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Dry spells

Posted: August 19, 2013 in Video Games Alexander

I haven’t really been playing Video games much recently due to my work hours finally going back to normal, my sleeping habits have been more frequent and really my attention to much of anything has been pretty ruff. Recently I did however purchase a humble bundle which came with Dead Space 3 and a few other games so I have been dabbing with that.  Also a friend of mine lent me Space Marines which is sort of like Darksiders “same company” but I have yet to even really start that.

Recently I have been really to busy for much of anything and actually I have manage some small amounts of time to pick up my DS and play Final Fantasy IV “Which was 2 when I remember playing it” and I have been dabbling with some older games like Bureau 13, Final Fantasy 3 on the SNES, and couple of other games. I still have a big list of games I am trying to get too but really with the way my hours are its been sort of hard.

THE GOOD NEWS is that because they have changed I will find myself with 3 straight days off of work hopefully for the remained of the next few weeks. This will give me time to work on some more games, writing, working out and so on. It hasn’t been easy but hopefully I will have more to write about in the coming months. I should also add that today they announced CASTLEVANIA: LORDS OF SHADOW MIRROR OF FATE HD!!

Am I going to buy it? Honestly I loved the 3DS GAME SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Much I probably am… but really it depends on what it comes with because at this point I don’t really know if I can justify it or not.. we will see!