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i can’t wait for this to come out!!! A DC FIGHTER!!!


OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!

So gamefly once again has saved me some money..or taken it depending on how you view it… Either way I managed to get my hands on Aliens VS Predator and well…ok this is going to be kinda long…

Ok before I start this I want to make a few things very clear here. A very brief history if I will on this “Series”. To begin with I am a big fan of both film franchises. The Alien Movies are Epic and so are both Predator movies. However not the biggest fan of the combined films however the Sequel “Requiem” I felt was better then the Original “AVP”.  Now I am also a fan of some of the past comic books and I understand a big part of the story that was never revealed on screen. It was always hinted at but it was never really explained that THE Predators are responsible for the creation of the Aliens. The Aliens had always been designed as the perfect hunting animal for the Predators as they are bound to hunting as the highest honor of what they do. Its like football to them..THEY LOVE HUNTING and having trophies is what they live for! Of course those trophies much like REAL HUNTING is based on build…skulls, corpse on walls all represents the Supreme PRIZE for the predators..

Why this was never explained in the movies I HAVE NO IDEA! Honestly I am still waiting for a great film to come from this series because I know one could be made! Its just a matter of source material and good directing which has yet to be seen for the combined series. Take ALIENS you get a great series..TAKE PREDATOR ..again ..GREAT SERIES.. but combine the two and you get piss poor directing of a series that could be potentially AMAZING.


ANYWAY! This video game is actually the 3rd title I Have seen to take on this series. The first in the series was a jaguar game I played..WAYYYYYYYY back when.. the second was a PC game..which really wasn’t to bad… and NOW This 3rd PS3/XBOX 360 game..

They all played out as first person shooters and again.. Potitially could have told an amazing story but for some odd reason never explained themselves out very well and Followed the SHITTY FUCKING COMBINED MOVIE CANNONS!…why? NO IDEA!! but whatever..

Don’t get me wrong..DESIGN on this series was done very well.. for a shooter.. However really finding a connection to the characters, or any of the goals had been done in my opinion very POORLY…

Now again the name of the game is ALIENS vs PREDATOR… You would think that the focus of the game would be that..but its not.. the game is split up into 3 parts.. Marines… which focuses on  your standard First person shooter… Your a your given guns, and keys to find, and your basic set up is to go from this place…to that place…bring this key to that key..while picking up diaries of people who died or lived in the area your lost in…ITS BEEN DONE A MILLION TIMES…so its not hard to understand..  Your given some back story as to why you are in the position you are..but not much.. The diaries are cool in concept.. most are voiced over by “Lance Henriksen” Who in my opinion is a god as both an actor and voice to the this game..HOWEVER.. again.. if your given a bad story..really you have to work with what you got..

AND REALLY..its NOT A BAD STORY..its just not  A GOOD STORY… I played thru the marine part..which was SHORT… Hoping the entire time that something EPIC WOULD HAPPEN..because it does build..and it builds and it builds a great deal of tension..and just falls short in the end.. Its a cool shooter..but not really what I paid or hoped it to be.. I was hoping for more care in the character design..or some more personality.. but nothing… your given situations you at times find REALLY Frustrating…due to design.. and really its just a build…to nothing…

The Aliens you fight are fast…and small..and super hard to shoot… they are OVER POWERED..and become more annoying then difficult as enemies.. you do fight “people/cyborgs” but in concept…again..sounds cool…done really bad!  The controls are kinda lacking in that you have to REALLY REALLY hit anything..and everything moves SUPER FAST.. really I WANTED TO LOVE THIS GAME..but instead I liked it… and love are two very different things…

NOW.. Probably the best part of the game was the second part.. The Predator Chapter..  This chapter wasn’t done so bad.. because you again..act like the character and really personality hasn’t ever been part of the Predators MO.. Your a hunter..with advanced weapons…and for the most part your given everything you want to use.. ITS FUN!! you can cloak, use your heat vision, a cool assortment of weapons and really your given goals that you would expect.. Get from POINT A…to Point B…don’t been seen…and kill kill kill… FUN! Probably exactly what you would hope for from that Character.. Is there any back story to it…Not really….but again..this game is good at Building building building..but at the end…NOTHING…

The Aliens which is the Third part you play…NOT BAD…but your fast and you can only use melee attacks..which does get tedious.. It gets boring REALLY FAST! … again..if story had been better I am sure this could have been potentially A COOL IDEA! yet..for whatever the wasn’t …


So over all ..It was a game I liked…but not something I WAS WILLING TO SPEND Under 10 bucks for….because it didn’t grab me.. It was fun… but it wasn’t what I expected..and I AM HOPING …that in the future …something GREAT will be done with this series…


….perhaps…. a back story?

So recently I received an e-mail invite from Runic Games about the up coming Torchlight 2 release. To my surprise I managed to get into the beta test. This weekend they are sending out a ton more so I would suggest anyone who wants in to try to do so NOW! I do plan on writing a REAL review once the game is released but for right now I figured I would post a little about it because I am really looking forward to it when its finished…


So the bases of the game is very much like Torchlight 1. You get to choose one of 4 characters.. this time either male or female. You get to choose one of i believe it was 9 pets. You get a small amount of customization for that character. You pick the name and the class and you go about your business. Simple enough!

For a beta run its pretty complete with what I was allowed and not allowed to do. Personally I am not much of an online gamer but considering how this time around you had been given the option for online or single player.. the beta ONLY ALLOWED ONLINE NETWORK.

The community as far as I can tell so far is actually really friendly in terms of helping a noob like myself… However I can’t take that title to heart to much considering much of what made the first game GREAT…is back in this one only well more polished and with more bells and wiles.

I never had a problem with lag or finding a game to play..Over all it was super easy to find a fun game to play. Plus being able to make my own game for others to join was also SUPER EASY..

This weekend they are doing a stress test like I said earlier…trying to get on will be iffy because of this however for a stress test I must say that they are doing a extremely good job with giving the customers what they want from the service. Communication is everything and between some very good fan sites and the official Runic Web site Community. Everything is going about as smooth as can be.

Recently pre-ordered the Collectors Edition…thought these videos were great!


Also on a side note.. I am playing the Torchlight 2 Beta…ITS AWESOME!!

Video games have always been a interesting hobby/Foundation for me. I have spent lots of time going in and out of games as small and simple as Tetris. As well as big and epic as God of War so really when I say I love to play video games I truly do mean it.  They have gotten me in and out of both good times and bad. More recently I have found that I have been playing less due to work and my sad attempts at trying to work my body out to be better for my age. Its been an effort to say the least and while I do still find time here and there to play some Diablo 2 or torchlight…perhaps the occasional Mortal Kombat match. I am finding that not many titles are really appealing to me anymore.

Don’t get me wrong I will probably still be playing well into my 90’s even if the genres get to difficult for a man with a walking Cain.  Yet I think to myself now that perhaps I have reached a point/age that my interest are just not as devoted as they had been.  True I do still spend a GREAT deal of time playing video games but my devotion towards them has gone down a great deal. From time to time it will peak of course but not like when I was 12.

Is this a matter of age? Perhaps the times have changed and really I as a gamer really hasn’t changed at all. True games today are much prettier to look at but really what can a game like Resident evil 4 do for me that a game like The Legend of Zelda a link to the past can’t? Probably nothing short of just being a greatest of all hobbies to have.  I am also finding myself for the first time ever in my life devoting much of my time to writing. Artwork while I have …kinda..a talent too.. seems to have taken a big back seat and really maybe its just maturity telling me I should try to leave something behind.  Game scores are cool and all but who is really going to notice? I think its mostly a inner battle that keeps me playing. Its always been about what I can learn from it and what the twist of the stories are for me. I have always treated video games much like good books. They take into me something that allows my mind to wander a bit.

I don’t know just thinking out loud I suppose. Either way .. This coming month is going to be interesting.. I have plans on writing for Diablo 2 and I still have a ton of games I could come up with and try to finish but who knows what will happen… at this point content isn’t a  problem its finding the will power to do it…

So this is a game I have wanted to play and write about for a longgggggg time. When I heard some of designers of Diablo 1 and 2 had left Blizzard to go and make a smaller company. I WAS THRILLED! Fact is Diablo 1 and 2 had such a cool design to it and was probably one of the very few computer games from back in the day that all my friends knew about. It was very exciting to see what would come of it all.

So when I first saw Torchlight it was on a trailer at another web site and I was simply at awwwww with how much color and cool design went into it.

So here is why it took me so long to get to play it… Price… The price of this game has gone up and down several times over the past 4 years from its release. It sounds dumb I am sure but I didn’t want to pay to much for the game when I knew the price would drop on it. I almost purchased it at 4.99 but sadly I missed the sale and never kept track of it.

Anyway Recently the game Torchlight 2 which has yet to even get a release date but does have currently a closed Beta that I am trying very hard to get into went on sale. You buy torchlight 2 for 19.99 on steam and you get Torchlight 1 for free. So over all your pay 10 bucks for 2 games. HOW COULD I PASS THAT UP!

So lets get with it here…Torchlight is an Action-RPG “role playing game”! Your given 3 characters to choose from “The Destroyer, Alchemist, and Vanquisher” each character is also given a wolf dog or Lynx as a companion. Like most Action-Rps your given an upgrade system for your attributes “Armor, weapons, Magic, etc”. Your given a cool leveling system that allows you to upgrade  your Strength, Dexterity, magic and Defense as well as 3 tree branches for each character to choose to upgrade other aspects of your character.

My first play through the game I played as the Vanquisher

I had a ton of fun playing with guns, swords, magical wands and so on. For most of the game I didn’t have a  hard time playing it. It was lots of building my character up. Running about and for the most part just doing the initial main quest. I did venture here and there on a couple of side quest but for the most part I skipped much of that. What I would later find is that the game as it progressed it did get harder and I probably would have had an easier time towards the end  if i had gotten more experience.  When I did finish the game I retired my character and started the Destroyer which “I am currently” TRYING..

The game itself is full of color, great Design! I didn’t run into a single bug in the game. No lag and over all everything was very smooth on my laptop. It was well worth the money paid for considering I have paid more money on video games and gotten less of an experience!  This game is one I will continue to play because over all its just a good time like the previous games “Diablo 1 and 2”. Another fun side note to all this is that I have actually started to play Diablo 2 again because of this..

Honestly in my own opinion I found that this game and or series is more exciting to me then the Diablo series. I would much rather at this time play torchlight 2 rather then Diablo 3. I would love to buy DIABLO 3..but honestly I am really looking more forward to Torchlight 2 because it doesn’t seem so thrown from torchlight 1. I haven’t played either game yet but I am sure the review will be just as fun and exciting as I hope them both to be!

I should also note that the music in the game is AMAZING..and very similar to Diablo 1 and 2. Honestly I will say this about the game… If you loved DIABLO 1 AND 2 at all.. PLAY TORCHLIGHT! It doesn’t have an online component but it does have hours worth of quest and aspects to explore…so yea! LOOKING FORWARD TO PART 2