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Crysis 3

Posted: July 4, 2013 in Video Games Alexander
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So this game takes place pretty much moments after Crysis 2. The game like part 2 is extreamly!! Beautiful but really doesn’t offer much from its predecessor short of the expanded story. You pretty much play it the same way as well…


Lots of stealth, lots of cool weapons and really if you played part 2 its really a no brainier for how to progress with the game. You have a couple of instances that you fly around in a ship that add to a sort of on rails shooter type thing..


So really short of wanting to find out how it ends really it’s just another shooter that adds to the story line of the game.


Infinite …Christ..what can I say about this game that really describes the level of disappointment I had with it. Now I will not say it was a bad game..just not what I thought it was going to be.. Anyway let me get over with this…


O.K. So I noticed something very interesting about story with this game. To begin with I never thought “before playing this” that a game company could add so much story, plot, and details to a game that it would simply become Sooooooooooooooo overwhelmingly boring and drilled into my head that I would say several times while playing it..OK…I GET THE FREAKING POINT! The game is extreamly well made in terms of art and detail.. I am guessing that they really wanted you to understand the world you had been set in..and don’t get me wrong.. YOU GET IT… but MY GOODNESS the game over does it..

Story is very important to me but when the story explains the same stuff over …and over….and over….and over…it gets boring and even more so it drags out the game play.. HOWEVER.. I will say everything in the terms of story is pretty well written, very detailed, its a very new experience, and it is very original for what it was worth..  The Characters are interesting, and the team work plays out EXTREMELY well for a game that focuses on two main characters.. Honestly more single player games that involve two players should be set up like this…


Now going on with Gameplay.. I must say its hit #1 on my most frustrating games to play list.. Hell I would even go as far to say I would rather play Demon Souls all day then ever pick this game up again.. Yes it’s a first person shooter..and yes it does pretty much what Bioshock 1 does..but something about Bioshock 1 made it amazing and it was VERY MISSING from this game.. I think perhaps it was because everything…and I mean this…EVERYTHING overwhelms you… you have guys on the ground shooting at you, turrets shooting at you, guys in the sky, and giant robots coming at you..and this happens MORE then at least 10 times in the game to the point that you die..wake up…kill a few guys…and die…wake up…kill a few more…it becomes TIRING!! AND IT really doesn’t help that your health bar is WAYYYYYY to low…along with your shield bar.. The Controls I can’t really complain about…but honestly.. more times then I can count the character got stuck against a wall and it caused me to die…WHICH IS REALLY REALLY REALLY FRUSTRATING…

Now Bioshock 1 was so good that when bioshock 2 was announced I WAS THRILLED!! If a sequel comes out to this game…I WILL DEFIANTLY BE PASSING on that… Nothing about this game was really that amazing too me.. The Characters held a charm to them..that I DID enjoy…but seriously… wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy to many details about the wrong things… I felt had been made here…