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Before I write anything or say anything I want to NOTE: Yes I am still working on Skyward Sword…for the wii. It has been moved from part 2 of my article to now part 3… Part one can be found here…Click Here…and here we go!


So like many of you I actually waited till 12 pm on November 22 with my 3DS Ready and willing to Download The Legend of Zelda A Link Between worlds. I had seen before hand some articles explaining how it would be a sequel to probably my favorite in the series “A Link to the past” so naturally I was EXCITED. With many things I get excited about my hopes held high, my mind was open, and really once again I was blown away by how great a job Nintendo did.


Now to begin with this game screams ” A Link to the past Remake”. At this point having finished it in under 24 hours (Like I have done with Ocarina of Time, and Twilight Princess) this game held no exception to keeping me driven, engaged, and most of all ENTERTAINED!  The graphics are beautiful and the feel really does hold on to that Zelda feel I haven’t had since 1992. Much of the game I felt like I was young again playing it. From the amazing musical scores, to the very cool puzzles that drive the game. A Link between worlds is really something to enjoy and over all returns my faith back to Nintendo as a company that knows exactly what to give its fans.


The game takes place several years after the events of A Link to the past and is filled with lots of little Easter Eggs. The Characters represented are lovable, Dangerous, and more often then not hold a odd tone to them. It reveals a very dark under tone to it but present it in a very lighthearted way. While simple in design having a action button for your items, slash and shield button, the touch screen menu is very simplistic and represents the game very well.

Honestly I can’t think of any Zelda fan that would be disappointed with this game. (Especially an older timer like myself who has been waiting for an amazing Zelda game like this one.) It was well worth the price of 39.99 on the eshop and really if you haven’t played a zelda game since 1992…YOU NEED TO PLAY THIS ONE!

Flashback (remake)

Posted: November 20, 2013 in Video Games Alexander


Flashback is a game that I played the hell out of on the SNES.. It was one of the first 3d games I remember playing short of Star Fox. Anyway I heard about a company that was going to remake it. LITTLE did I know they finished the project and released it on the PSN.  I of course had to purchase it for the 10 bucks it cost..and here we go!


So the game pretty much exactly what I hoped it would be. You play the role of “Conrad” who when you start the game has lost his memory. The plot and so on for the game really hasn’t changed since the SNES. The graphics are AMAZINGLY well done, the physics to the game could be better, and the music is pretty cool considering it’s an update.


Over all it was an entertain game and everything I hoped it would be…


I have written already about the past two Arkham BATMAN ARKHAM ASYLUM AND CITY…So finding out that a prequel would be made and hence been released recently titled BATMAN ARKHAM Origins… My hopes were HIGH.. AND So was my expectations considering the last two games were epic! So ….again..HERE WE GO!


Arkham Origins takes place year 3 for our hero.. The city of Gotham still doesn’t know who batman is…meaning he is really just a rumor, and many of the villains we know and love this game introduces. Many of the questions we had entering Arkham Asylum get answered in terms of character and the roles that are played.


In terms of design really not much has changed this time around. If you played any of the Arkham games you are ahead already of the game. Much of the combat remains the same with lots of brutalizing close combat that flows well with the action. The game takes much of the lore from the comic books and again places it in tune with the story line of the game. Again TONS of good information for anyone trying to get into the series. The graphics are exactly what is to be expected and really the only thing I can complain about is that the game really doesn’t change much compared to the rest of the series. You do get a couple of new toys to play with but really not much is to be given to someone who already finished the last two games.

What it does do well! Is end the series or give it a better start for that matter. Cause this game takes place before Arkham Asylum and City your given everything you want from an Arkham game and really can just focus on the missions. Now I am not really much for prequels but this game does have a very good drive in story for it. It really does give it that push and is honestly my favorite of the 3 games to date. Everything from the relationship batman has with Alfred to how everything is plotted just plays out well and is TRULY entertaining.

Honestly this game was worth the full price and I enjoyed every second of it!

The Last of Us

Posted: November 8, 2013 in Video Games Alexander
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The Last of Us… So many good things but with the good of course …come…the…bad.. So let me start off with saying that my brother sent me this game and said I HAD TO PLAY IT!! So …yea…


So to begin with this game has a BIG focus on story telling. Most of what the game revolves around is the story of Joel and Ellie. It of course gets more detailed then that but I will not ruin it cause that is really the only drive to play the game. The details are amazing for this game also… it’s original and it does well with keeping you into the story.


The game holds some horror elements, lots of suspense and a hint of action. Really the game plays very much like uncharted. However this is a flaw… cause while the controls are easy enough to learn the game at many points is fast paced. Perhaps too fast because some of the creatures you face run at you so fast that you don’t have time to react and ONE HIT KILLS for some of the monsters up close. The trick to the game is that most of the “infected” need to be close to you to kill you. They can’t see but they can hear your steps so its ruff…

Really again..its the story and the graphics that make you want to play the game. Its a very pretty game and it has a great story. Getting around some of the elements with the “infected” is pretty hard. Its paced pretty good and really is over all a good game..but really on a personal note… It should have been a movie.