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So going to review a game.. that has become a very AMAZING!! Addiction!! so here….we…go!

(I made above video WITH THE GAME!! BUT will get back to that later!)

To begin with.. I haven’t played a Mario Kart game since Mario Kart 64… I was supposed to get a copy of the last version for the wii but due to issues with money and well planning.. it never came to be.. So when I heard Mario Kart 8 was coming out for the Wiiu I was interested!



To begin with the game is full of features… You can play it split screen (which is cool BUT!!)… THAT’S IT!! You can’t play it any other way and really the only flaw.. is that it sucks having a second screen but not being able to use it as such! Sure you can watch the game in HD on the second screen..but it’s still split..and small…so meh.. kinda a Negative..


The cooler feature is that you can play two players online.. which online is a ton of fun! (both ways) and you do have options! Playing Grand Prix makes you go into four stages to achieve a Silver, Bronze, or GOLD cup!  One of the best features the game has is the video to youtube feature..

It allows you to upload videos directly from the game that features all the good events of the race in 30 seconds video clips. They are fun to watch and fun to make so over all…FUN!!

Over all the game play has zero bugs in it.. it’s always fast paced, action packed, and features lots of fun characters.. Over all .. a great game and well worth the price… I SHOULD ALSO NOTE.. that when I purchased this game I received A FREE GAME AS WELL..  so that kinda added to the value of it!