Resident Evil …my second love…part 2

Posted: January 28, 2012 in Video Games Alexander
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In 2001 Nintendo released its 4th console the GameCube. It ran on Mini-Dvd disks and had few titles on it to start with that interested me at all. I knew I wanted to get one but I didn’t know what titles would drive me to buy it.  I heard the development of the REMAKE for Resident evil was to be released in march of 2002 and it was at that point that I KNEW…I Wanted to get one.

The remake is probably the BEST remake of any game I can think of to date. It was the first game I purchased for the Gamecube and bought it WITH the gamecube from Blockbuster Video. My parents where with me that day and it was over a very exciting time for me.

The Gameplay was very much like the Original only this time like a good remake everything was updated and some minor improvements were added. Zombies could come back after being killed and left on the floor for several visits.  The voice acting was improved, some dialog was changed, added costumes, and a few different modes. It was a two disk game and was a ton of fun and probably one of my favorite games to date on the Gamecube.

It followed the story as the original with Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine. Side characters Barry Burton, Rebecca Chambers, and Albert Wesker were all given updates.

Rumors of a prequel were around when the Nintendo 64 was released but due to several rumored reasons the game was pushed back and set up for the Gamecube.

Resident Evil Zero was released also in 2002 but later on in the year. I purchased it day one and must say it was a interesting game in both gameplay and story. For the first time you didn’t play separate stories but one single story with two characters. So you could switch between the two at just about anytime during the game. The puzzles had been set up so that you required both characters (Rebecca Chambers and Billy Coen)  to be at particular points. The Gameplay still didn’t change much in that you still ran around shooting zombies, Collecting items, and figuring out clues from the story.

The following year 2003 the Original Resident evil 2(which introduced Leon Kennedy,Clair Redfield,Sherry Burkon, Ada Wong), 3 (Followed Jill Valentine during the events of 2) and Code Veronica (followed Clair after 2 and 3) were released for the gamecube. It was the only system to include every single game in the series to date..and the it was another 2 years wait until fans got to see…Resident evil 4…

Resident  Evil 4 was released in 2005 and was a follow up of Leon Kennedys story. It took place several years after RE 2 and pretty much summed up what the effects of the following games resulted with. It was the first time the Gameplay had changed Dramticly going from Survival horror to a more Action set up game. It was also now a 3rd person point of view game and included NO Zombies for the first time. The Zombies where replaced with much faster, much smarter creatures known as Las Plagas which didn’t look dead but had a very zombie kinda feel to them.

It was felt to some to be the best in series by some of the fans and by some to be the worst thing to happen. Having had several games before it with a very different feeling then this game it would be the introduction to a big land slide of games for the next generation. Games would be developed from its success such as Gears of war, The hunted, Dead space and several others.

It was also at this point Capcom would feel it necessary to retell the story’s of Resident evil 1-3 and a prequel to 4 using the new Nintendo Wii in a series known as the Umbrella Chronicles and The Dark side Chronicles. The games again would be a dramatic change in game play and graphics in that both were on rail shooters but were heavy on story and plot. Capcom would also take the First Resident Evil game for the original playstation and port it to the Nintendo DS and title it Deadly Silence which included a few different modes and some added characters..

Due to the Success with Resident Evil 4  the Development of 5 would already come under way and the story, graphics and game play would once again would change but not as dramaticly a depart from 4 as 3 was from 4.

Resident Evil 5 would take coop to its main selling point for this game. It being on the ps3 and xbox 360 online play and two player coop were both received well and BADDLY depending on who you spoke to. It would see the character of Chris following up his story from Resident evil Code Veronica and introduce the character Sheva Alomar to the mix of characters in the story.

Capcom since has continued to create a interesting universe for the series aside from the video game scene as well. Creating several live action films that do no follow the video game cannon but put a interesting spin on what could have happened in the universe. As well as several CGI films that Do follow the cannon and once again… several off shoots and a 6th game which just recently has been announced.

I am both excited and interested to see where the universe will continue to go.

What the future of the series will hold…is really anyone’s guess at this point..but over all I am pleased with what I have gotten so far..


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