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So ..This is the 4th or 5th time I finished this game.. but the FIRST time I FINISHED this version of the game… DOOM 3!!  Yes I am still working on DOOM 2.. BUT anyway!

So the question has come up often about what is the big difference between this doom 3 and the one for the PC. Really to say its easier to play would be dumb.. Because if you play doom with a ps3 controller that is a given.  However I will say that when I first played Doom 3 on the PC .. I wasn’t playing on the maxium Graphics and effects because the PC I was using back then just held out the minimum for the game.. So being able to see all the little effects in light and animation was nice this time around..


Alright so the first thing your going to notice about the game even if you had a great pc is that the graphics have been cleaned up. Its all HD and everything appears to be slightly closer to you. Its hard to find many flaws in the graphics really. The animation is fluid, the sounds are AMAZING..really not much has changed from the game..   HOWEVER THE BIGGEST improvement from this version compared to the PC is so small..BUT SO MUCH BETTER.. That it consist of using the Flash Light..WITHOUT HAVING TO SWITCH WEAPONS..THANK GAWD!!!

So yes you can keep your shotgun out while using a mounted Flash Light… in this version of the game..

The game also included a new Mission called “The Lost Mission”..(I haven’t finished it yet..but so far.. its fun!) Really for the price of this game you do get everything.. You get doom 3..all the expansions “Ressurection of evil, The lost mission” and really a improved version of a oldish… game.. What more could you really want?

NOW I JUST NEED TO FINISH PART 3 OF THIS.. DOOM 2… and I will have more to say.. about it!

So going to talk about a couple of demo’s here that Surprised me.. Surprised me to the effect that one made me put it on the back burner of buying it.. and just waiting it out ..and the other really made me consider buying it when I had no intentions of even paying any attention to it at all.. I guess that is why we try demo’s to begin with.. TO make these decisions..

So the first game we are going to talk about is DEAD SPACE 3


To start with the demo is pretty much exactly what I expected it to be. I can consider to call myself a fan because really I have seen every cartoon, played every game in the series “still working on Extraction for the wii”. So really I KNOW The jist of the game and really from the demo I will say that it seems pretty straight forward and a game that is more or less just expanding the story rather then changing any elements of gameplay. HOWEVER.. I can’t really say much about either because its just a demo..  A FUN DEMO.. and yes I DO PLAN to buy the game..but instead of attempting to buy it on DAY 1.. I made the decision to put it on the back burner and wait till I have more money..

Here are the facts!

Fact number one is that I do have lots of money coming my way for video games.. WHICH MAKES ME HAPPY!! 🙂 However..  My intensions for dead space 3 was to play it with my girlfriend.. I had heard before hand that the game would be COOP… which to me is always a good thing.. I love to play games with my friends and really was hoping this would be something me and her could do together.. HOWEVER.. after playing the demo and doing some research I have come to learn that its only COOP ONLINE… which sucks.. in the idea of playing with my girlfriend because currently we only have one PS3.. and unless I plan on buying a new one and two copies of the game.. THAT ISN’T GOING TO HAPPEN.. SO YES.. I plan to buy the game but not right now.. The demo is fun.. and everything I expected it to be.. and I do look forward to playing the game..but maybe in March or April… who knows..

Currently ON my list of games  I will be buying are..Aliens Colonial Marines, Crysis 3, Devil May Cry and Ni no Kuni… Now of these games I have only played the demo for Devil May Cry..which originally wasn’t on the list of games I planned to buy.. BUT.. I did play the demo really… It looks like an awesome game.. WHICH BRINGS ME TO THAT PART of this demo post..


Now my history with this series is VERY VERY VERY SMALL.. Yes I do own Devil May Cry 1 for the PS2…(I never finished it and barely started the game).. Always said I wanted to get into the series… and from what I played of it.. IT LOOKED FUN..AND WAS FUN from what I played of it.. So when I heard that Capcom was REBOOTING the series.. I was like..hmm ok…why not.. gives me a chance to jump into something I never could before.. because of time..and really.. lack of interest.. (If I can’t start something from the beginning its kinda hard for me to keep with it)..

So I tried the demo out..and really.. the game wasn’t even on my radar until I finished that demo.. The character looks fun.. The controls…are iffy… but the story from what I CAN tell of terms of just the demo.. LOOKS TO BE FUN!! AND INTERESTING… if you haven’t tried the demo.. DO SO!! its worth looking at!… Either way it was enough to put it on my list of games I want to play this month…

ON A SIDE NOTE!! yes Part 2 and 3 of Doom 3 BFG Edition is almost done!! Just need to finish both 2 and 3… umm Skylanders Giants might be done this weekend… I HOPE!!.. Reckoning I am still working on.. WHO KNOWS when that will be done..but it is keeping my attention so probably by the end of this coming Month.. I am really trying to finish off a before I go buying more games.. I just GOT ALL 3 Uncharted games.. SO Those are probably going to pop up soon…

YES I WANT TO get back into TORCHLIGHT 2… but its been …kinda hard considering with ..all my other side issues..

Really lots to work on.. GOING TO HOPE TO HAVE EVERYTHING ON THIS LIST DONE BY MAY!! THAT’S my goal.. SO at least .. 1 GAME per week from here on out.. OR 2 weeks..depending.. REALLY.. doing my best to keep with it..

JUST KEEP LOOKING FORWARD.. And let me know what you all think?


So the tournament starts… Outworld is BEATING EARTHREALMS AZZ..and shit is about to go down! Liu Kang is the chosen one by the monks and Raiden.. Sonya is all like..KANO THAT BITCH.. I AM GOING TO KILL HIM…Johnny Cage is all.. Yo.. I AM SEXY…LET ME BEAT SOME AZZ… Raiden is like…HMMMMMMMMMM o.o and stuff starts…


Sub-zero (OLDER) fight Scorpion and Loses.. Scorpion wins and is all like YAY… I WIN.. Now I can Die in peace…

Kung Lao Reveals himself..and is all like..Watch me beat Baraka’s AZZ…HE DOES IT…and Baraka is all like..I fucking hate Monks..JUST you wait and see what I do to you mother flowers!! Goro is Defeated by Liu Kang.. and Liu Kang beats…


Shang …thus winning the tournament..  Shang Returns to Outworld like the bitch that he iz and is all like… Shao Khan.. I FUCKED UP… Khan is like..YEZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ YOU DID!!!… But Shang is like.. I GOT AN IDEA!!! but for this shit to work.. WE gotta take this BIG RISK… why don’t we make ONE MORE Tournament… but sum the shit up to ONE instead of TEN…and IF WE lose… THAT’S IT ..WE CAN’T FIGHT AGAIN… …BUT IF WE WIN.. WE GET IT ALL.. Khan is like.. HMMM…OK…Letz see if that bitch Raiden will be ok with this… So Khan Send Shang back…

Raiden’s all like..nah.. that’s a stupid Idea.. YOUR FUCKING STUPID SON…then Baraka is all like.. YA KNOW..lota fucking Monks around here… LETS PLAY!!!STORY 4

So Baraka starts some shit.. Raiden is all like OH NO YOU DIDN’T!!!  They Capture Sonya.. and Kano…


Kano is all like..FUCKING SON OF A BITCH.. I AM A BACKGROUND SPRITE WITH THIS BITCH SONYA!! Reptile is all like.. HI GUYS!! one pays attention to him.. Kitana finds out about Mileena.. Jax is all like.. GOTTA FIND MEH HOE SONYA!! Raiden’s all like..ok Liu Kang…Kung Lao..lets agree to do this.. AND KICK HIS ASS ONE MORE TIME… Johnny Cage is all like.. DAMN I AM SEXY…lets fight again..!!! So Jax..Raiden..Liu Kang and Johnny all go to Outworld and fuck shit up again… Kitana is all like..DAMN Mileena…what’s up WITH YO FACE!!! She’s all like…Damn I IZ SEXY DON’T HATE BITCH!!!..

Scorpion is told by Quan chi..YO ..check out this YOUTUBE VIDEO of Sub-zero fighting in this Outworld Tournament that just started…Scorpion is all like O.O…WTF….. I KILLED THAT BITCH… LET ME FIND OUT WHATZ POPPING HERE!!!


Liu Kang Fights Shao Khan and is like…BITCH WHAT I TELL YO HOMIE SHANG ABOUT FIGHTING EARTH REALM.. YO BITCH AZZ ISN’T GOING TO WIN!!! SO FUCK YOU TOO!! They win… Jax loses his arms.. Sonya Returns to Earth with him…Raiden’s all like.. I can’t believe this shit… Reptile’s still like..HI GUYS!!! STORY 7

So… Raiden Returns to Earth Realm with Sonya..and meets up with Nightwolf who is fixing Jax’s fucked up arm situation.. They handle that shit… and Shao Khan who isn’t actually dead.. is all like…SHANG… YOU FUCKED ME OVER SON.. NOW WE CAN’T DO SHIT.. I am going to Pimp Smack you BRO!! Shang is all like..NAHHHH I GOT ONE MORE PLAN..AND this time… I need help from my homie Quan Chi.. Quan Chi is all like.. YO LISTEN… you remember that bitch you used to get down with when you got to Outworld and took over… Khan is all like.. YA!! SINDEL..She was some hot shit yo.. and her daughter ain’t so bad either.. HE’S LIKE YA..THAT BITCH… well… believe it or not.. we can bring her back… and IF we bring her back.. EARTH and Outworld will merge without a Tournament..and you can take over without Winning MORTAL KOMBAT…

Khan is like WORD!!! THAT SHIT IS REAL… Quan is like.. FO SHO.. i kid you not.. …Khan is all like..ok…ummm what about the Elder Gods? Quan is like.. YOU FUCKING SERIOUS!! They ain’t real… I can’t believe you still believe that shitz… what you going to tell me SANTA IS GOING TO FLY OVER THE MOON NEXT OR SOME SHIT….”repitle is like HI !!!”….o.o…

So Khan is like..YA your right… LETS DO THIS!!


So they steal Sindel’s body..bring her back EVIL…and Nightwolf is all like…YO Raiden.. HE’S LIKE..YA SON!!! Nightwolf is all like.. Check out this hole… what is up with this shit.. I was in the desert doing NIGHT WOLF SHIT…and I found it… Raiden is like…OHHHHH SHIT!!! WE gotta go back home and get are homies together..cause shit is about to GET REAL SON!!!


Without Warning.. Johnny Cage is killed…and the Attack on the Earth Realm starts… AGAIN!!..STORY 10

A house Party on Cars vs Baraka starts.. Kabal is introduced and FUCKED UP… Stryker is all like… DUDE.. I was just doing my shopping mall thang… SHEEVA is all like… yo .. Ever been with a lady with FOUR ARMS!! ? Sindel is all like… Didn’t I have a daughter? Khan is like..NAH.. Lets just take Earth Realm and we can talk later..Kitana is all like…OH SHIT …MY MOTHER IS BACK..AND EVIL!!! I HAVE TO FIX THIS!!  Mileena is all like..YO I BRUSHED MEH TEEFFFF…

Sub Zero is all like.. YO Smoke.. pass the blunt… he’z all like.. YO .. I DON’T SMOKE THAT SHITZ… then Cyrax and Sector grab Smoke and are all like..BITCH YOUR COMING WITH US.. SUB IS LIKE NOOOOOOOOOOO NOT MEH HOMIE… But he’s like…BETTER YOU THEN ME SON… smoke getz turned into a robot and hunts down SUB… who also Finds out that an odd Ninja in black is running around…..he’s like.. I KNOW THAT MOTHER FUCKER… but i can’t put my finger on it.. hmmmm… So they chase Sub zero… Sub zero beats Cyrax in the desert….Smoke meets NOOB.. “the black ninja”.. Sectors all like.. OK i am going to build an army THEN … take to killing sub while controlling my NEW CLAN.. “This all takes a very long time to happen but it sums it up”


Liu Kang once again.. is like.. YO… FO RIZZY SON!!! THIS SHIT IS PISSING ME OFF.. KNOCK OFF YOUR SHIT.. AND he once again KILLZ Shao Khan.. and things are set back to normal…FOR …A MOMENT..


Shinnok is all like.. Did Khan fall for it Quan Chi? He’s like…ya …the dumb dick..fell for it.. TIME TO SET SHIT UP FOR MK 4 YO…so … Shinnok Attacks Earth Realm.. Reptile is like…I really need some skin cream… Mileena is like… Damn.. I need a new tooth brush.. Kitana is like.. TIME TO TAKE BACK Earth Realm with my NEW HAPPY MOMMY… “Not evil anymore” Liu Kang is like…yo what up KAI… Sonya and Jax are like..CHECK IT.. I GOT A NEW TOY ROBOT..LETS PLAY WITH IT..its called…Cyrax or some shit..and I found it in the Desert.. Jax is all like PRIORITIES BITCH.. we need to Take Jarek To SOME PLACE CALLED the Nether Realm and stop this Shinnok BITCH.. he’s all like..OK Lets do that first..then LEGO TIME!!

They find Johnny Cage who I guess was bad..cause he was found in the Nether Realm…and brought back to life…YAY SEXYNESS!!

The Warriors fight The Nether Realm..Rekio is all like..YO I AM SHAO KHAN.. The Real Shao Khan is like SON GET THE FUCK OUT MEH CHAIR!!! Jarek gets lost some place during the battle..and is all like…What happened to Kano? Kano is like I AM RIGHT HERE SON!!! They make some streetz deals and that all ends well for them… the new black Dragon is built… Tanya is all like SUP Homies!!  Quan Chi deals with Sub Zero who is ambushed by Scorpion..and told the truth too… Scorpion is all like..SON YOU BEEN PLAYIN ME FOR YEARS..TIME TO DIE!! he brings Quan Chi back to the Nether Realm and strips him of his powers..they Chase each other in hell for awhile… Quan Finds away out. Shinnok is left to fight Raiden by himself and loses.. Shinnok is like…AWWW MAN..this sucks… and wanders around Neather Realm…fo awhile…

Jarek runs away when the moment comes…and Jax and Sonya are all like…KANO!!?





Quan Chi then is like… yo ..Shang…”who is chilling in Earth Realm some place this entire time” Shang is like…ya? He’s like.. I helped you you help me out..First of Scorpion is pissed cause I lied to him….so help me get away from him.. Shang is like…FO SHO!!  Quan Chi is like..oh yea..and check it.. I found this Dragon army.. we should like Rebuild them..and TAKE OVER THE WORLD or some shit…he’s like OK COOL…but… two problems.. Quan is like.. what’s that? Shang is like.. First.. Shao Khan isn’t dead.. he’s just resting.. BUT I KNOW HOW TO FIND HIM “not really its his clone they find”.. So Quan is like..OK COOL…Let deal with him….and Shang is like..OK BUT… WE have to deal with Liu Kang also… So he’s like.. OK TWO OF US… TWO OF problem.. We kill Khan first…then Liu.. no one will even think its us!!  So Shang is like.. OK COOL.. i know this secret portal that can send us to both places..and Might help with this Dragon Army you talking about..OK COOL..LETS GO!! So …They kill Liu Kang and the Clone of Shao Khan.. and are all Ressurecting the Dragon Army..


Raiden is all like.. OK… time for some revenge.. First.. LET ME get my homies.. Sonya and Jax…they are all like..YAY LEGOS… Cyrax is good…BUT .WE STILL need to find Kano again..! ALSO … Reptile who was all like.. YO HOMIES…….Comes back to his home in Outworld to find the dead body of his once EPIC MASTER..SHAO Khan.. NOT knowing its just a clone “Dumb ass” he’s all like.. WHO DID THIS SHIT… WHO!!! I bet it was that mother fuckin LEGO Bastard Cyrax… LET ME AT HIM.. LET ME AT EM!! SON!!!

So reptile Hunts down for Cyrax….who is now GOOD..and is all like.. ok Let me help Raiden, Jax and Sonya out with the problem of Shang and Quan… so he runs around is all like…LA LA LA LALA…WHA….He find NITARA.. WHO IS a vampire chick from a Vampire Realm…he’s all like.. I LOVED TWILIGHT.. What’s your problem Girlfriend!! XD… She’s all like…listen.. I need your help… You help me get this Orb I am looking for… and I will send you to  your friends who are currently FUCKING UP  Quan Chi and Shang.. he’s like..COOL…LETS DO THIS… Reptile is like.. YO I AM ONE STEP BEHIND YOU…. WHEN I CATCH YOU…JUST YOU WATCH.. i am going to eat yo FACE!!!


Raiden goes to Sub Zero now..who is still hunting after Noob and Smoke..and now like… Yo Raiden..check out this bitch FROST..he’s just like me..but with N-ICER Hair then me…HEHEHE GET IT… NNNNN IIICCCEEERRR HAIR… Raiden’s all like…YO…YOU STUPID SON!! but yea.. I need you and yo Beotch to help us.. SO THEY JOIN Forces…


So Raiden is all like.. Liu Kang is dead… shit has gotten real again.. You guys need to help me stop them… They are going to bring back this Dragon Army and if we don’t do something RIGHT THE FUCK NOW… we are all going to be killed…

Shang and Quan are like.. OK COOL…lets start this shit.. Kenshi is all like.. YO I AM BLIND.. AND WILL KILL SHANG FO You guys!!! Bo Rai’ Cho is all like.. ohhh they killed my boy Liu… time to bring out the FAT MAN!! Li Mei is all like.. DUDE…. I am a slave… I will fight in this shit too… Johnny cage is like.. Yo I dead once… lets try that again…  Reptile is still hunting down Cyrax…Moloch is like.. YOU CAN’T FIGHT SHANG OR QUAN TILL YOU KICK MY teddy bear azz… *SMASH with his rock*

Kabal is all like.. YO… who the fuck are you…and the new guys named Mavado is like… I am here to kill you… BUT NOT FOR REAL…I am going to just steal your shit cause you be a bitch azz anyway!! So Mavado steals Kabals shit.. and leaves him for dead… going on to help whomever!

Sheeva, Goro, Kintaro, ermac, and a few others are all like… Outworld is looking damn good this time of the year..lets go to the beach… So they are all relaxing and shit..

Sub Zero while helping still like.. I KNOW That black ninja mother fucker from MK 2….DAMN….I think he’s….MY DEAD BROTHER FROM MK 1!!! So off he goes to find him…but not before Frost is all like.. GIMMIE THAT SHINNY THING ON Your belt…and She goes into a frozen Comba for a few days..and its like…DAMN IT..!!

So he goes back to his Frozen palace and leaves Raiden to do his own Thang with the rest of the gang…  Raiden with only Johnny Cage, Sonya, Jax and Kung Lao are like.. FUCK.. we can’t kill em.. but Raiden is all like..OK I WILL… So they fight! and most of em get there ass kicked!!!  Raiden is the last man standing…and at the very moment when Raiden loses..NOT TO FAR AWAY…

Cyrax gives Nitara the ORB.. She sends Cyrax to his homies.. She Breaks the orb and rerturns to her planet…Reptile is like..FUCK NO ONE IS HERE… AND A Large egg in the area around like..CRACK.. POP….FIZZ.. YOUR THE NEW DRAGON KING.. GO FUCK SHIT UP… so he does…


So he is like… TIME FOR YOU ALL TO PAY.. AND GIVE ME BACK MY GOD DAMNED ARMY.. they destroy the army… Raiden Kills off everyone in the room BUT.. The Dragon King..and Returns.. to do his thing.. in the clouds…

The Dragon king.. MUST BE STOPPED… So.. Raiden says.. hey Elder gods.. you have to help me.. The Elder gods are all like..CHILL SON… WE got Scorpion to be are Champion now… HE Will deal with your Dragon king problem… Raiden is like….. WHAT!!! ARE YOU FUCKING STUPID.. just bring back my homie Liu Kang and we can deal with this shit.. They are like..NAH… he had his chance… trust us.. this plan will work..  Scorpion is all like.. I WILL Defeat all of them… and the Elder gods promised to bring back my Clan and Family… Elder gods are all like..YEAP…WE SAID WE WOULD!!!

RAIDEN is like.. Yo.. you stupid.. i will bring him back myself.. and instead of trying to save everyone.. I WILL JUST save Earth…


So Raiden using some black magic shit he learned that the Elder gods didn’t know he had Learned .. Brings back Liu Kang.. but… JUST HIS BODY… zombie BOY Liu Kang now… and goes to fight off the Dragon King….

At this time.. Raiden thinks to himself.. Ya know… all this fighting is for the what?… the humans… or the Earth.. I want the Earth safe..and I THINK if I make a packet with my Enemies.. Maybe I can make it happen.. After all… Blaze is about to Grant everyone the power to do whatever we want..  and ya know… Shit just doesn’t feel right anymore… Lets see what I can do to make it all alright for JUST THE EARTH…


So the dragon King wins…But just as he is about to finish his First time killer Shao Kahn “yes The Dragon king has died before” he finds himself in a situation with the one being known as Blaze… WHO CAN GRANT ANYONE Whatever they want… So .. again.. Onaga “The Dragon king” is like…Listen Kahn… Your a smart guy..and you seem strong.. You fooled these two morons “points to Shang and Quan” into killing your Clone and are now stronger then probably all of us.. You help us Kill Blaze and we will talk after its done.. Khan is like..ok cool…

Raiden then enter the room… LISTEN.. i hear you guys want to kill blaze…everyone is like…WTF… Raiden!!! Raiden is all like…listen after I just brought back my zombie boy Liu.. I HAVE come to understand what everyone’s goal here is.. We all want the Earth to be safe …right?..Khan thinks to himself “Fucking moron”…but agrees… Sure.. we all want the Earth.. ….safe….sure….

So Raiden discusses a Plan with them to kill Blaze and make the Earth Safe… The Earth World Warriors are all like.. We need to find this Blaze guy because .. the bad guys are also looking for him too…and if they get him first.. IT COULD BE REALLY BAD FOR EVERYONE…

So they join forces… both the good and bad find a location on a map.. both lead by Sonya.. who leads the good..and Sector who leads the bad… to the location… all the while TAVEN.. who just woke the fuck up… is trying to figure shit out.. and is like..OK … i need to find out what is happening here… …HE FINDS Raiden …only moments after everyone Agrees and fights Raiden…


Raiden’s like.. YOU CAN’T HAVE BLAZE..Because we are going to get him FIRST…


EVERYONE fights.. it out.. Raiden loses…and Shao Khan gets WINS… or so he thinks….


Every time a new Horror game comes out like ” Resident evil, Dead space, or Silent Hill, ETC” Me and my girlfriend “Megan” get into this argument about the horror genre and how we feel things have gone for each series.  With just a couple of weeks away from a new Dead Space “Dead Space 3” Once again the topic comes up and I am left with my side of the coin.


Personally “and keep in mind this is my opinion” I don’t believe the horror scene has changed. I believe that I “ME” have changed and over the years its gotten really hard to find a product that will ever effect me the way Resident Evil 1, or Silent Hill 2, or any number of games from my past have effected me. I am no longer the target and really I probably haven’t been the target for those games for at least… 8 or 9 years…(YEAP ALMOST 30!!!)

Horror in general is a hard thing to bring to an audence that knows to much about the topic. Like for example you take a game like DOOM (Which yes I am still working on part 2) If you showed it to a kid today who has seen any XBOX 360 GAME or any PS3 Game they would probably tell you its stupid and out of date.. the graphics suck and nothing is scary about it. Now if you take the same kid and introduce em to  a game like Dead Space that might have the same impact on him that DOOM did for me. Cause what you need to keep in mind is that Doom was the end all of end all’s when it was released. No one really knew anything about it. The Graphics had been as good as they could have been for that time. It was different and it was something people wanted to watch and some even improve upon. ITS A FACT..that without DOOM we probably wouldn’t have lots of Horror shooters…or maybe any shooters at all. So it being the first of its kind kinda helped.. (Yes Wolfenstein was before Doom..but it wasn’t based out of horror)


I try my best to put myself into the shoes of People who the games are made for. You could probably go Right now to a capcom forum and hear a million and one people explain how Resident evil 6 wasn’t scary and how Capcom needs to reboot the series and go back to Survival Horror. DON’T GET ME WRONG.. I love Survival Horror but even if they reboot the series now they will not be any place near as scary as it was back in the day. WHY…I AM 30…games simply don’t scare me.. Some games recently have tried and I must say.. Some do an amazing job of building up tension but real fear… I can’t say will ever come from a video game FOR ME..ever again..

NOW …would I let a 13 year old version of me play Resident Evil 6.. sure… would it scare him…PROBABLY if he hadn’t ever seen it before..  Hell a 13 year old version of me would play Resident Evil 1..and PROBABLY have some fear from it…Because I feel its a different mind set.. You don’t grow old and expect the same things to continuously scare you.

So why the argument at all? Well on the other side of the coin people will complain that the companies aren’t listening to the fans and don’t understand what REAL FAN “whatever the fuck that means” WANT..My REAL question is what are those REAL FANS… praising now? Lets take the example.. RESIDENT EVIL 6 comes are disappointed and fill the forums with Reboot Reboot Reboot and LISTEN TO US.. ok .. CAPCOM listens reboots the series and makes it Survival Horror…

What in the Survival Horror part of the series…would scare you? Dog’s jumping into windows? Looking for keys in a basement? How about a creature running at you with NO ARMS..AND stubs… with blood coming out its eye balls? Honestly if i seen any of that it would probably come off more as cheesy and maybe it would grab some tension but it would fall flat compared to what it felt like some 15 or 20 years ago..

Don’t get me wrong… I love the series…I love HORROR…and gore isn’t horror “DIFFERENT POST …maybe in the future” But its never going to be better then what it was…so that’s my argument on it.


Ok so this is going to be 3 parts because I will be talking about 3 different games.. well..kinda.. To begin with I got this game as a gift for xmas from my girlfriend. Over all VERY Pleased with it because this is what I asked for…! XD

I to give some sort of past on this am a big Doom fan. I loved playing this game since I managed to get a 5 RED FLOPPY disk copy of the game in JR HIGH wayyyyy back in the day. My cousin and I would spend HOURS!! if not weeks and DAYS!!  playing this series… WE would edit stages, characters, and so on….it would take HOURS of are lives and really having a PS3 copy of this now.. Brings so much joy back to my heart that its hard to even explain…but the best way to say it is …Doom takes its own vein in my body and will always be welcome!

So!! What will we talk about in part 1?

Well DOOM 1… Yes The Title of the game is DOOM 3 BFG Edition..BUT!! It comes with DOOM 1, 2, AND 3…plus all the expansions to each game!


To begin with.. if you haven’t played DOOM 1….and you are a gamer…YOU CAN’T CALL YOURSELF A GAMER! The game is on everything.. You can probably download it on an IPhone now.. either way! This version of the game is really perfect! Well about as perfect as you can come with said game..


Really if you have the game on PC… no reason to have buy it…for DOOM 1 ON here.. nothing was really updated or changed. Its simply a good add on to have in the collection. Me personally I haven’t had Doom 1 short of an SNES port of the game..So when I had the ability to buy the PC Version with all the expansions.. I felt it was worth having..I did run through the entire game..”haven’t finished the expansion…its kinda hard”… but yea.. its the same old same old “WHICH ISN’T BAD!!” its classic and it allowed me to run around my past feeling so GREAT!!  and OLD!! 😦

BUT yes.. Its still creepy! the sounds I don’t know if they updated them or not..but putting on a good head set and running down those halls…CREEPY shit…still …even if the graphics are VERY OLD..AND OUTDATED..its all polished…the sounds are great.. creepy…and really you can’t find a better way of playing it either.. PS3 controls….are ok… i mean really you can’t fuck up how to play doom..its FORWARD..BACK.. SHOOT…Switch weapons.. not hard to understand…but yea..if your looking for a good version of it.. IF NOT BEST…this is it!