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Posted: December 30, 2012 in Video Games Alexander
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So recently I got to thinking about some old games I haven’t played in a very long time. Fact is NOW was a great time to revisit some old titles I didn’t finish..and or didn’t really get to play a long time ago.  So I ended up finding this epic WEB SITE!!


Lots of old games…super cheap!! and EPIC!!

Anyway I managed to purchase this old horror game titled “Phantasmagoria”


Alright a few things to be said at first.. First! This game was released in 1995 which at the time was a interesting time for PC games. Lots of motion capture stuff going on at the time. Mortal Kombat, Resident Evil…and so on.. in the same vain Phantasmagoria had take advantage of this and was originally a 7 CD GAME!! Sounds like to much but really it is what it is…


The basic set up of the game is its a point and click game.. You move the character by clicking the Red spots.. You use the items in your inventory to solve each problem. The problems are given based on how the story is told.. So really its very much like watching a movie and interacting with it. Also your given the option for hints from the skull on the left..and the eye on the right lets you examine items your given..

Either way the game was pretty fun…its AGED YES… but its a fun game and towards the end REALLY GORY!! plus some sex is involved in it…but yea…

NOT A BAD GAME for its price..if your looking for a good point and click scary “AGED” game

After having several issues with several things I am finally back online… My laptop that I used to use to write … well just about everything that I write…DIED… it was due to a manufacturer problem that I am SURE TO RANT about on here in the future.. but for now Just letting everyone Know I am still alive…still got a few games to play and finish.. just been really busy with the end of the year coming…… have very little time now…but either way.. GOT A NEW LAPTOP…that Again I will write about in the future…but for now… just letting the word be known… I AM STILL AROUND!