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Jumped into another MMO “Said I wouldn’t …but”… This was worth it!


I was having a big craving for some good horror. Honestly so many games today titled “horror” are mostly jump scares and crappy stories. I wanted to find something that would catch my interest. I had seen “The Secret World” about for awhile.. just didn’t know what to think of it and honestly I HATE MMO’S at this point..but this game.. WOW Did it catch my interest…

So you start the game out with the same old same old. Pc download of the game which cost about 30 bucks. The good thing is that NO SUBSCRIPTION. You pay for the game 30 bucks and that’s pretty much all you need after that. The game does have some episodes after the main game but honestly paying the 30 bucks will cause you to play more then 200 hours of game play. It’s an MMO so really figuring out what missions to go on is really up to you and the worlds are MASSIVE..”hence MMO”..


The start of the game has you choose between one of three Factions “Illuminati (From New York), Templar (From London), and the Dragon (From Korea). Each Faction has a back-story and in that back-story you will develop your characters back-story. You create an agent and work your way in and out of Modern day Myths, Legends, and stories. This part is what really drives the game. You set out on your missions to go after Zombies, Vampires, Ghost, Monsters, and all sorts of different horror elements.


Alexander “Kainless”Gonzalez…hehe that’s me!


Now while the game plays out like most MMOs having to click and point and set number buttons for actions. It has a very diverse game-play element to it. ¬†Action, Puzzle, Mystery, Searching Horror elements, and character building is just part of what builds the game. I honestly haven’t played a game that makes so many elements mix and mix well not left field at all. To explain it best it’s like watching the X-files mixed with World of Warcraft elements. It all takes place in real time so most of the people you meet are real people. With that the community is very NICE.. and well monitored unlike most MMOs. It becomes a group of support and fun!


I can go on about this game but really I think I will wait and make this more of an episode write about.. So much has happened already and I only just started..