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Posted: September 24, 2012 in Video Games Alexander
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What can I say about Borderlands…other then the fact it’s a first person shooter that me and my girlfriend played for more then 30 hours. Its graphics are interesting… the guns are numbered in the hundreds and characters hold some character…

You start the game off with the option of choosing between 4 characters… Brick, Lilith,Mordecai. and Roland.  Each has his and her own abilities built to progress in the game. You have levels which you gain that allow you to use stronger weapons, upgrades in armor, and shild upgrades.

Don’t get me wrong ..lots of things make this game interesting.. However in terms of story and drive.. your given missions to complete to get to an ending..that for lack of better words from myself “and yes this is my opinion” AREN’T worth the time spent.. The ending was kinda lame.. but either way.. it’s a interesting enough game to play and spend time progressing with..

Personally I don’t like games that leave you to your own ways… this game does that..but .. it does have several interesting aspects to it.. such as driving, shooting monsters/enemies, and exploring a world that really…doesn’t have much character..

Its a fun game to play with friends I will admit that.. and me and my girlfriend had a good time playing it..but honestly it was work work work.. finding time to play and finish it… Currently we are working on Borderlands 2…and I am hoping..HOPING..this game turns out better with character.. and story..


So the demo is out.. you can play as LEON, CHRIS, AND Jake.. Leon is straight up horror… lots of action and gore “kinda like playing Resistance” and Jake is sort of a mix of both.. some surprising enemies… but over all its a pretty short demo..but its neat if you haven’t played a resident evil in awhile…but its FUN!

So currently the game has been released and you can buy it for about 20 bucks.. I will be doing a review of it soon..BUT!!

I figure since this is one of the first games that I am playing in awhile..that RANDOM PEOPLE can join… why not set something up while I play!

So if I am on and your looking to play with someone.. HERE ARE THE DETAILS!!

GAME NAME : FunWithKabal

Password : WordPress

the Difficulty is Normal..seeing as how everyone is just starting… I may raise it in the future!

I am allowing 6 players to come and join FAST!…who knows if anyone will show up or not… I currently am playing a Beserker.. and am level 5 right now

I will also be holding this game at a specfic time of Between 9am-11am.. EST (New York time)  Sun – Saturday (yeap all week)

but like I said I will also be on at random times during the week..but that time will be held ALL WEEK… until further notice.. I LOOK FORWARD TO MEETING SOME OF YOU AND CAN’T WAIT to have this game reviewed and up!!


09/27/2012 UPDATE- Will be hosting another game On Monday! Will write the time on here and on twitter!! its the best way to find out when I am playing..just look up @cumberlandalex

Darksiders 2

Posted: September 11, 2012 in Video Games Alexander
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So after weeks of having to work “KEEPING ME AWAY FROM THIS!” Today I finally finished Darksiders 2 and can honestly at this point say that this is by far my favorite series in a long line of video games. The game combines lots of different elements from other games..but I am going to focus this post on said title “DARKSIDERS 2”

So to start with the gameplay to this game is VASTLY different from play Darksiders 1. To start with you play as Death this time..not War.. and Death has several atributes to him that war does not. To begin with this time around you play a character that isn’t as massive and as heavy to play with. You can really feel how light and FAST the character is compared to the War. His fighting is super Fast and unlike war who had several weapons to choose from you as death get to use 2 different Types..but they vary on what you can pick up so the number of weapons are actually MORE SO this time then the first game.

Your also given a bigger menu and customisable armor this time.. you take a much bigger role on building the character then just finding items and using them.

lots of what you pick up are health potions, wraith potions, and of course different parts of your armor. The armor much like any typical action adventure game today is given a point value that goes up based on your levels.. you level the character up and you learn to changer your armor and weapons. its all pretty basic in terms of how you play the game.. your also given two tree branchs which allow you other abilities that you gain as you go from place to place.

Over all progression in the game is actually a BIG CHALLENGE.. the first few things you do in the game is a pretty big set up in terms of warming you up to the character..HOWEVER..I believe it was after the first few missions.. Dear god the game becomes RELENTLESS on you!.. If you aren’t good at action adventure games.. You aren’t going to have an easy time with it..EVEN ON NORMAL SETTINGS..however this I took as a good thing.. it brought me back to such games as Contra, Ninja Gaiden and a few other NES games..that would teach you how to play..and then dramaticly get more difficult to test your wits and abilities of what you learned.

The story to the game WHILE I REALLY REALLY REALLY WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT..I will not ruin it!! However I will say the game starts slightly before Darksiders 2 and ends…. haha…NOT GOING TO RUIN IT!!

But the story is AMAZING! Sound amazing… Graphics have been slightly upped from Darksiders 1..and it all looks and plays GREAT!

Personally I went the route also of buying the Collectors Edition

Honestly for the price I came with a TON of content, a really nice artbook, and a cool mask.. some of the dlc isn’t even out yet..but hey ..its cool.. will be out later this month.. I am sure I will be coming back to write some more about the game…BUT for now…this is a good start!

Crysis 2

Posted: September 9, 2012 in Video Games Alexander
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So this game I came across again like so many from a video I had seen a few years back I think at E3..but I AM NOT SURE..

Either way it looked like an interesting game..and while I am not much a fan of shooters.. The graphics are what really pulled me the fact it took place at home “NEW YORK”.. HOW COULD I RESIST?

To begin with the game does take up alot of hard drive space because well..its a VERY pretty game..

like i said ..the detail is very good in this game…it does well in holding the new york in destress feel for it.. but really it doesn’t do much different from most shooters today.. If you have played a can play this game.. without any problems.. It does however hold some interesting features.. such as being able to cloak, some heat vision, some details on finding your way around..and a map that pretty much tells you exactly what you need to do..and what location to be at.. so really getting lost is SUPER hard to do.. the only time I had an issue with the game ..was during one point that I didn’t know how to set a marker.. which eventually I figured out..but really it was kinda hard to tell if it would work or not.. The game really isn’t very long but does tend to feel like its dragging..

The story to the game is pretty basic and it does a decent job of making the player understand what you are starting from.. so Playing crysis 1 isn’t really necessary to get the jist of this game.. it is full of action, the sound effects are great, and its design is probably only second to God Of war 3…

However.. the biggest problem I found is that the enemies aren’t very interesting.. and really the biggest driving point to the game is that its set in new york..and does a good feel of making  you want to wander around a FUCKED up version of that…

Over all not a bad game..but not the best.. I do however look forward to seeing Crysis 3…

Nintendo has always held a very big part of my heart. Growing up its the company that created and motivated me to learn to read, to think outside of myself, and to be interested in stories that went beyond anything that was possible.  I was VERY VERY young when the first wave of Nintendo games came out so really I didn’t have much to say about them.. they had the moments they held between my brother, cousin and other family memembers but really I didn’t fall in love with the series till about the 3rd wave of games came out.

So the first game that I really fell in love with in The Legend Of Zelda Series was actually the 3rd game released by nintendo..

I recall learning how to read mostly from trying to understand this game. My brother was a big factor of getting past it all. I recall we went on a long trip to FIND it also..but it bring Brooklyn, New York.. it didn’t take that long.  The music to this game was over the top EPIC.. The graphics held what the SNES would put as a standard for adventure games on that system. Still to this day GAMES try to emulate its style.

This game I probably finished and still continue to play more then any video game to date in my life. Probably only recently have I found a game that can replace it (The Darksider series) and even that doesn’t hold its age to me because..lets face it.. I was 8 or 9 when I started this series..and I will probably be 89 when I stop playing (my death if that be the age)

So … lets just some years later.. I saw the gameboy games, and I had seen what the series became from cartoons, to books..and Its cool! However it would be…when I turned…14 years old I was still reading Nintendo Power and I was still getting those books MONTHLY.. so I knew a new zelda was coming out.. so during 1998 November I got the game for a EARLY xmas gift!

During this time.. I was out of school for thanksgiving and one of the most UNPERFECT…but perfect things happen.. I GET SICK! Like so sick to the point that I  was stuck in bed for the next few days.. Which was bad..because BEING SICK SUCKS..but good.. because here I am with this new zelda game and I remember it took me a total of about 24 hours to finish the damned game.. it was AMAZING!!

I layed in bed…drank lots of juice..and played Zelda.. so over all..The GREATEST TIME!!

ANOTHER .. couple of years would pass..and really my interest in the series wouldn’t peak again until.. Nintendo Power would offer me a game disk for the GAMECUBE.. that would hold.. The LEGEND OF ZELDA, LINK, ocerina of time, Majors Mask and A DEMO for windwaker..

A friend of mine (Sean) at time was pretty big into Major’s Mask. Another friend of mine (Melvin) would get into it..but I never really got so into it.. I kinda lost interest.. HOWEVER…when i got that disk for the gamecube. I DID manage to play and Finish Zelda, and LINK…and got damn near close to finishing Major’s Maks before the memory card got erased…WHY!!! can’t remember..but yea..lost interest …

Wind Waker was a big big turn off for me.. AND I DID try to play the game..and even got a quart of the way into it..I think I finished the first and second dungeon..but didn’t get past much after that.. the ds games I have one or two of em..but still haven’t until recently had much interest into them..

The game that would really really peak my interest in the series.. is and was…another game that took me.. I think 24 hours to finish also would be Twilight princess again..FOR THE GAMECUBE..

this game would probably be my favorite in the series..but still today… I am working on another game…to follow it..