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To my surprise the “LOST MISSION” section of this game had more then I expected it to have.. It wasn’t just an expansion to the game but part of entirely new story. Which if you ask me I understand why they didn’t release it because of how short it was however it does add some new elements and interesting parts to the story…so lets see..


To begin with the weapons and most of what the game is built on is based on the ” Resurrection of Evil” format. You have the double barrel shotgun, the gravity catcher gun, and really it plays out very much like the rest of doom 3 with the added flash light option.  Over all the game is built from that prospective and pretty easy to play if you finished the other games..


So what does it add? Well to begin with it does add a couple of monsters, a very cool story that I can assume will run to the next game, and about 4 to 5 hours worth of game play depending on how good you are at the game…

Over all it’s fun to play and worth buying!

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So all  things considering.. I figured I would try out the demo.. Why not right? I enjoyed the 3DS version of the here is what I have to say about the Demo…


Alright so to begin with… ITS A SHORT DEMO.. like really really short… like maybe 5 minutes if you already know how to play the game..and have played it before.. It cuts off most of the introduction and starts from the point that Jill Valentine and Parker Luciani are on the ship and right after they find the gun.. which they don’t show…

So really the demo is super short after that point.. It pretty much does play out very much like Resident Evil 4 – 6… pretty easy controls however the aiming seems REALLY REALLY sensitive. but over all for a port of a 3ds game it pretty much looks like that’s what it turned into.. For the most part I have no reason to buy it.. but again.. IF YOU HAVEN’T played the game .. it’s worth playing and is a ton of fun!


So this game pretty much is full of thing’s to do in terms of Content. Aside from giving lots of fan service in terms of costumes, stages, artwork, and other little tide bits. The game plays out like a normal fighter as well. You pick a character and fight a tear of enemies to reach a characters Ending. So you can finish the game with someone like lets say the Flash and see what happens to him after said events.


Now with S.T.A.R. Labs Missions it pretty much plays off a VERY BIG list of mini games and silly situations.  This part really could be its own game with hours upon hours of playing to get to the end. Its pretty fun but at times can be a little ..ummm…odd…


In terms of DLC as far as I know Lobo, and Batgirl have been announced. If it’s anything like Mortal Kombat two more will probably be coming. Perhaps more will be coming also but really I think the company is already hard at work on the next Mortal Kombat.  Either way for the price they are asking I can’t say its a bad deal.

Over all its worth the money..and is really lots of fun!

So for awhile Now I have been looking into a way to get you guys to see me when I work on the games that I review on here…

FINALLY after many months and so on.. I have away..

I will be streaming pretty random.. I might come up with a time and date for a stream show…but at this point it’s pretty random..

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I post when I am streaming..and what I am streaming.. like I said its pretty random…at this point..but if it should Change I will post about it on Here first…XD