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So this week we talk about Batman Arkham City Armored Edition for the Wiiu. Now to begin with I have already reviewed the Batman Arkham City Game as I played and finished it previously for the PS3. You can read about that here..

Now this was one of the first games I figured I would buy for my Wiiu for a couple of reasons. First off the price was great for less then 20$ I got an upgraded version of a game I love. I received for that money also all of the DLC that comes for the game, and of course the Enhanced Wiiu gameplay that really I will get to in a moment. So over all just buying the game was worth the price and really I received a great deal for my Dollar because of it.


Now right off the bat “no pun intended” you can tell that the WiiU Version of Arkham City is better then the PS3. Visually the game looks great. It uses good lighting effects and really works well with the Gamepad. The city looks about as good as they could have made it and the level of detail just shines in terms of character design and what it does for the story. It’s good at keeping you with the game and driven to finish it. The option to play the game only on the gamepad is also a big plus for when you don’t have access to the TV and really it doesn’t hurt the quality at all of the graphics. That little screen makes it all shine as well as it needs to for the game.


So what’s better about this game. Well to begin with the controls are super easy and the level of detail that went into giving you options makes the game really really easy to play now.


You would think that having a touch screen wouldn’t do much for this game but it really does help to making each mission easier. Setting up each weapon to the D-Pad and informing you about upgrades is really that much easier in this game. The big change to this version vs the others was the lock picking aspect is much easier. Having to use the screen to set power chips is a fun aspect that really takes nothing away from what the game was.

Over all the game is great and worth the money. If you enjoyed the game for the ps3 you will love it for the Wiiu. I should also say that being able to post pictures on the Wiiu Network is EPIC! Really lots of fun in that Community and probably a bigger credit to the game then was given!


So exactly one month after the game’s release Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 gets its first and from what I hear only DLC titled “Revelations”…Let’s see what we got! here we go!


To begin with the game is 7.99 on the PSN! With that price you are granted a 4 hours expansion that plays very much as a prequel to the main game. This time around you play as Alucard “Son of Dracula”. The game features a few changes and some minor updates to the story. Really nothing is being told here that you didn’t already know IF YOU finished the Main game. I believe honestly that this was DLC set up just for the fans of the series who love the character of Alucard and wanted some clarity on his role.

While it does present some minor clarity the game features pretty much the same gameplay as Dracula. The few differences are based mostly on the effects of the character. Alcuards abilities to shift from space to space using bats is similar to Draculas but presents a more effective way of traveling from Ledge to Ledge “which you will have to do a lot!” He also is granted the ability to turn time backwards “but only for a small window of time” using this ability will help you restore some parts of the areas you will travel and present a cool effect on puzzle solving.


Alucard unlike Dracula starts with all of his abilities. The DLC presents a small demonstration of the ability and then explains how to do it. From the point of presentation it incorporates it into the game play. Things like shifting into a wolf to jump further then reachable platforms becomes a task that not only entertains but at times sets a mood.

Over all the DLC is fun! It adds a minor bit to the story but again “nothing you didn’t already know if you finished the game”. It’s not a very long DLC but for the price it’s exactly what you would expect and probably gives you more then most of what Konami has given for prices as of lately…. I will say it’s worth a try if you enjoyed the main game and YES IT HAS NO STEALTH for those asking..


I am very excited about the news that on the 25th of this month Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 will be getting a DLC titled “Revelations”. It will tell the story of Alucard during the events of Lords of Shadow 2 and perhaps prequel to help explain the story. WE WILL SEE ON THE 25TH CAN’T WAIT!!! XD