Resident Evil …my second love…part 1

Posted: January 26, 2012 in Video Games Alexander
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So here I was as explained before in 1996 being my young 13 year old self.  Still a big Nintendo fan and looking forward to seeing the new NINTENDO 64. This year Mario 64 would be released and everyone would be talking about how great a game it was. Honestly it never really caught my interested and Killer Instinct Gold would be the first game my brother would purchase for the N64.  I would be going to school and doing my best to stress over its importance like more 13  year old’s. Life would pretty much be the same for me and little did I know else where something would be released this year that wouldn’t even catch my attention for another 3 years down the line. Resident Evil 1 was released for the PlayStation 1 on March 22, 1996 and me showing zero interest in the PlayStation would miss out.

It wasn’t that the game had bad press or that the game just wasn’t interesting to me. It was that I had my head so far into SNES and was planning on the N64 being so great…that I had to take my time with it all. School was always stress on me and Computer games were starting to show some interest that really everything was starting to boost up in my life that I simply didn’t know nor care much for what would be a GENRE I would fall in love with.. Survival Horror…

Resident Evil 2 would be the first game I would see or play from the series. I recall hanging out with an old friend of mine and going with him to visit a friend of his. It was perfect timing on my part because here I was sitting in this kids living room and here he was about to play his PlayStation which at the time I knew NOTHING about. I think at the time I thought it only played movies and what not. I remember seeing it in Blockbuster and playing Jumping Flash on it..but other then that.. it wasn’t on my radar.

From what I remember of the first time I saw the game was the impact it would have on me. Here was one kid stuck on this lamp puzzle in the Raccon City Police Department. He finally figures out the puzzle and gets the peace he needs..leaves the room only to be stopped in the hall by a 8 foot fall trench coat wearing MRX…

It was one of those moments for me that I just simply fell in love. The impact of the scene and the way it made everyone just jump out of there seats unexpectedly was just over the time and mind blowing. I knew at this point I had found something that would grab my interest.  As always I went…and had to find out more about this series new to me titled..RESIDENT EVIL

(me on the far right holding the axe..hehe)

It was during this time that I would meet my best friend Melvin also. Melvin I must have met at I believe during my last year of JR High school. I still know him to this day and we do are best to keep in contact with each other. However at this time I spent almost every day with him and his amazing family. His apartment became my home away from home… his brothers would become my brothers and his family would become my family and via versa. I spent so many nights at his house playing video games and dragging my backpack over to his house with my N64 I couldn’t count the number of games we finished and just enjoyed together.

However one thing that made a interest impact on this friend we had was that he had something I had very little knowledge about. It was a game Console called the Sega Saturn. Honestly I wasn’t much of a fan of the system because the controllers were kinda odd to me. However the games he had on it were great and we must have all spent Hundreds of hours playing them. Games like Mortal Kombat 3, Enemy zero, mist, and a few others I can’t seem to remember right now.

It would later happen that Melvin and his family would own a PlayStation. It was at this time that him and I got are hands on Resident Evil 3.  Melvin must have played the hell out of that game having gotten everything possible. He was great at it.. all the puzzles, items, Customes, and hidden steps he and his brother Carlos figured it all out. Carlos was really into the horror scene having introduced me to most of the horror movies I know and love today. I wasn’t sheltered to the stuff I just didn’t know much about it and being 13-15 my mind was wandering so naturally whatever they had known about for years.. I wanted to know more about. So we spent so many nights playing video games, watching horror films, drinking, eating TONS OF CANDY, going out and doing what boys from  Brooklyn do.

Resident Evil 3 from my recall also was released around the time of another game that would match its style called DINO CRISIS. Dino Crisis didn’t catch my interest as much however it was one of those very dark, very creepy games that would eventually lead us to back track and play Resident evil 2 and 1. I recall it was also around this time that my Cousin Chris would own a PlayStation and yes Chris got into the Resident evil series as well. So having two sources now to go to and learn about the series was great. The Company was amazing with Chris and Melvin and while time has moved on and we have all gone are own ways those memories of nights in the dark with these creepy freaking horror games just keep me happy in life.

Resident evil 2 would eventually be ported to the N64 and I would once again drag my Nintendo over to Melvins apartment to help me figure out the game. Several details to the game would change and it would be a slightly better port then the original PlayStation Version. The Videos were a little choppy but the game play was almost exact. The controls to me seemed far easier to play but most likely that was because I was used to using the N64 controller.

So much time would go by and things would eventually change. The game would remain a big memory in my mind.. and lots of other horror games would come from the series that I would love to play and enjoy.  Silent hill and Resident evil Code Veronica I would get to play with my Brother in law Charles. He also had and still has a interest in the horror scene and again without him I wouldn’t be so into it like I am today. Resident evil would become more interesting to me as I learned the story and horror movies in general even today still peak my interest. The Cheesier the better..

but again…another game would come about during the Gamecube days that would change the world of gaming for everyone it would seem…and that would be….

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