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So this has been a long time coming and I am very excited to write about my review on what is to be the THIRD part of a trilogy that has to be one of my favorite stories ever told. SO HERE WE GO!


Now before I BEGIN I should note that I did pre-order this from and Received it the day it was released. I haven’t uploaded the DLC yet but really I think it’s just a trivial “fan” gift really.. I look forward to uploading it soon just wanted to finish the game first before writing about it.. or doing anything to everything that is happening in this review is happening unaltered and so on…

Lords of shadow 1

Ok so this game continues exactly from the moment the last one ended. It begins from the same starting point as the DEMO did. Really not much was altered from that. I played the game on “Normal” difficulty which was hard enough to begin with. Will I go back and play it on a harder setting? Maybe? Really this entire series just grabs the hell out of me so really saying I will probably go back and play the game a million times will probably be an understatement considering this game is at this point probably going to be my favorite game of 2014…but we will see what happens in December.. but so’s looking that way..

Lords of shadow 2

Anyway .. Yea the game takes place right after Castlevania Lords Of Shadow and does a good job of putting the player up to speed with what has happened. So even if you didn’t finish Lords of Shadow and Mirror of Fate it gives a run down at the start of the game of what events have accord without giving away to much detail about what is to come from the game. Really it’s a pretty straight forward story and while my gf has told me the story was kinda hard to comprehend because so much was going on. Really I had no problem getting it ” However I was really focused on all the little details that went with it” Which the game is FULL of details from picking up Scrolls which give insight to the backgrounds of the Monster, Lore, and Heroes of the game. It has a ton of artwork and really does a good job of gifting the player for exploring.

Lords of shadow 3

Ok so what has changed? To begin with the over all game play of the game hasn’t changed that much in terms of Control. You still have your standard attack, wide attack, jump attacks and so on. Really as you go on the game gets easier as you pick up more power ups and weapons to help you. Personally the Void sword is the coolest of the weapons I think because it is meant to not only save your life but hurt your enemies which helps! You have several tree Branches of upgrading your weapons this time also.  This will allow you to pull off better combos, and attacks. Over all it works well and uses a point system that you can access in the menu at any time. It doesn’t force you to upgrade your weapons but doing so really does make the character attacks more fluid and easier to handle.

The biggest change to the game is the Camera! Which is a BIGGGG plus compared to Lords Of Shadow 1. This time it’s all free third person point of view. No Chapter selects, or dialog at the begin of each stage because the game flows with the story rather then cutting it up into parts. This time it’s all open world and free to search around. Very rarely does the camera get fixed but at times when really nothing is really around to search. YOU WILL BE SEARCHING ALSO.. Finding power ups and upgrades are vital! Over all the game design is well enough that having a good mind and common sense will really treat you to wanting to find everything the game needs you to find. So you will not be lost but you will want to return to some spots to use powers you didn’t previously have. Now this game doesn’t require you to go back and forth but if you want to find everything and give that extra step for power ups you are granted the ability to.

Like the Previous game the artwork is stunning and the soundtrack is on point as well. Personally I have no complaints about the design of the game at all. It’s dark, gothic, and very much what you would expect from a Castlevania game.The gameplay this time around also does add an element of stealth that really isn’t as bad as people say it is. However even on “Normal” it’s challenging but not in the slightest bit frustrating for a person who has EXPERIENCED Stealth games before. It’s over all a different element to the game that really some will enjoy and of course some will complain about.

Over all this game is probably the most enjoyable part of the story I would say. Giving really good story telling with fun and challenging game play. Your not going to find everything the first time around so the game play really does encourage you to go back and play it over and over. The design of the characters are overwhelmingly cool. I don’t want to spoil anything but it’s really a good conclusion to the series. Really I am kinda sad that it’s all said and done now…

Episode 2 02/29/2014

Episode 3 02/27/2014