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I am currently still working on some games…problem is they are all REALLY LONG Games ..and take up lots of time.. so  what have I been working on…

Diablo 2

the legend of zelda skyward sword

Dragon Age Origin


Those three so far.. on and off here and its going to be awhile before I really have anything to say..HOWEVER…

Darksiders 2 Comes out in just a few weeks.. so that will likely be done with QUICK AND FAST!…so yea..hoping to have that up …and will be probably up sooner then later..

I think I might be half way done with zelda and i been working on that alot…so likely that will be the next one up..

Portal 2

Posted: July 10, 2012 in Video Games Alexander
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So last night I spent the night playing Portal 2 and actually finishing it from start to the end with my girlfriend.  Over all it was a fun game and really I didn’t expect to finish it but once I started playing I just couldn’t stop.

Keep in mind this is a game I have had for a few months and I had intentions on trying to finish it in the future but apparently last night I had a hit of focus and worked out pretty well in the end..

This is probably one of the first ..first person shooter/puzzle/brain games I have played that not only was I able to really focus on its single player mode but have in the past played the game with my girlfriend on coop… we still have yet to finish the coop story but … Single player was done in just one night..

Now in most cases this would be a complaint because its short….HOWEVER… because its a focused puzzle game that requires LOTS OF THINKING and lots of good humor and story.. its probably on my high list of games that I really enjoyed playing…

It takes first person shooters and does something different.. it mixes  science, puzzles, a good story and humor, and easy to learn game play and puts it all in one game..

So over all for whatever price you can find it..its worth playing.. Its a good time.. and FUN!!!..AND PROBABLY one of the only games you can walk away from and say…WOW I FEEL SMART!!!

OK I haven’t written a damned thing in awhile…fact is!!!


Still trying to finish Darksiders on the hardest difficulty… ALMOST DONE..PROBABLY WILL HAVE IT DONE TODAY XD

Playing some mortal kombat here and there….and really am waiting on TORCHLIGHT 2…plus I been playing Diablo 2..while I probably going to write about some of that stuff….


Can’t say much more then that…

So many things to say about this game…and really they are all POSITIVE!! The graphics, the game play and even how I managed to pick this up was pretty EPIC! I wanted to purchase this game day one.. Sadly didn’t get to because of money issues. So I figured I would wait on that…HOWEVER..Best buy had a deal of the day which was 19.99 for the Darkness 2.. SO HOW THE HELL COULD I PASS THAT UP!! So lets get started with what I got!!

The very first thing I noticed about this game compared to the first one is that the graphics had been DRAMATICALLY improved.. The level of detail is pretty amazing in this game. From action scenes to gory bits the game does very well at presenting what is happening in detail. The game is EXTREMELY BLOOD, VIOLENT, AND GORY.. like night and day from the darkness 1.

The game very much like the first one is a big story based video game. You will find the game drives you based on the story and it does it well. The BIGGEST difference between this game and the first also is that its very straight forward. You don’t have to spend hours trying to figure out what place to go to and it has very few side quest this time. Its straight forward..less exploration in terms of areas but more content based on what you can find and the myths to the game. You wont find yourself in the subway this time around FOR HOURS… its more or less based on levels.. You do one chapter..and you continue on to the next..

Personally I like it better this way because it doesn’t feel like you missed to much.. if anything..

Really this game does everything well.. in terms of first person shooters I really wish more games would be produced like this. The music and sound effects drag you in.. the action stays interesting with everything in the game being interactive. Its also paced really well.. you go from action …and it doesn’t ever feel like its miss placed..

Honestly its a great game..well worth 20 bucks..I would have spent the 60 and been happy also..but I GOT THE good for me.. Either way.. Great game to play and finish..HOWEVER

Be warned its kinda short… if your really fast at first person shooters… your probably going to finish it pretty quickly..