Posted: June 3, 2014 in Video Games Alexander
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THAT’S RIGHT!! The tenth installment of the series has been announced.. It’s titled Mortal Kombat X

Scoprion promo

has a link to the new WWW.MORTALKOMBAT.COM

it also has a small link to the old 2011 released game.. which is cool… but the new site has some pretty cool stuff on it also.. namely the trailer, a forums board, and some quick links to updates on twitter and facebook..

So far not much is known about the game but that it will feature Sub-zero and Scorpion.. as displayed in the trailer.. it has also been announced that it will be for the xbox360,ps3,ps4,xboxone and pc.. not word on wiiu yet.. but ONE CAN HOPE! You can check out the trailer here..or go to the web site for more details… so far.. I AM THRILLED! MORTAL KOMBAT!!!!


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