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yes I am still here

Posted: August 26, 2012 in Video Games Alexander

I have been working without a day off for the past couple of weeks..Currently I am going into week 3 of no days off. So clearly my writing has been put on the back burners until then.. HOWEVER…Good News is I have 3 games I am currently working on.

Crysis 2

Darksiders 2

and Deus Ex

So hopefully this coming week I will have finished at LEAST..2 of these games… AND YES i am still working on diablo 2, and a few of the other longer games…which include zelda and the dragon age games….but still..again.. with all the working I have been doing at my job..its been hard to find time to write anything…

BUT I AM WORKING ON IT!! just needs more time!

I have been using computers since the Commodore 64 back in 1985.  Even if I barely knew what I was doing with the computer it was impossiable to break on of those machines. Short of pooring hot acid on the couldn’t break it. In time machines got better.. smaller.. and perhaps even more complex. However we lost something when we got more complicated… we lost all that good quality for machines that not only break when dropped once..but for machines that are built on a life cycle.

During my younger years I owned a nintendo which while it had its dust issues, and probably issues with how i maintained the games themselves the games always worked. I could probably pull up a Nintendo right now and have it run with zero issues short of having to blow into a Cartrage for some dust..and POOF… hours of gameplay at my hands.. Or better yet lets talk about something alittle more advanced then that..

I had in my position at one time a GameBoy.. which looked very much like this!

Now THIS machine…lasted as long as it took for me to replace it.. Eventually I gave it to one of my cousins and I can bet it still WORKS.. I have even heard stories about this thing being set a fire..and STILL WORKING!! ITS A TANK SO TO SAY!!

However something changed over the years…. Eventually we wanted  more out of are machines but we didn’t want to sacrifce are hours of gameplay to get it.. We wanted better graphics, better gameplay, deeper story and it all seemed so DUEABLE!!

So here’s what happened.. we made things better..but we took away all the quality we had.. if you drop a breaks.. xbox 360’s and ps3’s have a life of about 10 years..IF YOU can get it that far.. meaning its going to cost you money!

Now lets go back to this!

I got this system when I was 15 or 16 years old… Currently.. still works..and I enjoy the hell out of it…but again lets use something of more equal ground!

This is the current generation of Nintendo systems… It plays dvd’s, has motion control…isn’t as powerfull as a ps3 or xbox but it does stand for a reason on this genration..


Some time back I had a issue with it.. it stopped reading my disks much like the ps3 is doing to me right now.. and Yes I was upset..but I called Nintendo of America.. and managed to get hold of some AMAZING Customer support!

All that was required was some time… they sent me a box…i put the wii in the box…sent it to them…waited about a week..and they sent me back my wii REPAIRED…AT NO COST!

How can this be? Well I dont’ know if its the foundation of Nintendo..or its ethics… but fact is I purchased said wii for 200 bucks..with a game that came with it..and one controller..  I purchased my ps3 for about 300 bucks…one controller…and NOTHING ELSE…it was also said that It would be required that I spend 150 dollars to get it repaired…PLUS …the time…


How did we come to this? AND IS IT FAIR?…I don’t know… honestly I fear to think now that because I have to purchase another ps3..that all my data is GONE… MEANING everything I had…probably can’t re-get…but I am hoping!!


Either way… I don’t know what happened to quality and control..but I find it truely sad that we have gotten to this spot..where we spend money on a quality system…and are forced to pay more …for less…