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Managed to Finally order off Amazon MY NEW REPTILE figure from MK 9…

Also ordered from Amazon this neat Gaming wheel with gas pedal and break. So far I have hooked it up to the ps3 and the pc using some DMV software to practice my driving for my up coming test.. So far so good with that!

AND Last but not least I found these two guys at gamestop a few days ago.. Shocked myself.. and I really didn’t have the money for em but I couldn’t pass it up cause i know i wouldn’t be able to find em I had to buy em…still missing the Elemental of Fire…but hopefully i will find it soon! Either way haven’t tried these one’s yet..but plan to soon


From Edenia Sindel was Queen to King Jared and mother to Princess Kitana for many years. She was a peaceful queen and one who respected and was respected by her people for her people. Having studied for many years the arts of magic her wisdom was untold. she studied legends that had been written well before her time and it was one legend that caused her to have her down fall. In fear of her soul being corrupted she releases it by death but doing so to late. Shang Tsung and his shadow priest preserve her soul but not in Outworld but in Earth Realm as a pre caution for Shao Kahns planning. Should Kahn lose Earth Realm his portals would still maintain a connection because of the fallen Queen and her soul would bind the realms from closing the portals forever.

Taking this plan Shang Tsung and his sorcerers Resurrect Sindel with demon sorcery creating the Emperors new Undead Queen. She serves Khan and from serving him learns more then she expects. Finding an old Chamber built in the ruins of Outworld. Sindels memories start to return and her past life as Queen of Edenia start to flood her mind. Inner conflict hits her and she attempts to find more answers while Kahn runs his plans.

With the fall of Kahn Edenia separates from Outworld and for a small part of time peace returns to Edenia.

Queen Sindel built her army up so that the chances of Outworld coming back to lay claim to Edenia again would be slimmer. This time she would also be prepared with a daughter…Kitana. What she wouldn’t be prepared for was the rise of Onaga the dragon king. He would come back with all his forces and attempt to lay claim to Edenia. The battle would cause him to fight all over ancient ruin grounds which would lead Sindel and Kitana to a temple. Inside the temple a plan would be written on the walls which would cause the tides to turn on Onaga. With a planned battle Kitana would come to separate Onaga from his body with Reptile. This would cause him to lose much of his power but would also lead him to re plan his attempts at Edenia.

Regardless of all her plans Sindel would still continue to be Queen of Outworld and Mother to Princess Kitana.

The Realm of Edenia pre-dates the Realm of Earth by centuries. Edenia which also has been gone by the name of Eden among others was a peaceful realm. The Edenians had been under the Rule of both Queen Sindel and King Jarrod for a long time. They would later be approached by the evil emperor Shao Kahn and challenged for the realms rule.  As agreed by King Jared the terms of 10 consecutive battles in mortal kombat would decide the fate of the realm. King Jared while smart and strong with allies on his side still lost each battle and Shao Kahn would become Emperor of Edenia  and new king to queen Sindel.

As Emperor of Edenia he used his sorcery to merge the realm with his own conquered Outworld. Destroying all peace and kill off most of its inhabitants.. Edenia was no more. Many realms before Edenia had been merged due to Kahns power with the mortal Kombat tournaments. With Edenia in hand his next logical move would be to Conquer earth and have complete control over all the realms.

Delia an Edenian sorceress would for years be haunted by nightmares that would in years to come be reserved as visions of a possible future. Seeing the corruption and fall of Outworld at the hands of Shao Kahn, and a possibility of the mortal kombat tournament being the catalytic for Armageddon. Delia warns her husband Argus who is the protector of Edenia and its god. A counter plot is then set using the twin sons of Argus to stop the visions from coming true by hiding them in secret caves protected by Dragons. Earth was expected not to be a target for Kahn but after the fall of Argus it was the logical next step.

Outworld has always been a waste land due to the numerous wars and conflicts that took place on its land. While sorcery seems to be its best method of construct. Its leaders and founders are still a mystery for most of its past. What is known is that Kahn made it and all its inhabitants his home and slave world. It runs with races such a centaurs, Tarkatan, Dragons, and other forums of Orc and Ogre type creatures.  Using its land as a type of gate way much is unknown about this world but visitors from many other realms have been seen throughout it. Wraths,Vampires, and Reptile like creatures have also come to inhabit the land but not by choosing to do so. Many other realms merged with Outworld because of Kahn and in doing so its inhabitants would remain.

The room is one of those games in this series that if you had not played any of the previous games you would be well off regardless. The story didn’t exactly take place in silent hill like the other games but in a place called South Ashfield. Which is apparently on the outskirts of Silent Hill. Several things changed this time around that made the game more original in my opinion then the last two installments.

The game play starts off in a interesting first person point of view. Which allows you to check each room of the apartment and look for clues as to where to  go. They are short parts in the apartment but they still hold the feel of a Silent Hill game. Your lead into holes which bring you back to the typical three person point of view for EVERY silent Hill game and things are over all the same from that point. Melee attacks, mystery and horror..etc

The games story is interesting in that you play the character of Henry Townsend. He was talked about in Silent Hill 3 but not much was really said. The game plays out like most of the other Silent Hill games and you find yourself questioning what will happen. Its over all a interesting setting not being inside Silent Hill.

Personally I enjoyed Silent Hill The Room but most fans didn’t. It was at this point the next generation of consoles would be released and a new set of games would take place. As a last round for the ps2, Psp systems Silent Hill Origins would be released.  By this point I owned a PS3,Wii,ps2, and psp so over all I would receive the PS2 version of the game and really it was nice going back to Silent Hill one more time.

Silent Hill Origins takes place before Silent Hill 1. Telling the story of Travis Gradya truck driver who like the other games gets stuck in the town of silent hill. For the most part its a story driven game that brings back much of the charm the series started with. The Graphics are a bit more laid back but over all the game is a psp port for the most part. This game would probably be my third favorite but over all it was pleasant to play and it proved that a silent hill game could be made like the first in the series.

Things would change for me and I would return back to new york. A couple years would pass and a new silent hill for the ps3 would be released. For the most part I heard many horrible things about this game but I would eventually given in like I normally do and attempt to play the new installment myself.

Silent Hill Homecoming would be an interesting view on the series. I didn’t really see the big change this time around short of the graphics, and music. The game is beautiful dark, gritty and had a few points that made me jump. You play the role of Alex Shepherd and while he is a interesting character he does lack most of a personality.

The one thing about this series is that all the games would focus on story. Personally that is a big plus in my book because I enjoy most of the video games I enjoy because of the stories they tell. I got past this game fairly quickly and would later fall in love with surprisingly MY FAVORITE..silent hill to date… Silent Hill Shattered Memories…

Silent Hill Shattered Memories is a big big big leap for the series. It would be released for the wii and would play out very much like a wii game. Rebooting the series and being in essence a remake of silent hill 1. This game would take the melee attacks away and reveal  a very fast paced running game. You couldn’t attack your enemies, and over all it would question YOU as the player with what your own sanity level would be.

Like so many wii games it would be underrated however it would sell REALLY well for the system. This game became my favorite to play because of the dramatic difference in story depending on how you answered each question. I personally loved the interactivness of the game and I still feel to this day that another game like it should be released. I AM HOPING AND WISHING FOR A SEQUEL to this game…however..who knows if that will happen…

Currently I am playing the NEWEST installment of the series.. Downpour…and I will have much to say about it once I am finished with it!

Recently I started playing Silent Hill Downpour. Probably my second favorite silent hill game and yes I will write about it but later..probably part 3 or 2..depending how long this part ends up. Then it hit me I never wrote anything about this series and I finished EVERY Single game from 1- 6 and now 7. So lets see where this ends up and what I remember about it.

To start this story I have never owned a Playstation 1. It never interested me and I was just so obsessed with Nintendo when this game was released that really it just wasn’t interesting until I got around to seeing it. So Silent Hill was a game that approached me by surprise! My sisters husband who at the time was her boyfriend “Charles” was the one that introduced me to this series. Probably one of my fondest video game memories I  have to date comes from the very CREEPY nights I had playing Silent hill with my Brother in law.

We laughed, got creeped out, took hours upon hours playing this game. It was an all around good time and really for its time the game did more for horror I think then most series pushed to do.  This game was released in 1999 and really at that time I wasn’t into Resident evil, Fatal Frame or any of the titles that would later become fun horror games to play. It was simply Silent Hill because it all seemed so interesting to me.

The game play was interesting because you walked around, had very very limited visibility, a flip menu, and the ability to use mostly close combat weapons..SOME guns but not many.  I think the thing that made this game so interesting to me was the fact it was open and unlimited in its vision. You were presented with these creatures that just ….CREEPED..some would crawl on the floor…some had no arms..and just moved odd.. IT WAS ORIGINAL! Lots to examine and lots to question in its environment.

The music set the tone perfect, the graphics had been very interesting in presentation. Probably top notch for its time and really even going back and playing it now its aged pretty well I must say.  You could walk into someone’s home they would be playing this game and you instantly get captured by it.  The story was great to keep up with also.

One of the focus points of the game was the story and how it panned out. You played a character named Harry Mason who was looking for his adopted daughter Cheryl. The town was a big mystery in which you had to find clues, had the ability to change the ending by what you did and didn’t do. It opened the world to possibilities and at the time it was endless with opportunity.

The games setting would be the one thing that wouldn’t change from game to game. It would always be held in Silent Hill and it would always focus on dark horror elements.

I wouldn’t really keep track of much of the series until about 2005 when I finally purchased a Playstation 2. This series would be the first series on that system that I would really focus on and attempt to finish every game for.

The one thing that bothered the hell out of me about this series is that the story was kinda complicated to follow. This game while amazing with how the design was handled really didn’t have much to do with Silent Hill 1. It was a completely different set of characters in the same town but at a different set of time. The game focused mostly on the town and how it related to the main character this time around James Sunderland. James would find himself in Silent Hill looking for deceased wife Mary after receiving a letter from her to meet him in Silent Hill.

The gameplay this time around again hadn’t changed much. Still focused on melee attacks, still lots of running around in a misty town and over all the things that did improve drastically had been the Graphics and Music. Using the power of the playstation 2 this time around the game felt very much like a improved reboot to the series. This would later be revealed not to be the case and the stories would all come together in Silent Hill 3.

This game also presented some of the more Iconic characters for the series. Having revisited some of the older creatures and introducing Pyramid Head. The series at this point was taking to its own legs and some fans would come to call it perhaps the best in the series arguably by silent hill 3.

To me Silent Hill 3 followed very quickly on the heals of 2. However I wouldn’t finish 3 until after finishing 4 “the Room” and 5 “Homecoming”. The game itself just confused me to no end and really was very frustrating for me to play. Even today I find 3 to be one of the most Frustrating games on my list of games that piss me off but I love. In all honesty I never really finished 3 but had my current girlfriend do so because it happens to  be one of her favorite games of all time.

Silent Hill 3 I attempted to play on two consoles. First I attempted the PC which for the life of me NEVER WORKED! No clue why it never worked but at the time I really wasn’t much into computer games so any number of reasons could be said really. So years later I would purchase Silent Hill 3 for the ps2 and while I did enjoy it something about the game just wouldn’t let me focus on it like  its predecessors.

The game once again playing out very much like Silent hill 2 only this time with another jump on graphics and music. Had all the aspects of its predecessors only this time IT WAS  a direct sequel to part 1. This time you played the character of Heather the adapted daughter of Harry Mason.  Again this part of the series would confuse me a bit and while I enjoyed playing/watching it I still couldn’t quite grasp what was going on.

The 3 of these games had been in some ways planned out as part of the series. The next part which would be a game designed as a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT Franchise taken in by the series. Would change everything about the series..using different game play elements, an interesting design and having once again almost NOTHING to do with its predecessors. Yet it did add hints as to what place it took in the universe of the Silent Hill story.

The Universe was created by the one all powerful being. That being spread from element to element creating the very fabric of both physical and Emotional content. While the one being is responsible for everything it was without question that the power it held had to be controlled and separated. Judged by a second legion of powerful beings “The elder Gods” a war would take place between “The one being”  to lay claim to the rules of every realm.

Forged in the nexus an amulet was used to separate “the one being” into six kamidogu pieces. Each piece would represent one of six realms (Earth Realm,NeatherRealm, Outworld, Edenia, Order Realm, and Chaos Realm). Hidden by the elder gods these artifacts would become the very things that would take shape of each realm. Like human emotion they all had different meanings but also like a curse all would come with both good and evil representation.

Each realm would take the elements of the one being and represent it based on a different aspect. Earth Realm would represent the one beings heart, NetherRealm the depression and fear, Outworld would represent its mystical side, Edenia its hope, order and chaos represented its opposite opinions logic and justice.The elder gods would place life on each of the realms except the NetherRealm. NetherRealm would lay claim the souls of the evil and dead who did on progress to the land of the elder gods.

While the one being was separated by the Elder gods it was impossible to place its soul into a Realm. So instead a creature was born from it. The Dragon king Onaga would be the first to take on its ruthless soul. A being so evil that it attempted to conquer and destroy everything the elder gods had created out of jealousy and anger. This would become the foundation for what would start Mortal Kombat.

More  years would pass and Onagas fall would be caused by Shao Khan. The soon to be Emperor of Outworld and Destroyer of Edenia.

I haven’t done any type of creative writing in years. I had some idea’s to do a book or a fan fiction for awhile based on the history of Mortal Kombat. However I never got around to doing it or I never had enough confidence to write something out on my own. Especially something that has become rather important to a silly childish way.

So Coming this Wednesday and every Wednesday to follow for the next few …Months.. I am going to start doing some Chapters for my own Mortal Kombat story..Mixing both what I know about the cannon to what I can assume is correct about the history of Mortal Kombat.

SOUNDS SUPER GEEKY!!! BUT If it turns out great I can’t wait to continue it..if not..least I am heading down the Creative path I once did…YEARS AGO!

Also Currently I will be starting Silent Hill Downpour tomorrow (on its Release date).. Still working on Darksiders (on Armageddon mode), Trying to get the rest of the trohpies for the New Mortal Kombat, attempting to find time to finish Dark Sector…(YEAP STILL WORKING ON THAT), Couple other games I want to explore more on my list… and continuing to practice my DMV stuff…FDNY stuff..and so on…Just soooooooooooooo much to do..Going to be a very busy week for me!