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Raptor Fire

Posted: April 28, 2012 in Video Games Alexander
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So my girlfriend ran cross this web page that sells these modified controllers. Honestly as a guy who enjoys playing some shooters online and some fighting games….THIS IS SOME BULLSHIT IF YOU ASK ME!

With the recent release of Ninja Gaiden Sigma 3. I figured it would be a good idea to write about the one’s that I have played. I did look forward to playing 3 however From what I have heard its probably going to be awhile before I get to play it because A. Got no money.. B.heard it wasn’t worth the 60 bucks.

With that said I will wait for the price to drop a little then see what happens. Yet for now Lets talk about some Ninja History first!

Ninja Gaiden was one of the first games I played on the NES that not only pissed me off but held a particular charm to it that stayed in my mind for years. I recall my cousin Chris getting so pissed off at the game he almost threw it out a window. Back in the day those nintendo catragies held some good hardware to so tossing it around the room probably wouldn’t have hurt it to bad.

Lots of things went into the game. It was one of the first games I had seen that held a story bored for it. It had creepy music which if you ask me didn’t translate well when they created the trilogy on the snes. However for a side scroller that was full of action and had very frustrating situations it wasn’t a bad game. JUST HARD AS HELL… I even found myself purchasing Ninja Gaiden 2 on the wii channel years later and found it still to be the hardest freaking game in the world to play…I’ll probably never finish it but its nice to have to run in and out of for the sake of memories and good times.

Now we jump ahead…Years later we have Ninja Gaiden Sigma.. Which again holds type of charm to it. Who doesn’t want to play as a ninja after all? it wasn’t a side scroller but a 3rd person point of view game. It does however hold the same basic game play. You run, jump, slash monster with swords and other weapons. have a few secondary powers and really over all act like a ninja by jumping from walls, roofs and other silly things that ninjas do.

The story is a bit odd and parts of the game play more then just the main character. The puzzles are easy to solve and the action is well paced..however defeating even the minor guys is hard. To say its as hard as the NES games would be an insult… ITS HARD YES…but its not that bad.. The games very beautiful to watch and will likely age well in terms of graphics. Characters and story do come into play but its over all nothing you really need to know to enjoy the game.

Some of the characters are OVER THE TOP..and do require i suppose and adult eye. MOSTLY Rachel..but if you know here…you know why… the game itself wasn’t a bad game at was fun to play and had a good level of challenge to it that you really don’t see often anymore.

While the game was probably one of the most difficult games to play on the playstation 3. This was only the start of a much bigger much harder part to the series. Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 would be released..and once again… THE FRUSTRATION WOULD BEGIN!


While they did attempt to make this game more user friendly. It came across later on when released for the PS3 as one of the most difficult games I have ever played. Taking what was in the first game and doubling it. The graphics looked better, the sound was pretty sweet and over all the amount of blood and violence was just over the time.

Several parts had been added to this version that weren’t in the original xbox version and so the exclusives for it made it worth buying if you had already bought the xbox version. While fun to its core this game allowed more playability in a variety of ways but also added one more character to play as with Rachael once again making an appearance (Ayane, and Momiji). Also adding a bit of humor to its gameplay.. jiggle physics saw a jump…

Over all both these games are pretty amazing to play and fun in that NES old school type of reboot way.

So Monday I took my test.. I had off Tuesday also and I would have posted this yesterday but I was so tired and need rest that really I just didn’t feel like stressing over what to write. So yes I have my road test next week and really its not as time consuming as the studying was for the FDNY test.. I am glad its over and over all I feel pretty good about that test.. Can’t say for sure..but we shall see what happens..

Either way I have plenty of stuff to write about just haven’t had the chance to get to it yet.. I will be starting my Mortal Kombat fiction again next week with Sub-zero.. its going to be a pretty long read considering he is one of the only characters who was in all of the games…

I plan on trying to work on a few games I put down for awhile…

Riddick is on my list…skylanders I plan to play threw again with my girlfriend because we now have all the elements to open up everything.. I started playing some online games which .. I am still in debate about writing about or not.. over all I hope to return to this stuff shortly..

Can’t really say when I will post again but soon!

Silent Hill Downpour has it’s ups and its downs just like the past silent hill games. The development in story, gameplay and control are that similar to the first three in the series. Making the game very similar to  silent hill 2 and 3. Also being the largest in the series with mini missions to accomplish and a entire new section of silent hill to explore lots of content can be found for your dollar.

The biggest negative about this game and honestly its something I can’t believe is still happening in games today. The quality is piss poor and needs BADDLY to be patched. The game isn’t online but it lags as if you were playing on a piss poor server online. The frames Clip and pauses. The plus side to it is that it plays just like a silent hill game. You once again are back to using melee attacks, you can use  a gun every once in awhile but the ammo is very very scares. Most of the fighting you do in the game is close combat and its not so difficult to do however you will find yourself timing your attacks with blocks often.

The story like the other silent hills can go several ways. It follows none of the past game however some explore does dive into hints of past games. Exploring is a must in this game and its at least 5 times larger then past games. The scenes for the story give you options and really its large a game you can take your time with.Its also one of the stories I ACTUALLY UNDERSTOOD…so story telling seems to be easier then its been!

Honestly I would love to say I want to play thru this game again…but until they patch the bugs in it.. I can’t see that happening…

This has become one of the best games I have played that has both an original story and epic game play. I had seen it in some magazine and read that it was about man vs machines. Which is the very basic state of the story however it had lots of depth and really good personality to it. Its well paced and not a single second of it was boring.

The game play is your average third person shooter type. you can carry 3 guns, and a grenade of different types.  you face rows and rows and rows of machines, and several LARGE bosses. The thing that makes this game different from the others is how its played. You build up teams and depending on who you choose the game is played in different paths. Also while you play your are told to be given commands on how you act with your partners. This changes how they will help you or not. This is the first game I have played that actually has AI Help that actually works! It doesn’t hinder the game play at all.

The graphics and sound are great. The music can be a bit old school if you ask me. However the dialog and story are probably the best I have seen in a long time. The robots themselves are a pain in the ass to kill because you can shot them in the head break there arms legs and sometimes they just keep coming. It adds to a realistic fun feel to the game and it keeps the fighting at a good pace.

Over all this game is probably the best I have played in awhile and I am probably going to play it over a few more times to see what i can change with it. WHY THIS GAME DIDN’T GET MORE ATTENTION I HAVE NO IDEA!! but over all I am surprised!

Reptile is a being known as a Saurians. A creature from the realm of Zaterra. Zaterra was one of the first realms that Shao Kahn merged with Outworld. In doing so Kahn caused the race of Saurians to almost go extinct. Most of the race started to devolve back to dragon like creatures they came from. As time passed Reptile became a servant for Shao Kahn. He crept in the shadows as an eye watching and making sure everything was going according to the plans set before him. However the ONE BEING would have other plans for reptile.

As a mixture of both fate and deception Reptile would be set on a mission to help Shao Kahn and he would fail that mission due to Shang Tsung and Quan Chi’s plot against him. Reptile would return to Kahn to find his body and leave in a lost haze. He would run into Nitara the vampire. She would become his new master and would send him on his next mission to assassinate cyrax of earth realm.

During this mission he would follow Cyrax into a hidden cave that held one of the last dragon eggs.  Moments after realizing that Cyrax as there and gone the egg would crack and the power within it would rush into reptile.  His existance would change and he would be reborn as the Dragon King Onaga…

So this past month has been really busy. I am continuing my geeky mortal kombat stuff.. and I have started playing the new silent hill and Binary Domain which are both REALLY REALLY Fun games.. I will post about em in the future.. sadly due to time constraints, work, and well me trying to get ready for the FDNY test.. its been ruff with time.  I am keeping to my every Wednesday mortal kombat fiction stuff.. but other then that I can’t really say when I will be posting again.. this month requires some SERIOUS STUDYING so I am going to hit it really hard.. I just hope I find the time to keep my sanity.. either way it could be tomorrow i post on here again..or it could be later or sooner…at this point only time will tell..