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Hopefully the first of my monthly review has been posted for Borderlands 2!


So after so long and because my interest just went all over the place we finally finished this game! (the girlfriend and I) so we go..

Now to say the game isn’t a big improvement over the first one would be a lie. You got lots more to see scenery wise, gun wise, enemies wise, and of course story wise. To me the game is miles a head of what the first one did. The game is just that much more interesting in terms of everything. However like the first game you will find yourself going back and forth a great deal which is something I have come to the conclusion I CAN’T STAND TO DO. DON’T get me wrong I understand it’s a first person shooter and you have missions to complete like any game but forcing me to go back and forth from one place to another place I WAS JUST AT..annoys the hell out of me and I lose interest very quickly.


Now I purchase this version of the game because it came with all this cool stuff. Can’t say I regret it either because it cost maybe 10 bucks more then the orginal which is fine to me..Get more silly stuff and yea.. it’s worth it..very nice artbook, a freaking bobble head..and a nice poster I will probably put up some day…”when I have more space”.. either way fun to have!


My first play in the game I was the Gunzerker. Really not a bad character but my biggest problem with him was how bad his health was.. I probably went down the wrong tree branch with him…but regardless.. his weapons had been WAYYYY over powered… which was GOOD… but health wise..he blew… I must have died like 9999 times compared to my girlfriend who maybe died 100 to that.. really his big thing was being able to use two guns at once which really…WAS AWESOME..but yea.. if I go a second time in the game probably will pick someone else…


Girlfriend started out as a Siren but when this gal was released we played the game with her “The Mechromancer”. Was very fitting to her… and kinda cheap if you ask me.. she has a robot that she can not only use to fight but to pretty much tank the entire game.. which was good for us considering how many times I died.. so over all not a bad decision..

In terms of game play really not a ton was changed from the first one.. you get a mission.. you do repeat and watch the story play out.. in terms of graphics and music ..I have to admit VERY NICE.. and very fitting to set the mood and pace of the game…

THE BIGGEST FLAW… well ok this is going to be me being pissed off at really the Game company..but get this.. WE MADE IT TO THE END OF THE GAME… finally reached the final boss.. and not once …not twice..but three times THE BOSS GLITCHED OUT ON US… it was so bad to the point that we had to actually restart the fight 3 TIMES! which really to me…is UNACCEPTABLE… How the f@#k are you going to create a game..and by the end of it have a flaw like that! I don’t know…it really pissed me off about the game..but really that was the only thing I had fault with towards the game…

Really I don’t know if I will play 3 if it ever gets a release…”likely will” but I know that really my interest in this type of game is really lacking.. I just don’t have it in me to play open world games anymore…short of zelda, darksiders, and currently Reckoning.. Really if I push myself with games like this.. I guess I can finish em…but really.. blah… we will see…

Either way its a fun game and worth the effort to play and pay…

Quick update and why wow

Posted: January 25, 2014 in Video Games Alexander

So to start with yes I will have a review up on Friday! Yeap.. I finally finished borderlands 2 and yea…that is coming Friday.. This is more of a question sort of thing.. I kinda have a itch… to say the least… so .. here….we…go

World-Of-Warcraft-Logo’s been something like 2 years…maybe more.. Since I have played this game. The last expansion to this game was Mists of Pandaria and really I know I haven’t paid for a account since the expansion before that.. Why did I skip Pandaria? Really wasn’t into the entire MMO field anymore. Honestly the games take too long to play, they never finish and really every time I picked the game up I had to teach someone who would eventually dismiss me as a player and well..advance on there own “yes this happened with more then one or even three ex girlfriends of mine”.. Hell the last time I played I even made it an effort to join a guild and try to be friendly…WHAT HAPPENED? I just lost interest..found other games to play and really just couldn’t stand to be bothered with MMO’s…

Now Currently I have plenty of perfectly good games I can be playing, some of which I am determined now to finish! “Looking at you Reckoning!” Which Reckoning on its own is a long drawn out game and probably the last..of the long open world games I will play.. However…here I am … really considering starting wow up again…

THE interesting part about it is that I want to try to play again with the girlfriend “whom honestly I know will play it far more then Myself” and get further then me…but aside from that something is itching in my mind telling me I should play it again… NO CLUE WHAT… but something is in it … telling me I should pick it up again… I did last Christmas upgrade the accounts but I didn’t buy any time for it.. which really I only did that so we remained on the current version ENCASE something like this would happen…No real regrets…If I do choose to jump back into it .. I think I might make a weekly report thing on here … Might make for some good writing.. and honestly.. might help me dig out why I would start this stupid game again…really….odd

Shadow Of Eternals Isn’t Dead, But Things Are Progressing Slowly.


What better way to bring in the New Year then to play a coop/beat em up Arcade game with your girlfriend. I have had Scott Pilgrim vs the world on my PSN for awhile now but didn’t get much of a chance to play it UNTIL TONIGHT! SO…here….we…..go


So what type of game is this! Well to begin with it’s fashioned like an old school arcade game. You pick between four characters (Scott,Ramona,Stills, and Kim) “the girlfriend and I played Stills and Kim they are just bad ass!” Either way it’s fashioned pretty easy in concept.. and follows the comic books pretty well for what they are worth. You have 7 stages, with several mini stages in between. As you level up you are granted more powers, and nifty moves “they are super simple to understand” Your given upgrades from stores you can enter and really it’s a simple game to grasp and really easy to play “anyone can play it!”


The design of the game I think is the biggest draw to it. Its artwork is fashioned very much along the lines of the Comic book. It’s animated well and hold a very cool old fashioned “Maximum Carnage” feel to it… Your treated to some fun fast paced 8 bit music, that go alone with some of the old school references that come with the video game communities… Easter eggs are hidden all over the place in this game and really for someone like myself it holds a great deal of charm in that respect.

You would think a game like this built today would have no flaws..however a couple times the enemies did get stuck in buged walls..but really we managed to get past them pretty quickly. It does have an auto save and really isn’t a very long game to play however it is packed with lots of fun and action. Grinding is also a pretty necessary part of the game as when you get to the later levels it will become INSANELY crazy to play.. so really grinding is more of a suggestion then anything…but yea…it gets crazy littered with enemies at some points.. The bosses in the game really aren’t challenging but they do hold personality which again… holds the game together.. if your looking for a challenge it’s not really the greatest game to play but I can say that it’s fun in it’s own right..

NOT TO ALSO SAY ITS CHEAP..and Worth the price!


HAPPY 2014 EVERYONE! Hope to post more soon! and Don’t forget.. still steaming every Wednesday at 4pm (est) at… WWW.LIVESTREAM.COM/KAINLESS