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Few games I can think of recently do I start and REALLY want to finish. Dante’s Inferno was one of the titles last year that struck a cord with me.

To begin with you should know that I did read the book YEARS before this game was even thought to be a concept for a Video game. When it appeared I played the demo and fell in love with it. The artwork, the story and the way it played out all worked for me in such a way that I knew it would a game that would leave a mark.

Probably one of the most graphic games in terms of content. It really does take the rating of 18 + to a different level that I honestly didn’t think was legal for Video games. Violence, Nudity, Blood, Gore, on top of a story very similar to something oddly enough like super mario (Save the love of your life) and you pretty much get what this game is about.

Game play is your typical God of war style of control. You are given quick attack, mid, and strong, a jump button, magic secondary abilities and so on.. The thing that makes it so different from the other types like it is the feel it gives off. The soundtrack is dramatic, the level of detail is pretty well done. The creatures and characters are all the type that just invoke you into the world presented. The lower the levels are the higher the details with how far you get into the details.

It really appeared to me that video games can be played very much like other games but if the story, artwork, and scene’s don’t grab me they are boring and really aren’t worth trying. This game has a feel of its own and plays out as a experience…TRUE it is very extreme with its content and the game play content doesn’t really play out to fair…but the story is what makes it really worth playing it for…

I figured I would take a moment to explain that..Recently I have been writing at least one of these a day. Fact is my days recently have been full of work, working out, deep thinking about the future and so on.  Right now I am reflecting a lot on myself and with that Video Games become a big part of my past. I feel that most of my memories “as shot as they are” come back from playing video games both new and old.

So I am trying my best to keep up with this… to figure out what to write about tonight..

In 2001 Nintendo released its 4th console the GameCube. It ran on Mini-Dvd disks and had few titles on it to start with that interested me at all. I knew I wanted to get one but I didn’t know what titles would drive me to buy it.  I heard the development of the REMAKE for Resident evil was to be released in march of 2002 and it was at that point that I KNEW…I Wanted to get one.

The remake is probably the BEST remake of any game I can think of to date. It was the first game I purchased for the Gamecube and bought it WITH the gamecube from Blockbuster Video. My parents where with me that day and it was over a very exciting time for me.

The Gameplay was very much like the Original only this time like a good remake everything was updated and some minor improvements were added. Zombies could come back after being killed and left on the floor for several visits.  The voice acting was improved, some dialog was changed, added costumes, and a few different modes. It was a two disk game and was a ton of fun and probably one of my favorite games to date on the Gamecube.

It followed the story as the original with Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine. Side characters Barry Burton, Rebecca Chambers, and Albert Wesker were all given updates.

Rumors of a prequel were around when the Nintendo 64 was released but due to several rumored reasons the game was pushed back and set up for the Gamecube.

Resident Evil Zero was released also in 2002 but later on in the year. I purchased it day one and must say it was a interesting game in both gameplay and story. For the first time you didn’t play separate stories but one single story with two characters. So you could switch between the two at just about anytime during the game. The puzzles had been set up so that you required both characters (Rebecca Chambers and Billy Coen)  to be at particular points. The Gameplay still didn’t change much in that you still ran around shooting zombies, Collecting items, and figuring out clues from the story.

The following year 2003 the Original Resident evil 2(which introduced Leon Kennedy,Clair Redfield,Sherry Burkon, Ada Wong), 3 (Followed Jill Valentine during the events of 2) and Code Veronica (followed Clair after 2 and 3) were released for the gamecube. It was the only system to include every single game in the series to date..and the it was another 2 years wait until fans got to see…Resident evil 4…

Resident  Evil 4 was released in 2005 and was a follow up of Leon Kennedys story. It took place several years after RE 2 and pretty much summed up what the effects of the following games resulted with. It was the first time the Gameplay had changed Dramticly going from Survival horror to a more Action set up game. It was also now a 3rd person point of view game and included NO Zombies for the first time. The Zombies where replaced with much faster, much smarter creatures known as Las Plagas which didn’t look dead but had a very zombie kinda feel to them.

It was felt to some to be the best in series by some of the fans and by some to be the worst thing to happen. Having had several games before it with a very different feeling then this game it would be the introduction to a big land slide of games for the next generation. Games would be developed from its success such as Gears of war, The hunted, Dead space and several others.

It was also at this point Capcom would feel it necessary to retell the story’s of Resident evil 1-3 and a prequel to 4 using the new Nintendo Wii in a series known as the Umbrella Chronicles and The Dark side Chronicles. The games again would be a dramatic change in game play and graphics in that both were on rail shooters but were heavy on story and plot. Capcom would also take the First Resident Evil game for the original playstation and port it to the Nintendo DS and title it Deadly Silence which included a few different modes and some added characters..

Due to the Success with Resident Evil 4  the Development of 5 would already come under way and the story, graphics and game play would once again would change but not as dramaticly a depart from 4 as 3 was from 4.

Resident Evil 5 would take coop to its main selling point for this game. It being on the ps3 and xbox 360 online play and two player coop were both received well and BADDLY depending on who you spoke to. It would see the character of Chris following up his story from Resident evil Code Veronica and introduce the character Sheva Alomar to the mix of characters in the story.

Capcom since has continued to create a interesting universe for the series aside from the video game scene as well. Creating several live action films that do no follow the video game cannon but put a interesting spin on what could have happened in the universe. As well as several CGI films that Do follow the cannon and once again… several off shoots and a 6th game which just recently has been announced.

I am both excited and interested to see where the universe will continue to go.

What the future of the series will hold…is really anyone’s guess at this point..but over all I am pleased with what I have gotten so far..

So here I was as explained before in 1996 being my young 13 year old self.  Still a big Nintendo fan and looking forward to seeing the new NINTENDO 64. This year Mario 64 would be released and everyone would be talking about how great a game it was. Honestly it never really caught my interested and Killer Instinct Gold would be the first game my brother would purchase for the N64.  I would be going to school and doing my best to stress over its importance like more 13  year old’s. Life would pretty much be the same for me and little did I know else where something would be released this year that wouldn’t even catch my attention for another 3 years down the line. Resident Evil 1 was released for the PlayStation 1 on March 22, 1996 and me showing zero interest in the PlayStation would miss out.

It wasn’t that the game had bad press or that the game just wasn’t interesting to me. It was that I had my head so far into SNES and was planning on the N64 being so great…that I had to take my time with it all. School was always stress on me and Computer games were starting to show some interest that really everything was starting to boost up in my life that I simply didn’t know nor care much for what would be a GENRE I would fall in love with.. Survival Horror…

Resident Evil 2 would be the first game I would see or play from the series. I recall hanging out with an old friend of mine and going with him to visit a friend of his. It was perfect timing on my part because here I was sitting in this kids living room and here he was about to play his PlayStation which at the time I knew NOTHING about. I think at the time I thought it only played movies and what not. I remember seeing it in Blockbuster and playing Jumping Flash on it..but other then that.. it wasn’t on my radar.

From what I remember of the first time I saw the game was the impact it would have on me. Here was one kid stuck on this lamp puzzle in the Raccon City Police Department. He finally figures out the puzzle and gets the peace he needs..leaves the room only to be stopped in the hall by a 8 foot fall trench coat wearing MRX…

It was one of those moments for me that I just simply fell in love. The impact of the scene and the way it made everyone just jump out of there seats unexpectedly was just over the time and mind blowing. I knew at this point I had found something that would grab my interest.  As always I went…and had to find out more about this series new to me titled..RESIDENT EVIL

(me on the far right holding the axe..hehe)

It was during this time that I would meet my best friend Melvin also. Melvin I must have met at I believe during my last year of JR High school. I still know him to this day and we do are best to keep in contact with each other. However at this time I spent almost every day with him and his amazing family. His apartment became my home away from home… his brothers would become my brothers and his family would become my family and via versa. I spent so many nights at his house playing video games and dragging my backpack over to his house with my N64 I couldn’t count the number of games we finished and just enjoyed together.

However one thing that made a interest impact on this friend we had was that he had something I had very little knowledge about. It was a game Console called the Sega Saturn. Honestly I wasn’t much of a fan of the system because the controllers were kinda odd to me. However the games he had on it were great and we must have all spent Hundreds of hours playing them. Games like Mortal Kombat 3, Enemy zero, mist, and a few others I can’t seem to remember right now.

It would later happen that Melvin and his family would own a PlayStation. It was at this time that him and I got are hands on Resident Evil 3.  Melvin must have played the hell out of that game having gotten everything possible. He was great at it.. all the puzzles, items, Customes, and hidden steps he and his brother Carlos figured it all out. Carlos was really into the horror scene having introduced me to most of the horror movies I know and love today. I wasn’t sheltered to the stuff I just didn’t know much about it and being 13-15 my mind was wandering so naturally whatever they had known about for years.. I wanted to know more about. So we spent so many nights playing video games, watching horror films, drinking, eating TONS OF CANDY, going out and doing what boys from  Brooklyn do.

Resident Evil 3 from my recall also was released around the time of another game that would match its style called DINO CRISIS. Dino Crisis didn’t catch my interest as much however it was one of those very dark, very creepy games that would eventually lead us to back track and play Resident evil 2 and 1. I recall it was also around this time that my Cousin Chris would own a PlayStation and yes Chris got into the Resident evil series as well. So having two sources now to go to and learn about the series was great. The Company was amazing with Chris and Melvin and while time has moved on and we have all gone are own ways those memories of nights in the dark with these creepy freaking horror games just keep me happy in life.

Resident evil 2 would eventually be ported to the N64 and I would once again drag my Nintendo over to Melvins apartment to help me figure out the game. Several details to the game would change and it would be a slightly better port then the original PlayStation Version. The Videos were a little choppy but the game play was almost exact. The controls to me seemed far easier to play but most likely that was because I was used to using the N64 controller.

So much time would go by and things would eventually change. The game would remain a big memory in my mind.. and lots of other horror games would come from the series that I would love to play and enjoy.  Silent hill and Resident evil Code Veronica I would get to play with my Brother in law Charles. He also had and still has a interest in the horror scene and again without him I wouldn’t be so into it like I am today. Resident evil would become more interesting to me as I learned the story and horror movies in general even today still peak my interest. The Cheesier the better..

but again…another game would come about during the Gamecube days that would change the world of gaming for everyone it would seem…and that would be….

The Dc Universe hasn’t always had a interesting part in my life. When I started work in the city (Manhattan) I would walk to and from work. On my lunch break I would normally spend my time at the midtown Comics and here I started to collect comic books. This became later really enforced when I moved to Wisconsin as my home at the time was located around the corner from a comic shop and not far from the current HQ to the shop I use today online. Either way I am pretty geeky and love everything that comes from comic shops from Video games to comic books and action figures.

Anyway.. I had heard about the hype that was revolving around a video game that was said to be the FIRST decent comic translation into video game. It would be developed by Rocksteady Studios and really it would be second game for the studio to develop.  However the first Truly big title for the company.

The game would be released in 2009 for the xbox 360 and ps3. In my opinion they kept there word because both games were a mix of all forums of media using both voice actors from the classic cartoons, some references from the comic books, and a few design references from the movies. The story was written brilliantly and the action was set up at a good pace.

The game play would play out very much like a action/Detective mystery type of game. Fairly easy for anyone to learn to play who has played a adventure game before. Lots of sneaking around, x-ray/predator mode which allows you to see past walls and take reference to where your enemy is. It showed weak points in walls and allowed to track enemies at some points. Pretty use full idea if you ask me especially for the worlds GREATEST DETECTIVE. It was pretty free roaming in terms of what you could do.

The story would revolve around batman tracking down the joker in a crime over ruined Arkham Asylum. It would include lots of the  enemies from the batman comic book and use tons of content that allowed anyone who hasn’t known a thing about batman to learn about his past. present and possible future. So much Media was produced for this game that really finding everything took HOURS if not days to do. It really was a comic book fans wet dream in terms of story and content. It ended with a Sequel being wanted so badly that it took them three years to develop it and believe it or not… IT DID BETTER THEN THE ORIGINAL!!..

Batman Arkham City would be released in 2011 and become one of the biggest award winning games of the year. It took everything that was in Arkham Asylum and like any good sequel doubled it. One of the best advantages to it was that you kept all the items you got from the first game but added more options to them as the game progressed this time around.

The game play wasn’t very different from the first game however it was again more open world. Tons of side quest, the level of detail to this game was just overwhelming.  You were allowed this time around also to play as more characters then just batman. Some points allowed you to play as Catwoman, using DLC robin, Nightwing and a few others that may be released in time.  NeatherRealm studios produced some DLC for the game as they also helped with the Development.

Both games as a product to a consumer can be see as ONE Giant game. They take place only a few months apart from each other but playing one and not playing the other makes for a interesting LONG story mode. One does effect the other while not DIRECTLY connecting as most sequels SHOULD!! Is a third game ever going to be released?…..THAT IS AN AMAZING QUESTION TO ASK!!

In are world today we have a pretty big list of fighting games.I have played so many fighting games since 1992 that I can’t even list them all on here. Some of them had charm and some of them had some pretty interesting button set ups however I still even today can’t feel comfortable with any game if it be fighting, action, first person shooter, or puzzle like I am with this one series.

MK 4 hit arcades in 1997 and having  been back in new york for already 4 to 5 years I started to travel around more. I managed to find a place called Fun Time USA which was located in this very odd part of Brooklyn. The great thing about the spot was that it had three floors to it. On the second floor it had nothing but arcade games and dead in the center was this GIANT 70 inch tv screen with giant speakers and on top was Mortal kombat 4’s arcade title..and on the screen was this EPIC MORTAL KOMBAT 4 that simply blew my mind away from at least 10 feet from the game…

This was probably the first time I saw a new mortal kombat and didn’t know what to make of any of it..I ran to the game and looked over the button set up and noticed that it hadn’t really changed at all. still two punches, two kicks, one block and a run button with the stick that allowed you to move. The biggest question I had was how the heck do you move in 3d? The other games were only in 2D as far as fighting went and here I am looking at this game like its Tekken. When I first got to play the game the character select screen over joyed me because here we are again with lots of the older characters (Scorpion, sub-zero, Reptile,sonya, jax, liu kang, Raiden, and noob) but also included new characters (Shinnok, Kai, Quan chi, and Tanya). The first thing I noticed about the game was that it had 3 spots for secret characters. None at the time were actually revealed nor did they spin like in the previous version of MK 3.  Once again characters were removed with no explanation and really the game didn’t have much of a story to it until months later when it was announced that the game was going to have REVISIONS of it that would include more characters, fatalitys, and other aspects of it added. So that first time i saw the game it had Noob Saibot in it…

The second time I went to visit the same place that held the game…IT DIDN’T!…However while playing as Noob I noticed he was also incomplete and thus I could assume this was why he was removed and replaced with other characters. Jax, Jarek  and Johnny cage were added as well as Reiko who was my favorite character in is chapter of the series. Fatalities were added along with several other new special moves that the first version also didn’t have as well as bug fixes. The game would also include weapons for the first time. Each character was given one weapon with which they could pull out during a fight or find on the floor. Rocks and spiked ball would also be included on the floor to pick up and throw along with severed heads. The stage fatalitys would continue and the chaos would consume.

The Nintendo 64 would get this version of the game and dear was the most complete version of Mortal Kombat 4. If you used a gameshark you could play as a unfinished version of Kitana as well. Goro, Shinnok, and Noob were included plus hidden character meat. The company probably should have stopped at this point.  HOWEVER…IT DIDN’T…STOP

A Later Dream cast version much like UMK 3 titled Mortal Kombat 4 GOLD..Would be released which included, Kitana, Mileena, Kung Lao, Baraka, Cyrax and “Sector whom was hidden with noob and goro.

This version wasn’t horrible but the characters added seemed very TACKED on. The pluses to this was that the stages were complete and the level of detail to what was in the game was complete to the fullest VERSION! The endings were now high res videos and really i felt it was not worth the price if you ask me..but still if you enjoyed MK 4 IT WAS fun.

The same year Mortal Kombat 4 was released the first console story action game (Sub-zero Mythologies) would be released. This game was unlike the Fighting games but did play the same as MK 3 in terms of controls. Using both the combo system, Run button and new TURN BUTTON (WORST IDEA EVER!) as well as a action button. It was a prequel to Mortal Kombat I..Telling the back story to Sub-zero and giving a history to the series that leads into MK 4. With the fall of Shinnok and Quan chi..the Amulet story and so on..

I owned the N64 version which didn’t include the videos but a word and picture version of the game.  It included everything else in terms of gameplay but no bloopers and no videos :(…but still ENJOYED THE HELL AND STILL ENJOY THE HELL out of the game.

Another game was released as a side story to the mk series titled “Special forces” However this game wasn’t done by any of the cast who produced the previous games and failed miserably in sales. I WILL NOT EVEN TALK ABOUT IT BECAUSE IN MY MIND..IT’S NOT A MK GAME IF IT ISN’T PRODUCED BY THE PEOPLE WHO MADE ALLLLLLLL THE OTHER GAMES..

Mortal Kombat Mythologies would also be the last Side-scroller version of the game for YEARS!!

Years would pass.. Arcades would die..:(… Consoles became the thing to have.. as powerful and enjoyable as they were.. I once again went with NINTENDO.. And didn’t regret it! The Nintendo Gamecube would be released and using now MINI DVD type would do everything the PS 2 COULD DO…but more!

The only real difference at this point was that Nintendo couldn’t go ONLINE.. So while that was evolving Nintendo even to date… STILL LACKED AND LACKS ONLINE Play…of types..

Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance or MK 5 as it was called would be the first version of a mortal kombat game to be produced solo for console use. It was released in 2002.. almost 5 years from mk 4. This was the first version of mortal kombat that wasn’t a port of an arcade game and it surpassed every version before it in both graphics, sound and story. However the biggest change was game play and content.

The Game play worked out in that you would pick from some new and some old characters. The game again was in 3D not 2D and each character had 3 sets of styles.. two fighting and one weapon was included for almost all characters. Learning one character no longer meant you knew the basics for ALL characters. The button set up changed to 4 attacks, a throw, switch style and the run button would no longer be included in the series to date.

The story to the game would also become a BIG selling point to the game as it was now clear that mk as a series had a story to tell. It would introduce characters such as (Kenshi, Bo rai cho,Li mei, Nitara, Mavado, Hsu Hao, Dramhin, and Moloch) Also long awaited character Blaze would be hidden this time and playable plus a spoof character titled Mokap. While the Animated endings were removed and replaced with pictures and voice over work which would continue in the series to date. It was clear that while most fighting games didn’t give much effort towards its myth’s.. Mortal kombat would be a story driven game.

The games content would include several videos, A selection from AA TO ZZ of Krypt (AGAIN WITH A K) content and a Konquest mode which acted as a story mode/learning part for the characters included in the game. This time around Secret characters could be found by using Kurrency (yes with a K) which was used in the Krypt and by also completing Konquest mode. Going back to MK I it included several mini games which also was used to collect Kurrency. The biggest fall back was that each character had only ONE fatality.

The game while its impact was rather good for a starting point it wouldn’t be seen in years to come as the best of the 3d games…the best was still ..yet to come.

Mortal Kombat Deception was released like MK 5 only for consoles of its time. It wouldn’t see the day of light till 2004 and still to date people argue this game to be the best of the series by some and the best of the 3d games. For both content, gameplay, the first to include online play “ps2 version”. It was a fully packed buy to say the least.

The game play would follow that of MK 5 only this time the details would be pushed to the limits of the designers. Weapons would be included and stage fatalities would come back. Every character had two fatalities this time around and one Hara-kiri which allowed the player who lost to kill him/herself. Characters introduced (Shujinko, Kobra, Kira, Ashrah, Darrius, Hotaru.Dairou,Havik, and Onaga). Also included was a zombie version of Liu kang as well as a team up of smoke and Noob titled NOOB SMOKE. The stages were interactive like in mk 3, and everything was summed up in this version with the exception of a run button. It again…had everything.. and was ported for the PSP which included, Shao Khan, Goro, Jax and kitana. The Krypt would make a return but a smaller verison with keys that could be found in the Konquest mode. One of the more interesting things to the game was the side options set up to play it. You had a fighting game that included, several mini games such as chess and a battle Tetris game, along with a adventure game that some to date beg for a return.

Another two years would pass and what was thought to be the end all of battles would take place..

In 2008 Mortal kombat Armageddon would be released.. Everyone who enjoyed deception had high hopes and what would later be told to be one of the WORST versions of mortal kombat to date would take place. The story was incomplete, The fatalities were shared, and while every character in the UNIVERSE  of mortal kombat was included. It was poorly received due to errors in game play, and design.  Again the story would start after Deception but no defining ending or artwork would be included. Some claim the reason for the poor ending would be due to the amount of content which was needed to be generated. Having now had over 62 fighters, with individual styles. Much that could have been done wasn’t…

Yet again… as time went on.. the generation would move platforms again..and while Armageddon was released for the wii with ONE added character. It would not continue its legacy of holding Mortal Kombat as a series under its name. So for the first time in my life.. I had to move to a new console that wasn’t NINTENDO…:(

I purchased my Playstation 3 2007 having heard rumor of a new mortal kombat coming out. I didn’t know anything about the game at the time but I like many fans had high hopes for a HD Follow up with a story that would explain what happened after Armageddon. Little did I know..but a BIG BIG BIG Surprise was coming …and NO ONE could have guessed it.

Mortal kombat vs DCU was released in 2008 with mixed reactions from fans. I myself was thrilled with the idea and a bit upset because I knew I would have to wait for my Armageddon story.  The again in 3D it would pit most of the cast from Mortal Kombat II against some of the more well known DC Universe characters against each other. It would feature two story modes that allowed for each point of view of the events to take place to be seen and understood. Again it would be very story driven and online play would be something that would work and not work…

It was Midways last Mortal Kombat video game. The company would soon go under and with it all hopes of another mortal kombat game…..?…..

or so we thought…

Warner Brother Entertainment would buy out the franchise of Mortal kombat. Having done team work on MK VS DC..and concluded that the franchise did do well for its last stand. It wasn’t mortal kombat that was the problem..but that midway made poor business plans. The Developing team would soon get there own title .. now called NeatherRealm studios…it was later revealed that while Midway was going under..the team would be working on a new mortal kombat game while making its business transitions.

On June 10th (MY BIRTHDAY) 2010 the greatest present in my life would be revealed…

A reboot to some..but in story line considered MK 10 As it is a continued story to Armageddon. The game Titled MORTAL KOMBAT would have its release day in 2011. Currently the last installment of the the series. It was a throw back to the 2D Games but with the details of a 3D Game. The game is in essence everything the mortal kombat fans had been asking for since mk 3. A amazing story, Great game play for both beginners and Masters, Over the top Violence, and all the charm and humor that the arcades included. The online is to say at its best. It included new DLC which could be purchased via PSN and had tons and tons of content.

the ps3 version included a Special guest character

It was recently announced that it will be ported to the PS VITA… with more content.. and really news to date is still being announced about this current title..

…AS OF yesterday.. It was announced that MORTAL KOMBAT Will be getting another Sequal and that it is currently in the works… 😀

This is going to be a really really long entry. So if your not interested in listening to me REALLY REALLY GEEK OUT…well.. I would suggest you just stop reading right now because this topic means the world to me and really…I LOVE WRITING ABOUT IT! So let us start from the beginning.

The place..Ocala, Florida…The year 1992

I was 9 years old and at the time a really big Super Nintendo Fan. I was a new grown fan of series like  Super Mario World, Contra 3,  The power Rangers and I even loved Sonic the Hedgehog (even if he was a Sega only character at the time). Cartoons and Morning Tv Shows seemed to be my thing before getting ready to go to school. Ocala was very much a interesting experience in itself and my love for video games was probably at its peak during this time. I didn’t really pay much attention to much of anything around me but my video games. I would Read, eat and sleep VIDEO GAMES.. it was an EPIC TIME TO BE ALIVE!!! Little did I know but because of this device known as the SNES (super Nintendo entertainment system) would soon consume me in ways I didn’t think first true love in life would come in the forum of something at first..I REJECTED!!!

See Mortal kombat Released 1993 on the SNES…I WASN’T A FAN… and had little to no interest in the series to start with… Fact is my older brother was the one who asked for the game first. I was a fan of Street Fighter..and really didn’t think anything could be better then that!

Both games played out basically the same.. Two Punch buttons, Two kick buttons, a block button, a stick that allowed  you to move forward, back, jump and jump back and forward..with different of  jump kicks and side sweeps.. Special moves,throws and  all the things that build up a good fighting game. Really the two weren’t very different… HOWEVER..Mortal Kombat had Finishing moves..which at the time WEREN’T FATALITY s!!…they were titled Finishing Bonuses which really…again…kinda lame to me..Mortal Kombat on the SNES didn’t have blood..and wasn’t something that I found much story to either… however my brother wanted it…

He received the game for xmas that year and while it would later become a interest of mine… it wasn’t anything to great in my eyes…UNTIL… I found out something very interesting about the game..something…or someone…was hidden in it….O.O

Mortal Kombat was already at this time a very successful Arcade game..but I didn’t know this because well.. I was in Ocala and had no real way of knowing about what kids were into ..or what was going on outside of the trailer I lived in..and honestly..didn’t care much at the time..nor would I really ever care much!…but either way the game grew and grew …with it.. POPULARITY!

It wasn’t until 1993 came around.. when I entered a bowling alley and saw MK II..Did my interest in the series really peak! More so a character that would pick up my interest and just pull me into this thing I now call a BAD BAD BAD ADDICTION!! MK II Revealed more characters in the roster.. from Mortal Kombat s  Start of only  7 characters (Johnny Cage, Kano, Raiden, Liu Kang, Scorpion, Sub-zero, and Sonya not including bosses Goro, Shang Tsung). MK II would reveal Double the Roster removing (Kano and sonya) but adding (Reptile, Kitana, Mileena, Baraka, Kung lao, Jax and making Shang Tsung playable this time around). It included more Finishing moves, FINALLY some blood on the SNES,  a very darker feel to it and 3 Secret fighters (SMOKE,JADE, AND NOOB SAIBOT) along with 2 new Bosses (SHAO KHAN AND KINTARO). However I would find that my love for the entire series would happen because of REPTILE..

The game controls were about the same…sept the game was speed up a little bit…not exactly street fighter Turbo..but a good pace that would follow suit until MK 3 which later on added a RUN button.

So here was a 10 year old me playing MK II in the arcades enjoy the hell out of the game as Reptile..when some random kid approach’s the game and tells me that Reptile is actually in MK I.. But he is hidden in the game and from time to time reveals himself and gives clues as how to fight him. THIS PEAKED Such interest in me..that the moment I went home I started to play MK I on the SNES to see if any truth was to be found from it.. FACT WAS HE WAS TELLING THE TRUTH..cause while playing for hours and …hours…and hours…weeks…days…months…. I found that Reptile DID appear a few times in mk I but…had no clue how to find  him and Fight him… and WHY,WHO, AND HOW..would lead me into finding out more about the story, the background and a ton of other FUN THINGS!!

In hunting down the darn characters and trying to find out as much about them as I could.. I found Magazines, Comic books, Action figures, clues from video game magazines, and of course word of mouth from school. Eventually I would find that if you got two Flawless Victories and preformed a Fatality (Finishing Bonus for SNES).. On the Stage “THE PIT” you could actually fight him..

In 1993 MK II was ported to the SNES .. with the booklet and some details from the endings I started to peace together the story to the series..and would continue to try to follow it as best I could.. I figured from the end of MK II …My hopes and Dreams for a third game…was pretty much impossible… HOWEVER… It was years down the line..that it would not only be announced..but I would run again ..into an arcade machine!! MK 3..THAT ONCE AGAIN.. I would continue my love for the series.. It was at this point that I knew so long as the games were successful…there would always be a NEW mortal Kombat to come along at least once every 5 years.. or so…

In 1995 an article my cousin would show me about MK 3 would appear..It didn’t say much about the game.. and at the time the article was written most of the characters didn’t have names.. So I naturally assumed..some new characters along with most of the old one’s would be coming back.. Fact is…this wasn’t the case.. All the characters that I really LOVED from MK 2…WEREN’T TO BE FOUND IN THIS ONE… MK 3 Revealed (Sheeva, Cyrax, Sector, Cyber Smoke, Sindel, Kabal, Stryker, Nightwolf and a different Sub-Zero) Removing Reptile, Scorpion, Kitana, Sub-zero of old, Mileena, Baraka, Johnny Cage, and Raiden.  They also changed there combo system and added a run button which was interesting and fun at the time limited what you could do in gameplay.

The game was so different from MK 2 that at first I didn’t know what to make of it.  Cyrax and Sector seemed cool and from time to time I would see Smoke on the character select screen which at first I thought was a BUG in the game…but later found he was playable..  Jax had metal arms,  and Kabal just caught great interest in my cousin that the rumors from both him and people that I knew in school just made the game that much sweeter to enjoy.

I think honestly it was the secrets to the series that really caught me.. The story really would forum at this point and really I fell more and more in love with the game.  However MK 3 would go the route Street Fighter 2 had gone by releasing a later version of the game that in all honesty I had very little interest in ..while it did include my favorite character Reptile.. at that time I had  moved on to love Cyrax and Sheeva..which when Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3  was released in arcades.. I found it to be rather enjoyable and very different from the Original MK 3.. however.. must have been the timing because during this point … Nintendo would Release its next gen Console..NINTENDO 64..and for the love me.. I lost track of Mortal Kombat after MK 3…And had moved on to KILLER INSTINCT GOLD..which would be the first N64 game we would own in my house..and HOW MANY TIMES WE PLAYED IT…WHO KNOWS!!!

but the years…would progress..and my interest would come back… on my 14th birthday when I would buy …yeap.. MORTAL KOMBAT TRILOGY..

This version of the game included EVERYONE to date… meaning anyone named could be found “sept as noticed GORO and Kintaro on the N64…HOWEVER..THE PS 1 version did ” it also added Rain, and playable noob saibot for the first time.  This version was also released with an SNES version of UMK 3  around the same time. That included noob and rain..however it did not include (RAYDEN, Johnny cage or Baraka like Trilogy did.) In the arcade version of UMK 3 included Scorpion, Subzero, reptile, jade, NEW Ermac playable for the first time, kitana and mileena. Also hidden a playable version of human smoke for the first time.

I never purchased UMK 3 for the SNES because I Mortal Kombat 3 was pretty much the same but with less characters and I didn’t feel the money spent on it was worth it.

It wasn’t the best in the series.. but it was suitable enough for the price I payed for it..and really rumors of GORO and Kintaro being in it “which they weren’t on the N64” SPREAD my mind into that place again..which would again..lead to more media.. The First movie, Soundtracks, more comic books, and so on…For some odd reason they changed the way raiden spelled his name to RAYDEN……no clue..but it would return again…in mk 4

yet…here I went… 1998..and something EPIC would happen….

So recently I felt like going back and looking into some stuff that i kept saying I would..and I ran across this..

Doom 64 Soundtrack

The guy’s name is Aubrey Hodges and he did the music for Doom 64 and a few other games. Now my first post on here was about doom 64 and I LOVE that game…but let me say this…


Even if you don’t like the game..listening to this night…in the dark… CREEPY…AMAZING…AND the wall great


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So I was Christmas shopping with mom and the gf (Megan). I was looking for gifts for this person and that person so we went to Gamestop. We went under the impression that it was a buy 2 get one free deal which we missed by one day and we saw this stand for this game “Skylanders”. My mother then informed me that she thought her job was using the game for some of her clients. I believe they have Wii and really my mothers advice with games so far has been great so I took her word for it and looked into the game a bit.

One of the bigger selling points on this game was that it allowed me time with the gf to play a game together. I notice that very few games actually allow for two player coop and the few that do really are more side quest things then main story. So finding a game that does have a two player MAIN story play is cool and a good push at least for me.

So the best thing that will probably sell this game the most is that its DIFFERENT. When you buy the game you get 3 playable characters, A Portal, and the game. The 3 characters are actually the characters you use in the game. I am not sure if they are random when you buy the game or if you get the same 3 depending on the version you buy (ps3,wii,xbox 360,3DS and yes pc) I am pretty sure Spyro comes with all the versions of the game you buy but I didn’t really look into it that well. Personally we purchased the “ps3” Version of the game and really to tell the truth from what I have seen it doesn’t make much of a difference in gameplay or graphics. We went with the PS3 version because my gf can’t stand using the wii controllers so to avoid an argument we just went in it that way. NOW.. The cool thing about the game is that I believe no matter what version you have the characters are transferable. HOWEVER your progression is not… So whatever point you start at depends on the version but whatever you collect you keep on your character (TO Some degree)..

Meaning..if you wear  a pot on your head in game and you take that character and put it on a console with that pot on your will keep it no matter what…HOWEVER..if you have a pot in your inventory you can  not transfer it because it is not directly equipped to your character. STILL COOL..but yea kinda tricky in that sense.

GAME PLAY aspect of the game is pretty much like your typical over the top adventure game. You have your action buttons,  jump, directions and two inventory screens to look over. The hats you collect are your basic stats up .. some give you more speed, some more armor, etc… The game plays out very much like Gaunlet only with way more art involved in it and of course the story is Family Friendly. I found it more or less comical how the story ran out and me being 28 and laughing at a childrens game is pretty impressive if you ask me. IT’S ALSO VERY ADDICTIVE!! Very few adventure games I play did I actually want to play… but this one had a charm to it that really made me want to continue playing the game and see how far it progressed. Typically the characters you play can only reach about level 10..

I would assume it will be expanded at some point but who knows…honestly I AM HOPING FOR MORE EXPANSIONS to the game and I am likely to buy more characters…HOWEVER…they are kinda expensive in packages… 1 character cost about 10 bucks..while 3 can cost up to 25.. not to bad..but good enough I suppose here in AMERICA..

Day 5 …of 2012

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So currently things have calmed down a tiny bit. The Holidays went by really well and over all 2011 was really great! I progressed great with everything I wanted to progress with.

Good News! I did review Darksiders…however not as long as I wanted it to be… SHORT..but sweet..Mortal Kombat Arcade Collection FINALLY got patched so you can play online without ISSUE..  Still working on Zelda, Riddick, back to the future, Portal 2,Assassins creed  and NEWLY  skylanders, assassin creed Brother hood and dark kingdom.

So lots of games to finish and play..and that’s not even half the list of games I CAN be working on.. I also got a new PC Desktop..nothing to EPIC..but It might lead me to play some PC Games…so we will see!