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Posted: February 26, 2013 in Video Games Alexander
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Well I should also note on here.. That I am working on DMC “Devil May Cry” ….SOOOOOOO MUCH FUN!… still working on Uncharted2, Reckoning, Deus Ex, Borderlands 2 and Skylanders Giants…

Also I do plan on finishing Torchlight 2…games are pretty random at this point..Check out my twitter when I am on..I will post it on there…

Twitter ” @CumberlandAlex ”

Other then that… really doing my best to get to as much stuff as possible..Last couple of weeks have been kinda brutal.. so yea.. More is coming!

AND OH … I did purchase a 3DS…and the Resident Evil Revelations.. which I am currently also working on…REALLY GOOD ALSO..SO FAR..SOOOOOOO much more to come!


I KNOW WHAT YOUR THINKING!!! Didn’t he say he hated Military shooters… and didn’t he say he has little to no interest in this type of game… WELL yes.. this is true… Call of Duty Black ops 2 was the last game on this planet I thought I would ever buy.. HOWEVER!!

Recently I my old/best friend  “Melvin” kept telling me about how this game had this mode in it that has become a big addiction to him. I told him…I have little to no interest in military shooters…but he explained to me how it had zombies in it..and its EXTREAMLY addicting… so of course… he caught me off guard..and well…ya. I purchased said game.. and well here we go…


To begin with I want to state here and now.. I haven’t played much of Left 4 Dead..but from what I have been told this mode in the game is very much like that… So yes.. I will state that… so that no one else tells me “ITS JUST LIKE ….”

Anyway.. from the start of the game “Call of Duty Black ops 2” Your given the option to play the main Campaign “Which I will probably never touch”.. Multiplayer… and ZOMBIES…

Now Zombies in itself should be its own game if you ask me…. Cause honestly its soooooooooooo much fun…. No clue what it is about it.. but it really does grab your attention to details about what’s going on  around you… Your put into a spot.. and forced to grab guns “From the walls!? odd… I know!” then your forced to kill wave after wave of zombies… While maintaining barriers that can be repaired… and you can do this with either groups of people or by yourself.. You obtain points that you use to buy the weapons, Ammo…and to open doors..which is interesting in itself..

Honestly … its lots of fun…and I would love to think that maybe the rest of the game is similar to it.. but i haven’t touched anything other then Zombies on it… so meh…



So here it comes!! THE GAME that has gotten so much bad press that I can’t begin to explain. While I am going to give my opinion of it here like I do with everything else this blog is based on I will say this to start.  NEVER LISTEN TO OTHER PEOPLE. MAKE UP YOUR OWN MIND ABOUT SOMETHING AND THEN USE THAT EDUCATION TO PROVE A GOOD OR BAD TIME.

Ok so with that said here I go.. Aliens Colonial Marines has it’s ups and its downs. To begin with one of the main selling points for this game to me was the coop. Like I said in the past if it has split screen coop I will chances are play it with my girlfriend and see what we think of the game. For the most part when we started the game I was pretty excited about just jumping into the adventure with my girlfriend. On that first day we didn’t finish it but we got a little more then half way thru the game and stopped. The following day we loaded up the game but something seemed wrong. We loaded the game but we found that only my player “Player 1” had all his previous weapons and stats. Her player “Player 2” did not…

This was a concern and really I personally had no issue with having to think  “ok well lets restart and maybe we did something wrong while loading the game” What we didn’t notice was that when loading the second player on split screen mode was that a message popped up saying “Player 2 is signed on as Guest and could not save any progression” This was a concern…


So we went online and e-mailed and also went to the forums of The e-mail was sent on a Saturday and we didn’t get a reply until today. I can assume the Sega’s customer Service doesn’t do weekends, or holidays “Presidents day was Monday”.  So we finally got a reply today…this is what we got back…


Rhianna, Feb 18 18:36 (PST):


Unfortunately this game does not support saving of the second (guest) player’s progress in split-screen coop. You can however save progress if you were playing online coop on two different systems. T

The game does display a warning screen that the second player’s progress will not be saved before you start the first mission. This is mainly due to the fact that only one PlayStation Network account can be signed in to the console at one time.

Thank you for your time.

Sega of America
Customer Support


Now keep in mind I have played Borderlands 1 and currently am playing 2 with my girlfriend. I have also played several other games in the past that ALLOW for both accounts to be signed in on split screen. Why this company over looked it? NO CLUE…but on the side note to this the customer service was FAST considering, and over all was very pleasant about the situation. So KUDOS to them for that!


Now getting back to the game! Now I don’t know what other people or anyone was really expecting from this game but what I do know is I received just about what I paid for. I never played the demo but I am a big fan of the series “both movies and games a like” Aliens VS Predator was an OK game..but the story wasn’t something that sparked to much interest in me. I even wrote a small bit about that here…

So all things aside from all that really my opinions are based on those experiences. With the main reason I purchased the game focusing on Coop play really I am only disappointed in that.


Truthfully the only thing I don’t like about it is that I wish it was a ACTION/Adventure game “sort of like RE 6”. I on a personal level am tired of playing first person shooters. Really maybe its because I just got done with playing all 3 dooms or maybe its because I am seeing so much from the last couple of action/adventure games I have played that I think the Aliens story would be EPIC in that state. I don’t know..EITHER WAY …lets move on…

Like I said.. Its a first person shooter.. It takes place in the Alien Universe.. and its a really fun game to play actually. I had a very good time playing it both alone and with my girlfriend. I even went ONLINE “which is rare” and had a super good time playing it Online also.  Are the graphics bad? They leave a bit to the dated I will say that… I mean yes you can easily find a cheaper first person shooter with graphics that are better.. but WHY WOULD YOU BUY THIS GAME?

Fact is I purchased this game because I wanted to have a good time remembering that second Alien Movie if what the game does do REALLY WELL…is it reminds of those films. Its very good at putting references in from Alien, Aliens, Alien 3 and even Prometheus.  Now if you have been reading these opinions of games I have been writing for awhile you already know… I DON’T SPOIL .THINGS.. but I will say that if your looking for a game that will make you say “OHHHH I remember that! and Oh wow.. I wondered what happened to him” ITS REALLY GOOD FOR THAT! Which is probably one of the key points to the game.

The sound effects and visuals are alright considering… Could they have been better…? OF COURSE.. but not every first person shooter can be Crysis!… HELL does it make fear 1 look good…. Probably but honestly.. its not really far from FEAR 1… maybe even Fear 2… but really.. in terms of design.. it does bring you into that world..and it does make you reflect on the series…  You kill Aliens, both old and NEW… Which I personally think is awesome! WHO DOESN’T WANT TO SEE NEW ALIENS!!?

The dialog to the story is sort of cheesy at times..BUT really that comes with any horror dialog “JILL DON’T OPEN…THAT…DOOR”..  its a fun game..and its probably one I will play back on again… either way.. Make up your own mind..Me .. I THINK its worth the money I spent on it.. BUT.. i would have liked to maybe pay less…cause of the coop

darksiders2The Demon Lord Belial

So YET AGAIN… Darksiders 2 took over my life with the 3rd part of DLC AND Probably the last part “I can hope for more…but it likely will not happen considering THQ is now…GONE x( and out of business” but as I said it took over my life. So The Demon Lord Belial..DLC yet again puts you into a part of the Darksiders Universe that actually this probably the most relevant to the story of the game.

Picture 2TheDemonLordBelial

So yes as with the other DLC your given new armor upgrades upon progression, a smaller part of the story “but kinda important this time around” and your given more enemies, puzzles and time to expand this series. Honestly with all three DLC’s now done I can offically say not a single one was pointless or worth the price of cost.  This game and series really does well at everything I could ask for in a DLC. It expands the story, The combat, and character of Death. It allows you to upgrade and progress the main game by winning over the DLC. While each part does take place during different sections of the story and can seem a bit confusing story wise. It does explain well when what happens….if that makes any sense in how I worded it.

picture3The Demon Lord Belial

To tell you the truth I AM VERY SAD that this series is likely over and done with until I hear SOMEONE has bought the Rights to its Liecense. I CAN ONLY HOPE AND PRAY FOR A 3RD GAME…but .. who knows if it will happen.. Either way..

If you haven’t played DARKSIDERS 2 AND ALL ITS DLC.. YOUR REALLY MISSING OUT..AND really the DLC is so cheap…and worth the money that its just sad to think of anyone who hasn’t…ESPECIALLY if you love ACTION ADVENTURE GAMES..


To my surprise I finished Uncharted Drake’s Fortune before Aliens Colonial Marines.. However I will explain more about that once my review for that game goes up. Either way.. here…we….go!


So since I bought my PS3 people have told me “Alex you need to play the Uncharted games because they are EPIC Action/Adventure games!” I had taken my time with buying because the way I figured it… The games weren’t going any place and the price was still kinda high for my liking especially for a game that was several years old by the time I bought my ps3. However I must say in terms of aging games really this game will probably go down in history as one of the PS3’s best designed, Best game played games on this generation and for all the correct reasons. I loved this first game and when I finally did purchase it I did purchase it with 2 and 3. SO yea….expect those reviews later…but lets get back to this one..


In terms of design the game is beautiful. Lots of eye candy and the designs of each stage are pretty awesome for what they are worth. Like many adventure games this games lead character ” Nathan Drake” has charm to him that keeps him interesting. As a matter a fact the entire cast is interesting in his and hers own way. This is actually the first game I can actually say I have played in awhile that didn’t have an annoying character to it. Yes some points got a bit frustrating with having to shoot enemies while having to protect someone else who could die and PROBABLY THE MOST frustrating part of all was the jet ski sections of the game. Having to jet ski in a game is pretty straight forward for any game…HOWEVER.. Having to jet ski in the Opposite direction of the water… REALLY REALLY Annoying but … not impossible and sort of a fun part of the game if you can manage to get past it.


The game is very Action set. You will find much of the game shooting enemies with various different weapons and using some hand to hand combat when close. You will be REQUIRED to do lots of cover shooting and lots of hiding when necessary to avoid dieing which you will do a TON OF because trust me.. You will die several times but the game is good at bring you back at close save points. You will climb and jump off cliffs which for the most part is pretty straight forward also however some points aren’t as clear as they could be…but over all its pretty straight forward… push forward… left..or right..and you will change direction… easy easy.. not really a difficult aspect to the game..but questionable to the player which actually makes it fun in a twisted sort of way.

Honestly I wish I would have played the game sooner and already I started to play Uncharted 2 not moments after I finished this one. Its worth the price of whatever you can buy it at these days. Me personally I bought all three games off Bestbuy for less then 30 bucks because I had extra bucks from there points…and so on.. so really you can get all three games for a GREAT PRICE..and from what I can tell you.. The first one is great for what it is..and has AGED VERY WELL…

So recently I purchased the new Aliens Colonial Marines video game for the ps3.


My Review for the game will be up probably later on this week. Really what I am about to say has almost nothing to do with the game but more so the topic of what the hell is going on with the people who run Rating Video Game Websites. Those who call themselves Reviewers, and journalists.

See to start off most of these websites that take in video games and review them don’t get the full experience of knowing what a gamer has to go thru to get the game in hand. To begin with if I had to write a list of rules for anyone to review a game and know what they are talking about I would qualify number one on the rule that they PAY FOR THE FU@#ING GAME. Most of the sites I am talking about are given free games to review and they end up bashing the hell out of them for it.  Now I am not saying they should be giving because the company is being giving but I am saying that if you can’t find anything of any type of value to the game your giving a review on then you probably shouldn’t be reviewing it. No game.. and I mean this .. NO GAME AT ALL.. has no value to it. Even the worst games I have played have had some fun factor if it be something that just made me laugh or something that I said.. “wow they really tried to put that in there and failed” its always a lesson for another game.

Also I think that how things are set up with the entire system of reviewing a game is wrong also. They take one game lets say “Lego Batman” and then compare it to every single action adventure game ever made before it. Like a Lego batman game can compete with a Zelda, Mass Effect or even a Super Mario.. My point is that those games are based on what they specifically cater to. You can’t compare oranges to apples because they aren’t the same thing. Yes they are food and yes they might be in the same group but its TWO DIFFERENT THINGS!!

Now what’s got me into thinking this over and why is it bothering me so much?

Well like I said recently I purchased Aliens and well.. from what was said about it .. THE DAY OF ITS RELEASE..which I will note that ON THE DAY of its Release and AFTER the reviews went up for it.. The game was patched, and many of whatever the issues those reviews had ..had been resolved. Which really I hate to say this.. but we aren’t in 1995 any more.. You can’t just play a game and settle for what you have in hand now can you? With Patches, Updates and DLC.. Really your review becomes obsolete the moment the Production companies say “hey we fixed that!”… Really it hurts sales and is such a closed minded thing to do to say ..YEA..THIS GAME IS THIS THIS THIS AND THIS…but They Fixed all those problems yet we are going to keep what we wrote up on are sites anyway..

Plus what really gets me is when those same companies PUT THE REVIEWS UP THE DAY THE GAME IS RELEASED…I mean how the F@#K is this acceptable.. No one could have possibly received the game, Played it all the way thru, set up a review and posted all in done day before 12am… So in most cases it must mean they got the game before its release date and didn’t get to play the game the same way those who purchased the game because they lacked all the patch work, and information that was released ON THE DAY OF RELEASE..

Now another big problem I have with reviewers on said sites are the bases of what they are doing. You can’t take a game like Aliens and say it doesn’t play well compared to Killzone 3 or lets say even something similar to it like DOOM 3.. you can’t do that because its not about what you have done in the past its about WHAT YOU ARE DOING NOW… ITS ABOUT A REVIEW OF THE GAME AT HAND NOT A REVIEW OF YOUR LIFE EXPERIENCE! ohh…goodness….need to breath……..

Anyway.. I am sure I pissed off some people..but either way… My review for the game will be done once I am finished with the game.. and so on.. Either way… I am sick of this stupid Media play stuff. and I feel really bad that these companies have to deal with these piss poor reviewers…


So the last part and probably the most difficult version of doom is finally finished.. DOOM 2…AND HERE..we…..goooo


So to begin with Doom 2 is pretty much the same as DOOM 1.. Only this time your given more ammo, a couple new power ups, and a ton more monsters. The monsters are at times overwhelming and really some of them are a really big Bi@#% to finish off.  The game continues pretty much from the point you ended DOOM 1.. This time your on Earth and the idea is that you need to kill off the Main demon from hell..


My biggest complaint about this game is that its really OVERWHELMINGLY DIFFICULT..honestly If I didn’t finish the game myself I wouldn’t have believed anyone could finish it.. but seeing as how I did it… and have the trophies to prove that.. Its not impossible..

Honestly the entire collection is worth the money if you ask me.. It brings everything that makes up this series so really .. can’t complain.. It does have expansions to all of the games.. and I do plan on playing and finishing those…but honestly.. I am just glad I completed this game…and can now say I currently finished ALL THE DOOM SERIES…and look forward to seeing.. DOOM 4