What is Fear ?

Posted: October 27, 2013 in Video Games Alexander
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Seeing as how my favorite holiday of the year is coming up “Halloween” I figure it be cool if I release my favorite Horror Games of all time list! I don’t normally do list like this but I am a pretty big fan of horror and this is the first year I figure HEY…WHY NOT!? So lets start with TEN and count down!


Dante’s Inferno isn’t so much a game that scared me but is a game that kept with me.  Yes I read the book and I knew what I was going into for the most part starting the game. Yet what was slightly frightening about the game was the imagery. It didn’t disturb me as much as make me envision a place that just continued to get worse the more you went on with it. Like waking up tomorrow and having everything horrible happen every second you continued to count. You go from one place and say …ok… that’s interesting…then another..and say…ok how much more are they going to push this…and then by the end see that it’s pushed pretty far..almost with no bounds to anything… I mean yes it’s more of an action game but if you really look at the art and the imagery it presents…its pretty frightening to think about how bad that would be if hell was really anything like it…


Phantasmagoria was one of the first games I played “MANY MANY MANY YEARS AGO” that not only did I see as scary but really showed me how you can build an atmosphere that just presents an eerie environment. It wasn’t the chase, or a monster or gore that made it scary either because really didn’t have much of any of that in it. It held a level of suspense  to it that I think is what kept to me. You wanted to question why things happened to poor Adrienne Delaney. What was going on in the house? It really kept me motivated and in question about the underline of the world around the character. It played well enough to keep my attention and never let it go.


F.e.a.r was a game that surprised me. I haven’t had a game do that to me since my number one game and really I was thrilled with it! Again playing as more of an action game what fear does do it take a story, create an environment around it and make you question what is really around the next corner? It has a very dark feel to it like anything could happen next and it really does get into your head with how it plays off its story. Really just one of those games that again just keeps you wanting to see more but never letting you down with what might come next.


Now of all the silent Hill games really this one is my favorite. Lots of people would have probably picked Silent hill 1 or 2 but this game does something different then all those games and I REALLY loved it. It makes you question your own sanity. The game plays on what decisions YOU would make. Not the character but YOU! It asks you psychological questions, and forces you to explore the world based on how you answer them. If you answer honestly the game will take those answers and pretty much implement them into what will happen next.  The main thing that stuck with me about this game wasn’t so much the chasing or the monsters but the idea that if I had answered the questions a different way what would it have effected? Sort of like how in real life you always have what ifs? What if I had drank last night? What if I had been rude to that person? It leaves you with lots of questions about the decisions you make on a daily bases and what would happen if you had been stuck in such a bad situation that your world would be so effected by the decisions you make that things again continued to get worse because of them.


You really wouldn’t think to see this game on my list but let me explain something to you about myself before getting into this game. First of all I have a real fear of technological advancements in the world today. I honestly question when is it enough for everyone? When do the cell phones stop getting so advanced? When do we stop needing people to take the roles of jobs that machines would other wise do better? Now with this game Binary Domain your put into a world with robots. Which of course makes for a good action game! However the further you go in the game the stranger it gets. Soon you find out that some of the robots..don’t EVEN KNOW THEY ARE ROBOTS! Its a question that really everyone asks to a point…What is a soul? Could humanity ever create one with technology? Honestly its more disturbing a question then one would think and I think that given another thirty or forty years..it will probably be a real question we ask ourselves…depending on how we advance…and that truly does frighten me!


Condemned 2 was a game that was interesting to me because it put you in the role of a low life bum who was really good at something. Ethan Thomas proves himself to be a character that has such potential to be a great detective but doesn’t. The reason I added this game to the list was because it really did present a very cool twist on how you don’t need to have monsters to make a place scary. What if you entered that abandoned warehouse looking for answers and someone started to chase you? What if the world was darker then you thought it ever could be and what if no one did anything to stop it? What if you gave up but still felt the drive to survive past everything that came your own way? Dark corners are dark for a reason and what if something is living in those corners…waiting…?


Now anyone who knows me knows I LOVE LOVE LOVE CLIVE BARKER… so why would I add this game? Well probably cause the imagery and art that went into it just again…stuck with me.. I loved the originality of the story and again the question of what is the soul. This game held a sort of odd taste to it.. It was mostly action again but if you look into the art and the twisted story line it was pretty creepy to look over…not so much horror as much as gore and the question of how things could get sooooooooo FU@#ED UP….


If a game with a nail gun and creepy freaking monsters can make my list it should really make EVERYONE’S LIST. Quake took the dark, gritty, POLYGONAL method for its time and pretty much scared everyone. I got my first real scare of opening a door and having something JUMP AND CLAW AT ME from this game. Its held a very special place in my heart and really had to make the list because it was scary for its time. Its aged horribly since then…but for its time it was one hell of a ride…


Eternal Darkness….really..what can I say about this game… Honestly this game is probably one of the best games that Nintendo “at the time” could have produced. A game that not only had a great story to it but had Elements to it that NO BODY seen coming. The sanity meter…CHRIST… I wish … more games could be as good as this game…


DOOM…..64….now before I go on..and explain why this game is MY NUMBER ONE most fear bringing game..I need to CHALLENGE YOU! First…get the game… WAIT till midnight…put on the best head set you have…and play the game…Honestly to this day parts of this game still scare me..and I refuse to ever do that challenge again… Now you would think…ITS DOOM….what’s so scary? The soundtrack to this game and the environments it puts you in…are …really…disturbing.. and the further you get in the game….the more…creepy…it gets… I mean really…Eerie and disturbing stuff..it does an EXTREMELY good job of taking you into it…and really all it takes…is an amazing soundtrack…


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