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Favorites of 2013!!

Posted: December 21, 2013 in Video Games Alexander
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So here are my top 10 for the year! I have 10 games I want to reflect on and talk about a few details on games to come…but over all this is it from 10 to my NUMBER 1 GAME OF 2013!

10. Tomb Raider


This game surprised me because I wasn’t expecting it to be as good as it was. I played a few of the other games before this series reboot/prequel and they didn’t really catch my attention. From start to finish this game had so many elements that had been done well that really it was hard to not add to my list here. Truly a fun Action packed Adventure Game.

9.Flashback 2013 Reboot


This game I knew was going to be at least fun because I loved the SNES release of it back in the day. However to find this game and play it again in HD with so many elements unchanged, and the few that had been changed “Improved” was a nice play for me. Cheap! Fun! and without a doubt bound to be a Classic!

8.Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate


Now this is the only game I haven’t written my review for yet on the list. However I wanted to add it because since buying it “Only Last week” I have spent many hours with my girlfriend playing it and really am enjoying it. I won’t say to much but I will say I have both the wiiu and 3ds version of the game and if you own both systems it’s worth paying for twice and enjoying and YES it will cost you less then 50 bucks to purchase for both systems..if you know how to SHOP!

7.Injustice: Gods Among Us


Now I am basing this one on my list purely for the story mode to the game. While I love a good fighting game “and yes this is one” the story mode to this game caught my attention the most and was really a great game for a guy who loves himself some DC COMICS. It was well written, fun to play, and had lots of elements to the game itself that just bound well to it. I look forward to seeing more INJUSTICE IN THE FUTURE!

6. Resident Evil Revelations AND 6


Now here is the thing.. The version of the game I played which was the 3ds version was released in 2012 as was Resident evil 6 “Which I wanted to include in my list here”. However I didn’t get to play it till 2013 “when I purchased my 3DS. So I am making a minor exception for this game.. Now why DID I LOVE IT to include it with 6! Well because it was a really fun coop game that not only did I enjoy playing with my girlfriend but my brother and I even finished Leons story “and yes he lives in texas THANK YOU PSN”. So yes while it has its flaws as some would say I seen nothing wrong with this game or 6…so yes..going to say both epic games of 2013 and oddly enough… Number 6 on my list of games I enjoyed this year and the tale end of last…..

5.DMC: Devil May Cry


Early in the year this game was released and really I didn’t play it till maybe later in the year after the demo had me gripped. See the thing with this game “Like Tomb Raider” was I played “and do own” the Original Devil May Cry but it couldn’t keep my attention so well. However for whatever the reason this version of the game I really enjoyed and it did keep my attention to the end. It had a fun story, very cool game play, and over all was just a good time to enjoy. It also helped that Combichrist did the soundtrack for it and I think they are a cool band…blah

4. Skylanders Giant and Swap Force


Now Skylanders has a special place in my heart because this game was released in December of 2012. I didn’t finish it till 2013 “December” Not because I didn’t want to but because I simply didn’t have the time. It was a fun game that takes all the elements from its predecessor and improves upon it while also expanding the storyline that is fun. Its game play is simple and the toys are cool to collect “even for a 30 year old Male/Boy! XD” Currently I receieved the new one this year with the WIIu and must say… Doesn’t let me down yet… BUT THE REVIEW WILL BE UP yes… Looking forward to that..once it’s finished!

3.Batman Origins


Oh Batman will you ever stop being so cool in my mind! Not only was this a good game but it was a GREAT Series to play. Perhaps a ending to a series “who knows!” it is a prequel that not only managed to hit # 3 on my list but it managed to place itself as a part of a now Trilogy of games that I love to play. Not only because I am a big DC COMIC BOOK FAN “yes I know I said that before” but because the games are just built well, fun, and do come up with good concepts for anyone who wants to get into the batman series if it be the comics, cartoons, movies, or whatever….Origins is a GREAT GAME!

2.The Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds


This game managed to hit number 2 on my list and almost was number 1 but because of some minor reasons which I will explain in number 1 “when I get to it” this game pulled off number 2. It is very rarely that I play a game that not only grips me but makes me think very much about my past “No Pun”. Being a Direct Sequel that takes places several years after “A link to the Past” Probably my favorite Zelda game of all time. It Managed to add new elements, and new game play to a series that really continues to amazes me. While I am still working on Skyward Sword and just recently started to play “GC” wind waker.. this game managed to bring back so much for me and will forever hold a nice place in meh little gamer Heart!

……finally…….NUMBER 1 AND IT IS!!!

1.Castlevaina Lords of Shadow Mirror Of Fate


Now before I begin let me explain that this game had my attention so well..that it warrant me to spend 200$ on a 3DS Plus I purchased the HD Version of it on its released day for the PSN. So to say this is my number ONE game this year is barely touching the surface of how much I love this game. Now why do I love it so much? Well let me start off by saying this is the first game in YEARS that not only caught my attention but kept it to the point that I played it for hours, upon hours, upon hours… and even went as far as to having to get 100% with the game. I never get 100% with any games I play but this game really had pushed me because not only did it have great game SIDESCROLLER game play… but the story was amazing, the Characters are Lovable (and tragic). The Score to the game was perfect, the design was flawless, and really everything that I love about video games just shines so brightly with this game. The Series in itself is a damn good reboot considering, and I really Look forward to seeing what else will come from it with Castlevania 2 just around the corner…. this game is a MUST PLAY for anyone who reads my writing here..and really.. is MY Number 1 for 2013!


So…Recently my girlfriend and I just finished Skylanders Giants.. really this is becoming a every year thing..but I think with the recent release “and purchase” of Swap Force.. we will probably finish it sooner then this one.. For whatever the reason it took us a year to finish it but yes.. here …we…go…


So the game play hasn’t really changed much this time around… actually the great part about this game is that you can take everything you had with the original and use it all during this game.. Your levels and moves, and hats transfer.. Now the selling point to this game is that you have GIANTS this time around. Which are exactly what they say in the name..”Larger Skylanders”.. They do add the elements to the game that include required spaces for the Giants. The only thing that is really great is that you only need to have one Giant to get past all the events that include the giants roll…


Pretty much the giants are OVER POWERED…big..and slow… but regardless ..are fun to play as.. no matter which version of the game you purchase you get a giant. You don’t even need to buy a new portal..the portal for the first one works this time around..  Really the series adds more skylander personalities but none the less .. these aren’t required to get past the game.. but do add to the fun and personality to the game… The story continues from when the first one ends and again is fun and silly to watch.. It drives the player to want to have innocent fun.. with a splash of silly humor..

Over all its a great game and lots of fun to play with friends.. ON TO SWAP FORCE!

Something I forgot to add that I thought was pretty ingenuous about this system and the way Nintendo pushes community and gamers is the mii verse. The Mii verse is a peace of software that acts very much like a message board. It divides games into the name category and allows players to make comments, post pictures, and communicate about the games that they play.

For example if you are playing OR HAVE PLAYED “Contra 3 Alien wars” (SNES OR wii) You can go on the Mii verse and talk about it in a friendly atmosphere “no cursing, no fighting, just questions and comments about the game”. You can even post pictures from the screen shots you make of any game.

Honestly one of the things that drove me crazy about the ps3 is that It had no social aspect to it that allowed you to find like minded players. A place to ask for hints, or anything about a game I was playing. Either way it’s pretty cool and I think people should really look into this feature…

Nintendo Wiiu

Posted: December 7, 2013 in Video Games Alexander
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Recently I purchased this WiiU and I did so because I played a couple games at a store (and yes enjoyed it!). I enjoyed it so much I knew I had to get one. So it helped the cause that I was looking to buy Skylanders Swap Force and they bundled it together. Really everything I had hoped for came to be and here ….we….go…


To begin with the wiiu works pretty much the way every new system works. When you set it up it asks you questions about yourself to create a profile. You create a mii which acts as your “Profile” for the duration of the systems owner ship. It also allows you to use the tablet as a TV REMOTE “I never had a remote for my TV so this is a plus” Of course like everything it takes track of your game play and like everything else gives you rewards for playing games. The first thing I noticed is that the menu compared to the original wii hasn’t changed all that much. You still have the menu boxes which keeps things simple organized and easy to fiddle with. The version I purchased had the options to play games, netflix, hulu and so on… really everything is pretty standard.  You can play Wii games on it but it does NOT PLAY (GAMECUBE Games) Really this was a plus considering the system is in HD and if you wanted to play any of the Wii games you wanted to see in HD you could do so…sort of…

If you used the red white and yellow cables (component) for your Wii and played games with that.. It will look slightly better on a Wiiu because it uses HDMI. However the games are only at the rate of 480p which means its not High Res but it is defined more then what you could pull off with the Wii.


Now it seems like another “ploy” for Nintendo to go the nontraditional route with the control but really everything here is pretty simple. Now me personally I have been playing my ps3 for the last few years so I know how the controller feels when I am comfortable. This control feels pretty much the same as that only this one is wider “which doesn’t make a different” and has a screen on it that for the most part so far has been really useful considering. I have only played “Nintendo Land”, Skylanders Swap Force, and a demo for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and I can say while the screen seems useless to players looking in. Players “ACTUALLY PLAYING” will find it to be something they wished they had with other games. The controller is organized and simple to use. It doesn’t make way of buttons that get confusing or add anything that protrudes and gets in the way. Its comfortable and for the most part lots of fun to use. (When I write my reviews of Wiiu Games I will explain more but for the most part understand its just a control and super easy to use)

Now the best part about my story with the Wiiu is that it cost me only 259 “bought it on cyber monday” your average cost is 299$ for the system “with a game (Nintendo Land and or Mario,skylanders,zelda,etc…) and yes it cost less then the competitors and GIVES YOU more for the value. Your still getting a 1080p system.. the only fault it has …is that it isn’t NEXT is Last Gen which if you ask me isn’t a fault at all considering I loved my PS3 and felt why would I really need more power in graphics and sound then this? All of the equipment I have for my wii also is backwards compatable with my Wiiu. So I don’t have to go out and buy another control or anything else along those lines. The system does use an SD Memory slot which really “THEY ARE CHEAP” And can hold up too 32 GB of memory which really…is more then enough for games. This isn’t an issue… and actually more of a plus considering I have a 100GB PS3 and constantly have to uninstall and install games at this point…”Wish I HAD AN EXTERNAL DRIVE FOR IT! OR PORT”

Either way its a super fun system and I will be reviewing games for it soon.