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Whats going on?

Posted: June 25, 2013 in Video Games Alexander
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So the last game I finished was Street Fighter on the 3ds. Fact is I was on vacation for a week at the start of this month. The following week I had to work some insane hours and the week after that I was attempting to get myself back into my routine/workout. I just had my tooth pulled last Friday and really my focus has been mostly on writing a book that will either get finished or nothing will come of it at all. I have also been very much in the opposite mood of reading. Lots of comic books have I been catching up on and so on.

I have been attempting to stream at 9pm on Thursdays.. but of recently my girlfriend has been using my computer to play TERA.. which is an MMO that really I have little to no interest in. In all honesty and aside from all of this I just haven’t been able to focus on any video games in the past few weeks since my 30th birthday. I have a very long list to catch up on…

BioShock Infinite

Ninja Gaiden 3

Crysis 3

Deus Ex

Red Dead Redumption

Dragons Dogma


Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword

and a ton more!

And more recently I want to do a speed run of Castlevania Lords of Shadow during my Thursday night streams… Yet again.. it has been hard to focus on anything for that matter.. I really have no interest at all in buying anything new that came out because A. I am broke and B. my job is under going a big change very soon and so I might have some extra time to catch up on lots of this stuff..but that is really yet to be seen.


I didn’t pay much mind to it this year but E3 DID show one or two games that caught my attention.

Let me say that is really a lot more then I expected to see and really most of it I knew was going to be shown before hand. So yea..pretty happy…and looking forward to it!


Currently I am coming back from my week Vacation in Texas. I haven’t even landed in New York yet so I figure I will review something new that I purchased and been pretty addicted to since I  bought it..on the 3ds.. Super Street Fighter 4 3D Edition!


My interest in the series dropped off A LONG LONG time ago. So before I go on with this stuff everyone should know that the last street fighter game I played was Super Street fighter 2 HD Remix.. for the ps3 which was fun and all but really having HD Graphics didn’t change much for the game itself.  I really didn’t pay much of any mind to street fighter 3 or 4 for that matter…But I seen it on the 3ds awhile ago..and figured if I can find it for cheaper then 15 bucks I would buy it.. So I did.. and really I can’t say anything about it disappoints.


Now if you have never played a street fighter game…SHAME ON YOU…but anyway..this would probably be the best one to play. Why? Well because it’s made super simple. You have 3 punches, 3 Kicks, you hold back for block and here is the interesting part.. the Touch screen actually adds 4 extra buttons that allow you to preform special movies and combos.. So your not without that disadvantage of having no clue how to do something cool… HOWEVER.. it should be noted that its only 2 special moves and 2 combos.. so if you really want to learn a character your probably best off looking up the moves because more can be gained from it…


The other cool thing about it is that the 3d does work really well.. and it has a special point of from behind “sort of like 3rd person” which is really easy to use.. it adds a level of depth but can be annoying after awhile.. personally traditional mode works best for me.. and really its street fighter.. and honestly.. it hasn’t change much at all since the 90’s… the gameplay combos I knew from 92 work today…so really the experience hasn’t changed much at all.. YES it has some added combos and characters… but really that’s pretty much what your paying for.. the characters and the very short..sometimes goofy stories that are in the game..

Personally for less then 15 bucks you can’t go wrong with a fighting game… especially one that plays this well and really is a ton of fun to play… its no mortal kombat but it sure is fun to play…XD