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Posted: June 23, 2012 in Video Games Alexander

I haven’t written anything in a very long time.. Fact is I was getting ready for vacation..and things have been very hectic.. NOW I am on vacation…and I am sure I have a ton of things to write about..just need to get around to it!!

SORRY AGAIN…But trust me I will start to write again soon!!

Recently I downloaded and played the new DLC ” Harley Quinn’s Revenge” for the Batman Arkham City video game on the ps3.

This game plays out very much like the original.. only you start off as Robin…not Batman… During the beginning..batman is missing and the only lead that you have is that Harley Quinn was the last person to see him..

Robin plays out very much like batman only he has a bit more length to his attacks..because he uses a stick.. The DLC is really challenging …and pretty short ..but worth the 10 bucks.. it expands the story and does lead to a interesting conclusion…

In many ways you find that batman has changed… but really this only leads me to hope and CAN’T WAIT.. for a third part..that may eventually …happen..nothing has been reported yet..but I CAN HOPE!


Posted: June 6, 2012 in Video Games Alexander
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So E3 was this week.. and let me just explain a few things before I go on..

I personally LOVED seeing the previews for the up coming games…and really this week reflects on most of what I will and will  not be buying for the year..

Honestly.. I already have on pre order DARKSIDERS 2 Collectors Edition..that cost me something like 100 bucks.. WHY? Well the first one was great…and from what I have seen this year..the second one looks to be just as good..

WIIU..looks cool…but still  on the fence about it..not sure if i want to buy one or not…really I am more leaning towards getting a vita at this point… but who knows.. really I am pretty happy with what I have so far!

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