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Recently Nintendo has made Game Boy Advance titles available to purchase and play on the Wiiu Network “E-shop”. I never owned a Game boy Advanced as I skipped that generation and went to a DS ” Which does play Advance games but I almost never bothered with many of the titles”. So with the first few titles being released and one of them being a game I had my eye on for awhile. I finally got to play and finish METRIOD FUSION…AKA Metriod 4… so here ….we….go


To begin with the game was released in 2002 for a handheld system.  So just out of the gate I wasn’t expecting much from the game. I had played Super Metriod for the SNES back in the day “and yes I own it for the wii”. It was an epic and fun game! I had also finished and played Metriod Prime 1 and Other M. Going any further with the series really I can’t say I have done much aside from that. Many moons ago I watched the Caption N Cartoon also so I knew who Mother brain was and had a very small brief idea about what the focus of the game was about. I wouldn’t in anyway peg myself as a hard core fan of the series but I will admit it’s a series I have watched in passing. It is one I do admire and find most entertaining without question.

Anyway this game is both engaging and well planned. It has a very clear path of direction and plays to all the aspects you would expect from a Metriod game.  The story is fun to follow and it plays well to a action packed game. From start to finish your set on a story to advance both the character and the mythology of the series.

Over all for the price it doesn’t get much better then this in terms of action. The game is easy to understand and easy to play. You advance at a good pace and really the game is drawing! You can’t find a better action game on the wiiu for this price.