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So this was a game I really didn’t know if I even wanted to play let alone buy. See my biggest problem with Prequel games, Movies, Books or anything.. is you know from the start how it will END..So the drive to get to the end is really like…MEH

The entire time I played the game I said…Ok he is clearly going to get past this.. and duh.. it will then move on to part 1… The entire time I played the game I felt no connection to wanting to finish it. I finished the game because A. It is a fun game and B. I wanted to see how it would end.


Now one of the many redeeming things about this game or Series in fact.. its BEAUTIFUL… the graphics are about as good as your ever going to get on the ps3, the game play is super easy to understand, and really its an ADULT GAME..meaning lots of ADULT CONTENT.. from gore to Nudity.. So of course it would come to terms in that manor.. However…..

One of the things I DIDN’T expect from this game was for it to be SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Different from the previous 3 games.. Much of what the series does is place you into spots full of bad guys and forces you to kill wave after wave of enemies.. Fair and to expected with this series.. but what I didn’t expect from this series was for the puzzles to be SOOOOOOOO GOD DAMNED DIFFICULT to figure out.. At one point I even needed to look at a walk threw to get past one point…which for the puzzles to be that difficult makes it almost unfair to a degree.. I DIDN’T NEED A WALK THREW FOR PORTAL 2 AND here I am on this game… pissed that I can’t figure something out..


Also I should note that the bad guys (not the bosses) are WAYYYY Over powered.. You can combine the difficulty of the last 3 games and you will still be lacking on how difficult this game was.. your required to use everything at your disposal and really I guess that’s a good thing….but for Christ SAKE…what a pain in the ass of a game it was.. AND YES I PLAYED IT ON NORMAL AND IT STILL FELT LIKE THE HARDEST GAME I EVER PLAYED…

but i finished it..and must say.. if your a fan of the series it’s worth playing… however.. DON’T EXPECT AN EASY RIDE..and Don’t expect to much new stuff from it.. Honestly I am walking away from this game..pretty much feeling the same way I felt about the series before… Nothing better…Nothing Worse

So recently my list of games I am working on has gotten pretty big… So I have a ton of stuff coming out..but ..its going to be mixed when I finish something I will just publish it..

what am I working on?

God Of War: Ascension (PS3)

Resident Evil: Revelations (3ds)

Bioshock: Infinite (PS3)

Skylanders:Giants (PS3)

Borderlands 2 (PS3)

Reckoning (PS3)

Deus EX (PS3)

Uncharted 3 (PS3)

Spirit Camera (3DS)

I am also trying to work on DOTA 2..but that is ..kinda in limbo with Torchlight 2.. Which are both Great games…and I plan to write about both..but..yea its going to be awhile.. Either way I clearly have a big list of games.. and I might buy one more… (INJUSTICE GODS AMONG US)…but I am not sure on that yet..considering this list is really to big…

I also started an odd Hobby Recently of building Lego’s..which yea..its odd considering I am almost 30…but seem to be reversing my age… I would also like to add that I STARTED ANOTHER BLOG..which has NOTHING to do with Video games..but if anyone is interested.. here’s the link….

Anyway.. that’s the way it is.. Things are COMING..and I do hope to have Resident Evil I think will be the next to post..cause that seems to be the constant.. but who knows..just know…MORE IS COMING




Posted: March 22, 2013 in Video Games Alexander

So Recently if you have been keeping up with all my writing you know I purchased a Nintendo 3DS. For a handheld I was pleasantly surprised by how much time it has been taking up. Yes of course I am still working on my PS3 games..but in terms of attention it would seem my 3DS is doing a really good job of keeping it.


Honestly purchasing it I feel I spent good money on it and its been worth every penny so far. My complaints with it really have nothing to do with the games, or how it handles. Its a nice size system and its easy to use.. Really before I purchased it I thought I wouldn’t enjoy it so much because of the circle directional pad..but really over all its pretty smooth and comfortable.  The 3D works really good on it and the sound is pretty decent for the size of the machine. Personally I like to Blast Every sound I can get out of every system I own… but seeing as its a hand handled I CAN’T really complain.. I connect a mini speaker to it and poof..problem solved..

Really the biggest complaint with this system is the battery life.. When I purchased my DS wayyyy back in the day.. I think the thing never lost life but once since that DATE… every other time I charged and it worked for at least 8 hours..and I never really used it for more then 5 anyway.. So no big deal right….

This time around I am a bit upset that even with the 3D only last me about a good 2 and half hours…if not maybe 4… to 3 and half..from what I have noticed..before I have to plug it in and leave it to charge..  THAT EVIL RED LIGHT telling me my battery is low is really annoying.. I don’t know anything about the updated version of the 3DS but I do know…its annoying on this version… I probably would have had Resident Evil Revelations Done and up by now…but saddly… damned battery life…

Either way its coming ..and after that I also have another game called Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir..which is apparently a spin off of Fatal Frame..and so far ….is pretty damned cool…but I will tell more about that once the review goes up… BAH

Few games have I played that I have 100% of anything on. Recently Castlevania Lords of Shadow Mirror of Fate.. For the 3DS.. cause me to do this..


(Yes I took that picture)

Anyway.. what caused me to do it? Well for one the game is just that damned fun…and for two I was told about another ending..which really I wasn’t disappointed with “While shorter then I would have liked”… These are reasons to want to get 100% on anything…

The only other game I g0t 100% on was Mortal Kombat The Arcade Collection… and I did that on the PS3… Not really sure what I will work on next… I am trying to get 100% on Darksiders 1… probably will work on 2… and definitely going to try for Castlevania Lords of shadow for the ps3..because that’s a damned fun game also… but yea…

Just throwing it out there…


To begin with this game surprised me to a small degree.. I ordered this game the same time I ordered Castlevania..and I didn’t know this..but AMAZON.COM actually upgraded my order to the Final Hour Edition…”At no COST!!” and it came with an Art Book and some DLC.. either way… good deal and glad I ordered it from AMAZON.COM…


So this game I have a small history with.. my best friend for YEARS.. was and still is a BIG Tomb Raider I have seen the games before this one played and I get the jist of it being an action adventure game..  Lots of climbing and so on in those games..and Lara Croft “Was a Big breasted hero that teen age boys drooled over and always rumored had a nude code and so on”…BACK IN THE DAY….. I have seen a couple of the movies..and I get the jist…of the character…..or more so what WAS the character…

Clearly they rebooted the series…and like any reboot they added hints of what was…taking the good parts..making them better..and making something better of the character…


To begin with the focus of this game is MAINLY on Lara Croft.. a very young..very smart.. very unaware character..with the ability to do more BE MORE..and really its a story of building for the most part… The game is built in such away that you really are driven to understand that this character is going to be better if it KILLS HER…  And trust that most of the game you will torture, beat, and break this poor girl.. So much of the game you are like…HOLY SH@# DID that really just happen.. and its like.. way its a very cool story and I hope it does get a sequel…


The game is set up in a easy way.. Your given a few weapons which you can upgrade as you play it, your basic set is to survive “which the game does play very well”..  You go into caves, fight off other survivors “not going to spoil the story” and your trying to deal with the situation you have sadly been placed in.. you are forced to deal with climbing, sliding down shafts, falling on dead bodies, and so on.. it has a ton of treasure hunting to do because its a sectioned/open world game…  You learn to hunt for xp, and so on…

Its a fun game..and really an amazing Action/adventure game.. I think everyone should at least try it out to get a good idea on what a WELL BUILT game is…


OK so this the game that forced me to buy a 3DS.. I was such a big fan of Castlevania Lords of Shadow for the PS3..THAT when I heard a sequel was coming to both the PS3 and the 3DS.. I knew I had to buy a 3ds.. So at some point.. I DID.. and the game came out last.. Tuesday..and HERE I GO!


To begin with the game is structured into 4 parts.. A Prologue, Act1, 2, and 3… it also allows you to examine each monster in the game with a Besatry card mode.. “kinda cool if you want a closer look at the monster you fight and the list is pretty big” and a Cinematics player ” this lets you go over the plot points and story of the game” Which honestly ..for a 3ds game its done very well.. The voices are on par with the ps3 version of the game, as is the music and sound effects.


Really this is probably the best SideScroller I have played …well…all my life…lmao…THAT’S BOLD I KNOW!! but really I enjoyed this game so much that I honestly couldn’t put it down.. Sure I have work, and a job, and need to sleep…but really..if I had no responsibilities at all..this game would have been done probably the first day I got it..

That and I am also working on Tomb Raider..but kinda ditched it for the moment to finish this game..So NOW that I have it finished i will get back on Tomb Raider …again…

ANYWAY…This game plays so well that its kinda amazing how Konami didn’t get anything wrong with it.. So the big question is how does it play? Well that’s really the perfect part about it I think… If you take some elements from Lords of shadow for the PS3..AND some Elements from the old NES/DS/and GameBoy SideScroller games.. You pretty much have a sum of what this game is.. its what I personally have been waiting for in a Castlevania game since SNES’s Super Castlevania IV..


I would love to spoil stuff about the story…but I don’t do that..HOWEVER.. I will say you play in each Chapter 4 different characters.. Gabrial, Simon, Alucard, and Trevor.. Also I will say the story is REALLY REALLY GOOD AND soooooo much easier to understand then previous games.. its clear and to the point.. Do you really need it to understand the upcoming game? Probably so…Unless they plan on telling what happened in this game in the sequel… which I think they may have too.. it’s an important part of the story..


I will also say that for a 3D Sidescroller its used VERY VERY WELL… not cheesy or anything like that.. it blends well with the elements of the game..and the 3D graphics are probably the best they can be for  a game designed the way it is.. because really..This game like the First Lords of shadow is a WORK OF ART..and for sure something too see on the eyes..

If you own a 3D’s and you love siderscrollers..THIS IS A MUST HAVE.. I am overjoyed that I purchased the game and the 3DS for it.. and honestly.. am sure going to go back and probably work for 100% on it.. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH FUN!!


Ok so going back to what I was saying.. The game works in chapters…and each character is given 4 special abilities which they must search for.. but they start out with a basic attack, and a area attack.. Basic attack is just a whip attack forward..area attack is exactly what it says.. Attacks behind, in the air, and forward..but its slower.. your also given a jump, and a button to use projectiles like the axe or time stop.. You can swim and of course like older Castlevania games Swing using your whip from platform to platform..

Taking from previous games your also given a health bar and a magic bar..  this bar can be upgraded and based on your % you can find a number of boxes used to upgrade each bar.. The menu for the game is straight forward and really its super easy to understand if you have played previous adventure games…

Really it takes little to no time to learn the game and really everything is presented in such a way its hard to not pick up the game easy.. Its fun… very well paced.. and its also almost impossible to get lost considering your given a map that shows you pretty much everything you need to know..

IT DOES have some quick time elements during some of the boss battles, as well as having a few puzzle elements during some portions of the game. Really everything is placed well enough to enjoy it and not seem like a hinder..

So yea..Once again its an amazing game..and was well worth the money.. If your at all a fan of the series..or even love just the old one’s its worth looking up..hell it has a demo you can get a pretty good feel of what your getting into from that..


So take everything you learned from Uncharted 1 and expand on the story.. All the mechanics, Gameplay and so on and double it and you pretty much have exactly what you would expect from Uncharted 2 Among Thieves…


The game plays out very much like any sequel would.. Expanding the story of the first game and really not changing much of what worked for it.. Its a very fun game but honestly half way through it I found it very hard to believe that it was only HALF WAY… meaning its LONGGGGG and it does towards the end feel very drawn out.. The biggest problem I had with this game was how unfair it was to the player “Me”.. Your given only so much ammo and only so much opportunity to kill each enemy at hand..and some enemies ARE GIVEN FU@#ING ARMOR…WHICH IS TOTALLY UNFAIR.. I must say that towards the end of the was REALLY frustrating..and at times…I wanted to throw my head into a window with how unfair it was treating me…but I suppose if your looking for a really really good challenge…no reason not to look into this game..


What I found interesting and driving about the game is the story…and to its written and played out very well is an understatement.. The game does keep you motivated.. to keep playing… The Characters are clever and pretty cool to watch..and a few surprises here and there keep you wanting for more.. Its a fun game…but again.. FRUSTRATING.. its design is top notch and really over time I can see becoming a very good Classic among are Zelda’s and Mario’s.. It really is the definition of what you would want from a Action/Adventure game..and I do look forward to now moving on to part 3…

HOWEVER,…NOT Before I go into Tomb Raider now…hehe



So like I said before.. This game surprised me! I had very little interest in the series..but I did have in the past friends who had big interest in the game.. My girlfriend being one..and my best friend in the city being the other… For whatever the reason I just couldn’t get into it.. BUT..WITHOUT a doubt this game hit my radar and I am over joyed that it did…


So to begin with you should know this… Forget everything you know about the previous games.. They are fun for what they are but this for the most part has very very little to do with those games. Yes SOME elements are in the game…but for the most part the game is built from the ground up… From the weapons you use to the way you use them..the game is very COMPLICATED in terms of action games….. To start with if you haven’t played a fighting game..chances are your not going to be able to play much of the game very well… lots of the moves are based around a very very simplistic fighting game..


Ok so lets go with how beautiful the game is… To say this game sets up environment very well is a understatement. Really some of the designs for the stages are so twisted and out of this world it amazes me any company could create them. From stages that make you walk upside down, with colors flying all over the place, and words like “KILL, DEATH, DIE!” Appearing every so often you find yourself dragged into the game in sort of an old School Arcade kinda way.. Only with lots of spice…and ADULT content… The game is not lacking on setting up the story and keeping you with it… The Music and soundtrack is done by Combichrist which is an amazing Industrial/goth/Death Metal band… that if you haven’t heard of em before this game..chances are you didn’t like the music I it was kinda a nice surprise…

So.. the game play.. Like I said earlier the game plays very much like a fighting game.. You have to learn Combo’s You have to remember combinations and jumping attacks and so on.. Your given a health bar and later on a power bar for a special Attack.. It all really comes with the story…

Honestly if your into action games and your looking for something fast paced, lots of action…and a interesting story.. You should defiantly look into playing AT LEAST the Demo.. Buying the game I will leave you to..but over all I AM THRILLED I spent the 50 bucks I did on it..cause it was well worth the money..


So the main reason I purchased the 3DS was because of this game. Sure Resident Evil Revaltions helped a bit…but this game was the main reason I wanted to buy one..and on the 28th of last month.. the demo was released..SOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY!

So here we go!


To begin with the game is VERY VERY Beautiful and does follow suit with the art of the Lords of Shadow game for the ps3/xbox 360… The Level of detail that went into making this game is pretty amazing for a SideScroller and really when I finished the demo two things became apparent. First that the level of art for this series is pretty high on my hopes now so Lords Of Shadow 2 BETTER LOOK AMAZING… and Two that the creators of the series really are paying attention to the fans.

It does play very much like some of the older Castlevania games…which is nice because I know lots of older players were a bit turned off by the direction LoS went with the first game… This game pretty much does pick up from the moment the Trailer Ends. No Videos are present but really if you want the opening Cinimatic You can watch it on the EShop or HERE…

Honestly everything in the video above is in the demo so really..Don’t watch it if you want some ..MINOR Spoilers…

Either way.. Your given two Attacks in the game.. one Forward attack..and one Surrounding.. a jump button and of course a Secondary Weapon button.. You use the Right Trigger to Grab on to swinging objects.. and you release with the same button.. The touch pad is used as an inventory menu…and really for the most part the game teaches you the rest…


It takes basic Castlevania Rules like..Rolling, jumping and timing Double Jumps to defeat some Enemies… of course Trevor “The Hero”  also has to use some Quick Time moments to avoid some attacks… HONESTLY..

I WISH THE DEMO WAS LONGER!! but I am without a doubt going to buy this game on day one now..and REALLY REALLY am excited for it!