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So finally finished the last chapter to this amazing game…ADA..




So to start with you can’t get ADA Wong’s (resident evil 2,4) story until you finish the prior 3 stories… This is also the only part of the game that is Single Player Only.. Like the prior 3 some parts allow for other players to join but only for brief moments.. this last chapter is also maybe half as long as the other 3..and does require you to go over some parts you have already accomplished with the other characters…However.. Its a very story driven play thru.. Really whatever holes you had in the story you can say are explained during this last chapter…

With the game done now.. I am moving on with mercenary mode and helping several of my friends finish it.. over all I am very pleased with this game.. and do look forward to whatever will come of the future for this series… will we get a 7? or a reboot?…. Can’t say I know right now..but one can hope it turns out just as good as this game..

So this game is still …no wait…. This series!! Has become probably my favorite on the playstation 3 system to date. Darksiders 2 when I purchased it I purchased the LIMITED Edition version and it came with a expansion to the game called “Argul’s Tomb”…it was pretty fun to say the least..but lets get started here..

To begin with the DLC is short…but kinda long in terms of DLC… i MEAN WHEN you buy dlc.. “Which I didn’t it came with the limited Edition” you pay less then 10 bucks so you can expect about 2 hours worth of game play.. This game is pretty much the same thing.. about 2 hours worth of very difficult DLC..

the dlc separates into three parts..the first part is kind of a shooter.. you will be required to shoot lots of enemies.part two is sort of a maze..and three is similar in the same manor that you find yourself looking for keys and defeating bosses…

Its fun…it gains you experience after your finished with the main campaign but its not really necessary to play.. Kind of useless to have…HOWEVER..if your a fan “LIKE ME!” you will enjoy it and find use for it.. Currently I am trying to get past Nightmare mode…so yea… every bit helps!

So what the games leads you to assume is the last section of this game…the third part…JAKE..or as it tells the story of Jake Muller (New) and Sherry Birkin (RE 2)

So this story actually takes place same as the other two but follows suit with two other characters involved in the story.. the biggest change here is that the events that take place have a very Resident Evil 3 feel to it… You will be chased ALOT in this story…and for the most part much of it will cause you to think VERY Quickly…

The characters expand well on the story, and add some interesting plot points to what the resident evil story will be…

Now All I have is one more character to go…and this one…is single player only…


The Game Continues! So with it I can say that the controls for the game are the same as before…with “Leons story”… Only real difference this time.. is the game consists of more ACTION then Horror.. in the story of Chris..

So you play as Chris Redfield and Piers Nivans… To say the least…Chris isn’t in a good place this time around and the story surrounds his current mental Condition.. and what the BSAA is currently in the role of doing with the World..

Lots of what you will be doing in Chris’s story is shooting the hell out of monsters very similar to the one’s from Resident Evil 5.. they are fast…and will rush at you quickly.. more then anything you will take cover and be forced to use the weapons at hand to blast your way past enough monsters… Its not a bad part..and a good section to make a sequal to 5… but over all..still think Leon’s story was better… But it is NICE to see what happened with CHRIS!


So yes I got this game DAY 1.. AND this is the first SINGLE game that I had to split up into 4 parts!! WHY? ITS THAT FREAKING LONG OF A GAME!! Honestly .. this game could have been 3 different resident evil games and they could have sold it as 3 different games…but LUCKY US…THEY DIDN’T!!…However its long enough to span 3 different games…

Currently I have only just yesterday.. Finished Leons story.. which I should say.. each character you pick from all mix into one REALLY BIG STORY.. so it does makes sense that they are all one game..however.. SUCH A LONG GAME!!..Probably the longest Horror/Adventure game I have played EVER..

So lets jump into this …and get started..

So to start with the game just BEGINS at a part with Leon S. Kennedy (re2, re4 and both digital movies) and Helena Harper (New Character) ..and yes this is even before you get to the menu for the game.. Just Put the disk in..and RIGHT FROM THE START of the disk…it loads this Pre game play!.. its a short part…but it does give a very small taste.. of how ..AMAZING this game is…  To say the least..its Dramatic… and it has some introduction to the new Game play for this game.. I should also note.. that I am playing this game with my girlfriend on split screen… so most of this applies to that!

Which I will say is a big difference in Game play from the previous games… Yes you still hold a button to point the gun…but you can walk and shoot this time around..the menu for the game is active in REAL TIME…meaning you can’t pause and combined items.. AS A MATTER A FACT.. YOU CAN’T PAUSE AT ALL!! …Which means once you start the game..your forced to DEVOTE your time to it.. until you die..which is the only time you are allowed to put the controller down..  This can be seen as good..or bad..but it is what it is…and the game does auto save really.. not a big deal..but yea.. its a interesting way to set things up..

Which brings me into the menu details.. to start the controls are pretty complex actually… you can quick choose your items with the arrow buttons..pushing up or down lets you choose your first aid sprays, grenades, and remote bombs… Left and Right lets you choose between your guns.. “if your Leon you can choose a knife also”… Pressing Triangle lets you open a small menu to combine or give herbs, your partner.. ODD NOTE ABOUT the herbs.. if you combine red and get SIX..small herb boxes.. WHICH is what your life is based on… your given 9 boxes…i think…maybe 10… and as your life goes.. the boxes go.. AS WELL as a stamina Bar.. which is what measures the amount of Melee attack ability you have…


So yea..pretty big differences.. in game play.. some of it is scary..and will make you jump… it honestly has a very good RESIDENT EVIL 2 FEEL to it.. which honestly.. was probably my favorite resident evil game… but now..this game.. WAY BETTER THEN 2 ..and I haven’t even really finished it yet!

But anyway.. yes gameplay is very different! It does require some getting used to “even if you played past games in the series”.. Graphics wise..not much different from 5… some parts.. REALLY REALLY DRAMATIC..AND its amazing the amount of detail they put into this game… So far.. I can say.. Leons part does feel like … a mix between Resident evil 2 and 4…  Environment wise.. keeps to that feel for the entire game… I just started some of Chris’s Story and will say that yes it does feel like 5…so what these parts do keep to a particular feel.. and ITS A GREAT THING!! Lots of interesting story but it doesn’t overwhelm you to the point that its like…ok…i want to play…i want to play…i want to play..its just RIGHT…which is REALLY HARD TO DO.. and most of what the story has to offer is said and done in game.. so ..again..A GOOD THING..and not one second of this game gets boring in the slightest…Probably the best written so far in the series…

Never really thought much about the feel of each game of the series.. but .. after playing this.. I notice that yes..each game does have personality and a feel to it.. Chris keeps his Resident Evil 2 and 4 feel to him with this game.. the only thing I found was kinda annoying.. LOTS of melee attacking..which is GOOD…but… can get annoying at times..AND YES…IT HAS ZOMBIES!!! REAL…WALKING DEAD…ZOMBIES..not the variations the series is known for…YET…i WOULD think chris and Jack…probably stronger in the other field..but leons story..pretty strict on Zombies, and classic RE monsters… I will not say whom..but you will see…

So over all.. I can say.. THE GAME IS AMAZING…so far….its LONG!!…and I really can’t wait to write about Chris’s part..which will  be next!

Ok so … just writing 20th… makes me feel super old.. I can’t believe its been 20 years that Kirby has been around.. but I guess the NES and Gameboy “Tank”… WAS A LONG TIME AGO!! BUT ANYWAY..lets get into this!!

To begin with.. if you love any of the kirby games and even kinda want to call yourself a fan of the series.. YOU NEED THIS GAME!! Even if you already own all the games on the disk.. its got some great content on it..and its only 40 bucks!! Which is less then most new games..but EPIC!!

So what do you really get for your 40 bucks?

well the first 6 games presented in the series..”NOT THE SIDE GAMES”…YOU GET!!

Kirby’s Dream Land “Game boy”

Kirby’s Adventure “NES”

Kirby’s Dream Land 2 “Game boy”

Kirby’s Super Star ” Snes”

Kirby’s Dream Land 3 “Snes”

Kirby 64 “N64”

You get a Music CD with 45 tracks from all of the games going back as far as Kirby’s Dream Land “Yeap chip music…BAD ASS!!”

YOU ALSO get a history catalog that does include Several videos… 3 EPISODES FROM THE CARTOON…  Some interesting details about the history of Kirby.. and A REALLY COOL THICK.. ARTBOOK..about …duh…KIRBY!

if you didn’t love this little man but wanted to know more!! YOU SHOULD FREAKING BUY THIS GAME AND FALL IN LOVE WITH HIM!! Yes its a wii game… NO REAL MOTION CONTROL..JUST BASIC .. OLD SCHOOL WII CONTROL…

Honestly always just makes me feel fuzzy and warm XD