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Today I finally finished the darkness. I know since I started this blog I have been saying over and over…”ok this week…no ok this week….no no no this week”. Today I finally took the time to do it! To say the least I am over all pleased with the game but of course like so many things in life it does have its flaws. So lets jump in and I will explain!

First of all (The Darkness) is a first person shooter that incorporates elements of New York gangster fiction mixed with Sci Fi Horror. It does so in both game play and storyline. You use both guns and abilities given to you from the creature which is symbiotic to your character. Without going to much into the story line the further  you get into the game the more abilities your given. The controls to the game are your standard First person shooter stuff. You have a action button, shoot button, jump button,crouch, one stick for movement, one to move your head and of course your standard weapon selection and abilities selection buttons. The game uses a heart eating system which works to upgrade your abilities in the game. No health bar but the screen does turn red when you are dying and really you aren’t given much lean way with that. I can’t count how many times I died playing this game but to say the least I found it very frustrating to stay alive and aim at an enemy. Not the best mechanics in a shooter but again the elements of what you can do in some cases make up for it. You can drop objects on your enemies, use melee attacks that are pretty cool and VIOLENT..

The thing I liked the most about the game was probably how it was designed. Most the game takes place in my great state of New York and better yet the subway system. While you will spend most of your times in different areas of the city the subway is where you will get most of your missions and you will find yourself really pulled in from the true to life way they built it. From hobo’s to street dancers the design of the game was pretty detailed. You may even see some elements that make fun of other games in it which is always a quick laugh. The music and Sound effects are amazing in this game as well. Me personally being a metal fan I found the tv videos to be pretty cool, and the voice acting to be probably one of the best I have seen in a video game. Mike Patton does an amazing job as “The Darkness” and Kirk Acevedo does a great job of play Jackie. Now the game is also based on a comic book and boy does it show those elements in how it tells the story. An awesome bonus to the game also is that it actually includes good collectables within the game such as issues of the comic book being sold today and some pretty awesome looking Artwork.

Over all today you could probably find the game for less then 15 bucks online or at a store. Its for sure worth that price if your into the comic book and a must have if you are in love with the series. The Sequel is coming out from what I HEAR on the web..and its looking very promising. So I would suggest to anyone looking for a cool plot and story to pick it up…but if your a first person shooter fan looking for good game play i would say your probably not going to find much out of this title.

Killzone 2 and 3

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I spent most of the day this morning working out and with my father. I helped with a few things that needed to be done and we watched the Green Lantern which was really pretty cool and a movie I don’t think could have been made anytime before the last 3 years. Lots of special effects and lots of cool stuff that really does amaze me we can do today. So after all that was said and done I came home played some Mortal Kombat online and then took my sleep for the day. Right now its about 1:35am and I figured why not write about some games I have finished recently or to be more specific the Killzone Series.

Now I DO own all the Killzone games however Killzone 1 for the ps2 wasn’t really much of a game I think. I only played a small part of it and I did play some of the online with my brother but as far as really diving into it…it simply wasn’t my style. Now Killzone 2 for the ps3 was on of those games that I purchased with hopes to spend time again with my brother.  My brother at the time of purchase lived rather far away so when we could get in contact with one another we would play online games to spend “Quality time” together as a good brother should.

Killzone 2 Consisted more or less like a standard shooter today. You use the Ps3 controller to direct your shooting, walking, head movement, crouching, melee attacks, and to switch weapons of which you can only carry (two at a time) plus a knife which you have at all times. You have a flash light and depending on the weapon you use a scope with zoom capabilities to hit harder to reach bad guys. Each stage requires that you do a specific function such as reaching a point to blow up an area or escort tanks.

The games (both 2 & 3) are VERY story heavy and require that you watch and listen to what your “computer coop” friends do and say. The story is really the driving force to want to play the game. The story is set on Helghan another planet with human like enemies know asHelghast who are your standard bad guys. Then want to rule the universe and take over everything with a Nazi type of style and sense to them. Its a pretty deep story and really my description is really vag by comparison to what content I am actually talking about. Best thing I can say about it all is if you don’t like playing the game watch someone do it for you cause the story is pretty cool over all.

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The graphics are top notch for the time of the releases. Lots of pretty lights, sounds are epic, and really the game does very well at grabbing the player and putting them into the heat of the moment like a good FPS should do. Like most games it does have a difficulty setting which for the most part actually works. Easy is “REALLY EASY” hard is challenging but not overwhelming and ELITE is just hard enough to deal with the game to the point of wanting to throw your head into a wall.

So whats the big difference between 2 and 3? Well in part 3 you are given more specific Melee attacks which help get past more close combat areas. Your also given a few missions where you can fly around on both a rocket pack and a spaceship! Spaceships are always cool in my book so any game that lets me do that makes me HAPPY.

Over all its a interesting couple of games to play and at the very least is good for entertainment value much like a action movie only here your the action hero.  Like I said in the start of this the online is fun. True like most online games it has its flaws but over all I believe I have spent more time playing this online then most other shooters…hell most shooters i don’t even play online because well…its lame to me..but that is just my opinion on it…however this game has a pull to it that is fun.

You could probably find it for about 30 bucks or less now…both games range about that price. I managed to get Killzone 3 from gamefly for under  20 bucks which is GREAT…but yea…good times to be had if your into that sort of stuff…

OK.. so I am still working on it. This damned game..

I am hoping to have it finished by either the end of today or the end of Tuesday..”Tomorrow 11/07/2011″ but before I write about it I want to make a couple things clear about this blog. First of all this stuff is mostly just a hobby that I really do mostly for myself. If people want to write and comment I am of course going to answer whatever questions or talk about said topics as best as I can.  Now what you the reader should also understand is that while a small title like “the darkness” is a game that can probably be finished in a few short hours by someone who has time…I DO NOT.

I have a Night job that I work to support my rent, bills, a girlfriend, a dog a cat, and of course my gaming habits. So while I would love to say that I just sit around all day and play games and write about them. I don’t …:( Would I love to get paid to do this. OF COURSE!! Who wouldn’t but right now I simply don’t have as much time as I WOULD like to have. I also workout and have been preparing for the FDNY really yea..

I believe that the thing that makes these blogs good to a person or audience is Consistency o from now on I will be trying to update at least Once a week from here on out. Even if i don’t finish darkness according to PLAN…

Ok so I am working on the darkness still….grr…that game…plus i recently started playing DC Universe online because it went free on both the PC. AND the PS3…so yea..minds been all over the place.

HOWEVER this blog is about one of my favorite games …well..part of it… MORTAL KOMBAT

To explain quickly I entered a small online tournament last week or the week before and well here is the video

CLEARLY you can tell I lost 2 out of 3. Honestly my skills need work but what I found so very interesting about this is that I have never really watched myself play before. While I watched the video it really made me think to myself. HEY why didn’t you do more lower moves, why not be more aggressive. Why this…why that! Honestly I think I learned more from watching this 8 and half mintue video then I did from playing over 700 matches.

I am starting to think maybe it’s my state of mind again. I am and never have been good at test and really online battles are kinda in the same field. You only get one chance to either WIN ..or Lose… Perhaps it is important that I look into putting myself into a better pressure state of mind for test in my life. I have always thought about maybe some sort of meditation would help..Perhaps its time to do that.