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Ok I don’t know much about Journalism, Media or really anything to do with the Video Game Industry at all. However I find it TRULY Insulting when a “Unnamed” Web site chooses to send letters or Memos to a particular gaming company and says it’s from the “FANS”. Sorry but Myself being a fan of said company the its recent years works I think someone is really riding the High Horse a bit to far.

First of all I will never go back to said website again for several reasons. One being its lost its TITLE audience and started showing crap about opinions that are the worst I have heard written and spoken. They put together information they clam as fact leaving little to no room for the update system. Further more its run by people who most the video games aren’t designed for PLUS have continuously said one thing then went back on that moments later. I don’t know but I will say this…

Some good sources are out and about on the web for video game information.. but honestly..most have gotten really crappy and that’s a damned shame…


This is going to be two parts.. Reason being the game has two parts to it.. The story mode..and the battle mode.. the game provides a LARGE amount of content with it..but I figure I will cover that in this post also..Now to be fair this game was created by the same guys that did Mortal Kombat.. So clearly it being a fighting game..was kinda in the cards..but honestly.. FEELS NOTHING AND HAS NOTHING to do with Mortal Kombat..short of that..

So let’s jump into this!


The game starts pretty basic.. Your given the option before you even jump into play to go into a short Tutorial on Basic Mechanizes of the game. It will teach you everything you really need to know about how to start. your jumping, Crouching, Blocking and attacks.. Your given 3 Attack buttons for each fighter.. your also given a button which plays of as sort of an action button “This lets you do different things for each character” So for example if you play as Wonder Women… The Action button will change your fighting stance from your Rope Lasso to your Sword and Shield. This in turn effects how you preform Combo’s and  use the character.. The basic blocks are more of a street fighter that you hold back or Down to block attacks..

Your also given 2 Health meters that are layered on top of one another.. and a small Special Meter which is used to Enhance Special Moves, Counter Attacks or if it’s full you can do a Super Special Attack by pressing R2 AND L2 at the same time. The biggest change in the game’s Mechanize between this and any other fighter is the inclusion of interactive backgrounds. Depending on your Position in the game you can use all sorts of Items to attack  your opponent.  All sorts of attacks can be combined with the backgrounds to provide more damage and action to the game.


Story mode pretty much sets up the game much like Mortal Kombat did.. It tells the story of the DC Universe and why your playing the game. You play as the Hero’s of the DC Universe and a few mini games while the story is told. During which time you also gain XP.. The xp can be used to Gain extra Content and to Level Up the characters. Over all the story mode is about 5 to 6 hours long.. Which isn’t to bad if your a fan of Comic books or even Action stories. It’s done very well and action portions of the game pretty much are on an even level playing field..Meaning you don’t have to be AMAZING at the game to finish it..

SO FAR .. I will say it’s a fun fighting game.. not really that technical .. Probably better suited for a person who has never played a fighting game because of how simple the controls are.. I still have battle mode and online to mess with.. but that I will leave for part 2..  However I will say this.. Being a person who does read comics and is a big fan of the DC Universe .. I will say that this is A MUST HAVE.. for me.. I wasn’t sure how this was going to rub me when I purchased it..but after having finished the story mode and can clearly tell a good amount of love went into the details of the game.. I am actually Over joyed by what has come about with it..


So here we are again with another Resident Evil…and MY FIRST 3DS Game… honestly so many good things to say about this game..but yea..let’s get started


To begin with it’s a 3ds Version of a third person shooter.. Which due to technical reasons ” No second Control Stick” some of the game play had to be altered slightly. Alter yes…and GOOD… for the most part.. Normally when you play a third person shooter your given the option to hold the gun with one button held and aim it with the second control stick.. this time when you hold the gun it goes into a first person shooter sort of view and your then moving the gun around kinda like DOOM 3…  and of course you use another button to fire.. Really this works very well for the 3DS .. but really for me it did feel kinda slow at some points..but none the less was never really an issue for the game play..

Another thing I should add about game play is that this game does EVERYTHING correct with your Resident Evil style of game play.. your given quick touch screen controls to switch between weapons, you press one button to heal yourself.. “No Mixing of different Herbs this time around Green is all you get and no first aid sprays.. one green and your set to full health”.. Which I should also add.. you will not have to worry about your health going from one green wavy line color to yellow then red… NO NO no.. This time around when your hurt the top bottom and left and right side of the screen gets bloody… the worse you get.. the more bloody it gets.. I believe you have up to four different frames..of this… WHICH the time your on your last wave…. You can barely see the screen..cause its so covered in blood… which can be a good thing or a bad thing…depending on the situation…


Another thing I should add is that the game does add another Element which is actually done pretty well for this game…SWIMMING.. yeap.. you heard that right… you actually have to swim in some parts of the game..  which will have you tap a button to swim faster..and another to surface… no I should note I say this was done well..because I never died in the water.. “no pun intended”.. any of the parts that had you swim rarely had enemies involved in it and if it did have enemies..they had been placed in spots that had been easy enough for me not to deal with them..  So yea.. swimming isn’t the issue..  Your also given a map which pretty much tells you exactly where to go “RE4,RE5 AND RE 6..” Only because it’s a 3ds you can pretty much look at the map the entire time..and have no trouble finding your way..

Now another good thing about the game which I honestly thought was pretty Ingenious was that because it’s a handheld game..and god knows when you will pick it up and play it.. Right before playing the game and at the start of each chapter “Yes the game is broken down into different Chapters” you are given a small video review of each event that took place before you left the game… kinda makes it sound like a TV Show or something “Last time on Resident Evil Revelations..(and yes it says that)” so really your given a brief review of what has happened last time you played..  which for me i forget so many things…if i don’t play game all the way thru or am playing more then game at a I was…that this seemed pretty cool and helpful actually..


So story wise… Well you guys know me I don’t do spoilers.. and I am not a fan of giving anything away.. BUT.. I will say this game focuses on the events BETWEEN RE 4 AND RE 5.. You play as RETURNING Character Jill…amongst others.. which I will not Name… It has some New line up characters in the mix also..Some are done well… SOME ARE ANNOYING AS FU@# ALL.. and really the story to this game is a big confusing actually…. but nothing that doesn’t make sense by the end of the game… HOWEVER..IT DOES GET REALLY REALLY confusing and less interesting at some points… it does seem to drag….. a bit… but yea.. To my Surprise this game really did hold a VERY VERY REAL Resident EVIL 1 Feel to it.. lots of Isolation, dread, and places to search..

To be quite honest… the game is probably one of the better Resident Evil games I have played in a long …long …long time… It sort of felt like a good combination of Resident Evil 1 and Resident Evil 4 actually..  You will not be fighting Zombies this time around thou…but you will fight creatures that look similar to one’s from Silent Hill rather then anything from RE… which is actually pretty cool if you ask me..

It does hold a very good Survival Horror Feel to it…and this is actually the First Resident Evil game I have played since 2 that has done a good job of this… If the series goes in this direction I think It honestly can be saved without a REBOOT… the atmosphere and the game play worked perfect… and I had no real Issue with this game…

I SHOULD ALSO NOTE NOT TO BE FOOLED BY THE SMALL 3DS cartridge .. You are getting a FULL 3 TO 4 HOURS worth of game play with this game… So don’t expect it to be a short game… the damned thing is probably about as long as Resident Evil 2 playing both Scenarios..  So yea.. expect to be at it for at least a good 6 hours your first go.. and if you want to find everything probably lengthen that time..

Over all.. I AM VERY Pleased with this game.. and if I had to put it in an order of how I loved this would probably be my 3rd favorite in the series.. 1 on the gamecube being my 2nd and 2 for the N64.BEING MY NUMBER 1…

So while I know it’s being ported to the ps3 and xbox 360.. Honestly I think I will pass.. Everything I got from the game I think I got on my 3ds… and really I can’t imagine them changing much for those ports of the game.. maybe the graphics will be better..and they will probably make it a third person shooter without the First person aiming thing… I would imagine the menu will probably change because of no second screen..and they will probably remove the small touch screen puzzles “like the wall pannels and so on…” but really.. in terms of Resident Evil games… I will say IF YOU CAN GET YOUR HANDS ON IT..PLAY IT.. NO MATTER WHAT PORT you play it on… I can’t think of how they can fu@# this up on a console it should be good regardless… but yea.. not much more I can think of for them to add to it..

Either way great game!



So you would think a guy who collects TONS of Dc Comics and has a sad obsession with Mortal Kombat would have been on the boat the day this game was announced… SADDLY.. I wasn’t..

Something about it bothered me….not sure what it was… but something about it really didn’t hit me as A MUST HAVE….and really even now only a couple of days ago after pre ordering it… still….something bothers me about the game…

EITHER WAY… I got to play the demo..and well…


The Demo to start with only has 3 characters you can play as, 2 stages to play on which I think are actually one…but I could be wrong… and you can Fight Dooms Day…which is cool….but honestly The game play is sooooooooooooooooooooo FARRRRRRRRRRRR from Mortal Kombat… that in my own opinion its going to take some time to learn..Not just the mechanics but how to play the game itself..

I really am looking most forward to play out the story mode and I have very little to almost no interest in the online… the game seems like it has more then enough content to be given for the price of it…but again… Until I play it and finish it… i hope to be surprised…

AND ON A SIDE NOTE.. THE COMICS ARE PROBABLY some of the best I have seen to date…