and elements should have been better implemented.


Having Finished the main Campaign of the game I am pleased to say it’s an amazing game and I want to go into full detail as to why but as always without Spoilers!… So here we..go


To begin with playing any Doom game can be a bit of a lesson on the type of gamer you are. Every Doom game starts out the same way. Learn the basics and in this part of the series it plays out the same way..sorta. You will learn the basics of Movement in stage 1..  Jumps, Dashes, Double Jumps and New Climbs.  You learn the basics of aiming “Which is Vital in this game.. You aren’t going to be able to just Super Shotgun every enemy and expect to win”..It starts out very easy and I think anyone who has ever played a Doom game will understand this is to be expected.. You will learn quickly also that just Glory killing every enemy is a BIG MISTAKE! “Glory kills is what you do at the end of an enemies life” While doing so will give you health.. Understanding that you MUST use the Chainsaw to accumulate Ammo becomes also a Vital part of strategy.


Strategy not exactly a thing you would think much about while playing a Doom game or really even a shooter for that matter is important this time around. Resource management becomes also important but not in the way that you would think. The resources are really the lesser Demons “Enemies” in this game. Figuring out who to kill for health “Glory Kills”, Ammunition “Chainsaw kills”, and Armor “Flame Belch” becomes Vital on the second stage of the game on.  It’s just not collect ammo as you go along anymore. You will be tested by the enemies on which way to deal with what is thrown at you.

While in the past most Doom games are pretty straight forward.. Find Red, Blue, and Yellow Keys move on to the next stage collect strong weapons. This was changed in Doom 2016 with more of a Linear story telling. That same Linear story telling comes with Doom Eternal but this time it’s far more Exploratory. Telling the story thru Reading Codex entries and expanding on the Main story isn’t Required but for a fan of the series it’s a fun thing to do. It doesn’t force any of those details on the player it’s all just added if you want it. Explore for fun but keep the pacing going.screen3

Pacing is very important with this game because it does become very much like a fast chess game mixed with puzzle elements. Upgrading the weapons, The armor, and even character Modifications becomes part of that mix also. While it’s expanded menu is bigger than prior games it’s not overwhelming to figure out. Basic knowledge on what works and doesn’t is pretty self explanatory based on what you are dealing with at the time.screen1

As with prior Doom games which left an element of why should I pick up a better weapon when this one is doing the job fine. This game does not LET YOU DO THAT.. Some weapons will kill an enemy easier than others, while some weapons give you different variations on how to deal with the situations you will be put in. You are given normal Frag Grenades, New Ice Grenades, and a third weapons that will help but are limited to time and storage. Again this game is very heavy on the strategy which is awesome to see this being the 5th game in the series.


In terms of new content it isn’t just limited to the story. You will see new enemies, updates to some old ones, brand new weapons, a fun home base element which homes everything you collect and a TON OF FAN service for people who have been playing the series since 1993. Fun is always priority with this game and it will poke at a violent Saturday Morning Cartoon kinda charm to it that only the Doom series really can deliver.

Personally I am super pleased with the experience. More than happy with what I payed for the game and the content I received.  While I went the more expensive route with the game it’s still the average price point of about 60$ and really for the price you are given a full experience that is more than valued by the amount of content you are paying for. It has tons of replay-ability and I still have yet to even dive into the online .. WHICH I WILL GET TO IN PART 2!


With the release of Doom Eternal “The latest in the Doom series”.. a Re-release of 1997s Nintendo 64 Doom 64 has been released for current gen Consoles. I have already finished it and played thru all of the game and here is what I have to say about probably my favorite in the series.. so.. here.. we go..


Doom 64 to start with is a game I have written about several times in the past.

It’s without question one of the games I would recommend on my top 3 games of all time. It has atmosphere and a feeling to it that is both simple and Creepy at times but always full of action. With this being ported to current gen games I was a bit worries we would get a poor copy of the amazing experience we had in 97 however I was pleasantly surprised to find that the game holds up VERY WELL!


The graphics while dated of course are clear and adjusted extremely well for HD. While basic in it’s design but amazing for it’s time. This translation of the game is everything a person who didn’t play the game would want. It controls are simple as it was in 97 and the sound design holds up perfect for the experience. Everything was translated to this port in a perfect art.

Zero load times, smoother than the original frame rate and a slightly faster running speed that really can only be noticed while fighting off some monsters that otherwise weren’t a problem before are now. It’s perfect and exactly what any Doom fan would want out of a translation. screen3

Now people who pre ordered DOOM Eternal will receive the game for free which clearly is a STEAL!! However if you didn’t preorder the game you can still get it for 4.99$.  Which again is a steal.. Now why would anyone who already owned this game buy it?.. Well three changes I noticed that made it worth the price. First ADDED LEVELS!! Yeap they added a entirely NEW chapter to the game called THE LOST LEVELS… This was in prep for Doom Eternal.. and while I will say they are fun to play and give a little more insight into the story of Doom 2016. It more than made for the price point of 5$..

Second thing I noticed is that on the Nintendo Switch Version of the game it has a tracking Movement control. Doesn’t sound very interesting but it’s a cool thing to see. You move the switch motion Left.. The guy moves left… so you get it.. The other odd change I noticed which really was the ONLY change to the game was that medical boxes are BLUE …Not Red Crossed.. my guess .. Copyright or something… Either way.. YOU SHOULD PLAY IT IF YOU HAVEN’T!! it cost less than a pizza… Why wouldn’t you buy it??


I think this might the 4th or 5th time I have only dabbled with a game but watched my girlfriend play the entire thing from start to finish. It’s not that I didn’t want to play it it’s more so she was better at it than me. So this review goes on that point of view and the little dabbling I did with it.. so here .. we…go


Little Nightmares is a adventure side scroller staring a character named Six. From my understanding and this is all based on interpretation and could be completely wrong. It’s a little girl who is stuck on a ship with monstrous Cannibals. Everything is larger than you in this game and for the most part you spend a majority of the game solving puzzles and trying not to get eaten.

It’s dark and gloomy but is also beautiful by design. The music sets the mood well and it tells it’s story thru the game play which is actually pretty ingenious. It keeps the player engaged with a variety of background elements but much of it comes from interpretation. So little is actually said and nothing is written “so a vague sense” of elements come to explain it all.


It’s a simple game to pick and learn having only a few things to understand about the controls. You have a lighter, a push and pull system, and a duck mechanic. Short of that you have your standard left to right side scroller movements. You can climb objects and interact with some of the items you will come across but this isn’t a fighting game. Most of what you will do involves hiding from large monsters, and exploring room after room you will go in and out of.

It’s a short game lasting only a few chapters and can be finished in about 3 to 4 hours?…maybe less if you are good at it..”like my girlfriend”… The game cost about 20$ currently and for that price I will say you get a pretty fun game to play. It’s kinda like looking at a gothic painting and the world is fun to explore. Personally if you are looking for something horrific and yet interesting to play … It’s a great pick for that!



So this is probably going to be a long review because I am a big fan of the series in General. I have seen every Film, Played every Game, Owned a number of toys and even read a number of Comics based on this series. So yea… Here….we…GO!

If you are a fan of the first two films and have watched them both at least 1000 times each PLAY THIS GAME. While it’s an Open World, First person Shooter, Frogger “Like”, With a mix of Survival Horror and Decision Interactions in it game.  I must say the amount of love and detail for this game is undeniable.  TEYON Games which is a Polish Game Company have done the best Terminator Game I have ever played.


Starting off Before the first Two Films “And yes it’s Cannon”. You play as  Jacobs Rivers a resistance fighter against the Machines/Skynet in the year 2028. Like I said early it’s for the most part a First person shooter with Survival Horror Elements taking much of the feel from the first Two films vision of a Apocalyptic Earth Ruled being taken over by Machines. The game starts out as a very Run and Hide type of game but it Happily sprinkled with Actions Sequences and Frogger Puzzle elements. It has a Development Tree for your character to work on as you progress thru the game and the Weapons you choose from are a mix of Old School Guns mixed with Future.

While I am sure some people can easily finish the game in probably under 5 hours the game encourages exploration. Most of the charm it holds comes from knowing the series and it sprinkles lots of Easter Eggs that caused me personally to be like “HEY I REMEMBER THAT!!”


It has a crafting system in it that is actually really giving also considering at no time during the game did I have an issue with collecting Ammunition, Health Items or Lock Picks to open doors. The only real issue I had was trying to figure out some of the controls as it isn’t very good at explaining that HOWEVER if you have ever played games like Condemned or really any First person Shooter it can go without saying that you can figure it out fairly Quickly.

I am sure it has multiple endings which at this point I have only seen one but am Eager to jump back in and see what my decisions can change. While I had this game Pre-Ordered for the Price of about 60$ bucks. I personally think it was worth it just because I am a huge fan of the series. However.. I have seen it go now for about 30$ to 40$ and honestly for that price I feel anyone who is a fan of the series is getting there monies worth. Hell I have seen games with developers Much bigger DO FAR WORSE GAMES and really I had no Issues with sounds “AMAZING” OR Graphics “Pretty great Consider it’s a small company developing it”… So yea.. I would say it’s a MUST BUY for Terminator Fans…and a really really Great time for people who are just looking to Jump into that Future fight against the Machines type people.


To go along side the release of Doom 1 and 3.. Doom 2 was also released for the Nintendo Switch so naturally I had to buy it with the rest of the series. This time around I played it solo “Yes coop is in the game” and came into a few different issues with it. SO HERE are some thoughts..and here…we…go


To begin with Doom 2 is the least played Doom game I have played and not because I didn’t want to play it more but because I never really owned it for PC until I got my first Personally owned PC which was maybe in 2002. It’s slightly different from DOOM 1 in that the difficulty level even on normal is SOOOOOO MUCH HARDER..

So what makes it more difficult? More enemies, harder stages to solve and a personal sense of ego that causes me to never give up on stages that i put myself into a hole with! The biggest change in this game from DOOM 1 is that you are given a Double Barrel shot gun and NEW DEMONS!! The Double Barrel is slower but more powerful than the single Barrel and it helps to killing off some of the previous monsters but not so much the Newer Demons such as the Pain Elemental and Revenant “HATE BOTH OF THOSE GUYS!! But love the designs!”


You can tell that with this sequel everything that was learned from DOOM 1 that worked.. Works really well with this Sequel. The satisfaction factor of clearing out a room of 30 Demons is always pleasant however I will say that so many times you will die and saving is a must considering how often you can do it in this game.

With this game concluded I am happy to say that a recent update has added that on top of this game coming with the Master Levels which is a added 30 + stages. The game will have added FINAL DOOM AND DOOM SIGIL On top of the upcoming release of DOOM 64 which now comes with the new Doom Eternal to be released on March 20th!

SUPER EXCITED About that.. Yet coming back to topic.. Yes doom 2 is sooooooooo much harder than Doom 1 but for the price of 5.99.. your out ya mind not to buy it! It’s fun…Simple.. AND challenging