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Game on!!

Posted: October 30, 2011 in Video Games Alexander
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So for awhile now I have been telling myself I would start another video game blog. At First I thought perhaps I should do a video or voice blog. Fact is I can’t stand to see or hear myself so the next best thing was to type everything out..again…

Yea I say again because I once had a blog on a web site which I REFUSE to give credit to now because well..they deleted it and really didn’t give me any type of warning about it.  So this will be my new spot.. I plan on going over past Video games, both new and old! Likes/Dislikes and so on…

I am always buying new games so this will be pretty steady at least… I hope so….

Not much of a speller so really your going to have to deal with it if you choose to keep reading. EITHER WAY…WELCOME!

The First game I plan to write about will be “The Darkness for the PS3” I still have yet to finish it and I am working on finishing it before the sequel comes out in February 2012. You can find out information about THE SEQUEL at

For now.. I am going to finish the First game and then I will post again.

So I am still currently working on (The Darkness for the ps3) still. However I find I have a little bit of time so why not start with a game that I hold very near and DEAR to my heart known as (Doom 64 for the Nintendo 64)

First of all Doom as a series is one of my favorite if not the top 3 FPS “First person shooters” of all time. It started the rage we have today with are call of duties and Modern warfare stuff. Me personally I am not much of a fan of Military shooters and I feel over the years they have sort of become much like sports video games to me. Why do something in a video game you can actually do in Real life? If i wanted to shoot military wearing morons I could go to a paint ball Arena or something of the sort.

So really those first person shooters aren’t really appealing to me. However its not to say some good ones didn’t come out of the Doom/Wolfenstein series. Anyway the basics for Doom are easy to understand and probably more enjoyable on a computer then anything else. You got your forward, back left and right keys… you hold a key for strife left and right. You use a fire button, action button and a series of number buttons to select your Weapons. OH..and of course you have a handy map to tell you what rooms you have been in and what rooms you can go to.

Picking up health, ammo and new weapons is just as easy as walking over the item and own it. Upgrades and health really can’t be upgraded HOWEVER..Doom 64 did include a weapon which required 3 parts that would allow a Flesh gun to be Upgraded… Over all the big difference between this version of doom “Doom 64” and doom 1, 2, and the upgrade in graphics…
Over all its a modified version of the old PC DOOM engine with better graphics.  Plus it added some detail to the game that REQUIRES you pay attention to secret areas. Without said attention you can not finish the game…of course unless you cheat. There is both a password system to it and a memory save option.

Really its simple to understand in story and truly something a person can get really caught up in by environment. I don’t know many people who are my age who have played some version of doom over the years and didn’t say “ya it was a great game and I spent hours playing it”…Least not many my age…Emphasis on (MY AGE!!)…O.O

Any who with the advancements of technologies and computers coming as far as they did (Back in the day) I knew it would just be a matter of  time before a version of Doom would come out that would update the past versions graphics. Don’t get me wrong Doom 1,2 and Final are all CLASSIC games and have a place in my heart also but DOOM 64 was the one that took and still to this day takes the cakes from my little jiggly puff hands and throws em up in the sky to burst into MINI MUFFINS!!

So why Doom 64? Well for starters and I truly believe this…! The Nintendo 64 Controller was MADE FOR FIRST PERSON SHOOTERS.. Holding the controller and using the stick to move back and forth left and right was so easy that it truly got you into the game on a level that I still “again” to this day believe no other controller has been able to do. Don’t get me wrong..the ps3 controller today (10/30/2011).. Great controller and its fun with shooters, fighters, and action adventure games and defiantly a good improvement from past designs..HOWEVER…the Nintendo 64 controller I feel was spot on with Shooters…”like DOOM, and golden eye”

Now keep in mind Doom 64 while the Environment is EPIC, The sound AMAZING, and the game play really the same as Past dooms before it. The only thing that was lacking was the ability to move your head around… WHICH honestly I think is REALLY REALLY ANNOYING in First person shooters…however Necessary for details of game play. So while I understand the head movement and all its pluses..its also a hinder to me personally because I am more of a basic guy.

I enjoy simplicity when it comes to most of my games. I don’t like a million things covering the screen and I don’t like having to remember to do this..and that..and this… while playing a first person shooter…Some games its cool and it adds to the detail of story or online game play but again.. I am a simple guy.. I enjoy simple game play.. Not to say I don’t enjoy more complex stuff..but I have to be in a mood to deal with that..simple works ALL THE TIME…FOR ME..

So you have 32 stages to play in. A settings of easy to hard with  funny labels for each “Be Gentle (Very easy) to Watch me Die! (Very Hard)” In each stage you are required to find a RED, BLUE AND YELLOW Key.. sometimes in that order..sometimes not so much.. In order to find each key and progress to the next stage you must battle hordes of demons, zombies, and flaming skulls. Your given very simple weapons such as the double edge chain saw..and very complex weapons such as The BFG 9000, and the Unmaker.

So Doom 64 is currently a game you can find on amazon for about 6 bucks.
If you already have a Nintendo 64.. The best way to play it is in a dark room with loud speakers…and no one but yourself around…its pretty freaky to do..

Here is just a small preview for those curious