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So Recently my girlfriend/ My Second Playstation 3 broke.. Same issue as with mine the stupid Cpu Jell stopped working and well once that happens you can either fix it yourself or buy a new Playstation 3.. Now this is going to sound like a rant.. but here’s my problem..

I have well over 30+ playstation games.. All of which I have no want at all to trade in.. Hell I keep everything I ever buy because knowing myself well enough at some point in the future I am going to want to play those games again… Hell I still have Nintendo 64 games that I love very much and at time’s like this pick up and play…”Doom 64 is still my favorite Doom”…hehe

Anyway the problem I have right now with the industry the way it is.. is that They know the systems are going to have a 10 year life span.. the Nintendo 64 has a FOREVER life span because nothing on it can burn out.. same with the Snes..and so on.. but the disk base system that THEY KNOW are going to eventually burn out .. have about a 10 year span.. I have had both Playstation 3’s for give or take 6 to 5 years.. both of which failed after that..

Now we step into TODAY.. we have a brand new system by the same company… same everything really.. BUT WE ARE GOING TO TITLE IT PLAYSTATION 4.. it’s got higher graphics, does pretty much everything the ps 3 did but just a bit more HIGHER POWER…

my issue here is.. I would be more than happy to buy a ps 4… BUT IT DOESN’T PLAY PS3 GAMES!!! …so … wtf…. do I just sell all my old shit.. buy a ps4 and say f it to HOURS UPON HOURS of gameplay that I had… NO!  I refuse to do that! Further more I am pissed because it doesn’t make any sense to have one system not be compatible with the other.. The Companies KNEW BEFORE HAND that the ps3 wouldn’t last that long…so they make a new Model and knowing full well that the systems weren’t going to last..LOCK OUT all the others? … It makes no sense to me..but .. I suppose that is the world we live in!