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This was a game that caught my attention because of it’s trailer.. this one!

The game is very dark… Very easy to play..and sort of similar to old games like Flashback and out of this world. It focuses very much on story and the drive for the game really comes from that.


The graphics and sound are built very well. handling the character is pretty easy in that you really only need to learn to point and shoot or Point and Search. The menu is pretty easy to understand but that doesn’t make the game easy in any way.


To say this game is easy to play is one thing but to say the game is easy… IS NOT true at all.. It’s a extremely difficult puzzle game. So much so that the only way some of the parts can be passed is by using a walk thru. Now I am a smart guy ..”at least I like to think so” But some of the stuff in this game is REALLY REALLY REALLY HARD to figure out.

Also I should point out that while I ENJOYED the hell out of playing the … I COULDN’T FINISH IT… not because I didn’t want too.. or because I had a problem getting to the end..BUT BECAUSE THE SOFTWARE WAS BUGGED AND FROZE UP AT THE LAST 20 MINUTES OF THE GAME.. i tried to reinstall the game.. and even transfer the data to a different hard drive…

THE GAME NEEDS TO BE PATCHED NOW! NOT LATER… this is a bigggggggggggg fault for the game.. and I don’t recommend anyone buy it until IT’S PATCHED!

Ok so I seen this preview for a game..and ..well to say he least it inspired me to write…here it is…


Now from what I understand at this point the company that is making it is a INDIE company going by the name Destructive Creations . From what I have read on a few video game articles not much is really known about the game short of the fact it’s based around a guy who wants to die and wants to take as many people with him as he can. Now this isn’t the first game to do this. We have had had in the past games like Postal, Smash TV, Total Carnage, and a few other games in the past that really didn’t run on much more then violence to lead reason.

However the thing that struck me about this game is that it isn’t filtered by much of anything. You simply walk out of your home and start killing people.  Now again my understanding is that the company wanted to make a game that would incite shock. Something that would end up on the news that would force the politics to chatter about violent video games for children. However here is the thing that I think is going to happen with it. Someone is going to be STUPID and buy this game for there child and the arguments are going to spread like wild fire. IF THE GAME gets released at all! Honestly I think they are going to have a really really hard time with the ESRB “Entertainment Software Rating Board”.

Now the ESRB and of course the people that work for it are going to have a field day with this game but really it raises some interesting question. To begin with can you make a game on the idea of just total violence?  I am old enough to have watched the ESRB start. I was about 15 or 13 when Street Fighter 2 and  Mortal Kombat hit the arcades. I watched a the rise of some pretty violent video games that really pushed the idea of violence pretty far. However I never seen a game that was so fearless with the idea.

I am hoping that this game DOES get the attention it wants. Hell it got my attention!


On April 2, 1992 a game was released for the SNES that would not only send action into a new level of excitement but it would become a standard for action games and interactive fun! Contra 3 The Alien Wars was a game I originally remember renting THEN owning for the Snes. It was fast paced, fast thinking action that was uncomplicated and exciting from start to finish. Few games have come since this game was released that didn’t take so many elements and perfect them into amazing action sequences.

As you can tell they released on the E Shop a Wiiu version of the game. It is a exact copy of the SNES release of the 1992 game. Plays the same as it did back in the day. Same old.. Run..jump.. Bomb and shoot game as I remembered. Your given during the game a arsenal of weapon varations from spreads, Lazer shot and my favorite Flame thrower access. Pretty much the game is summed up by running and killing everything that comes on screen. Not much to really think about but fun to play! Challenging to complete..and tricky to boot. You can finish the entire game on normal..but it’s going to tell you to play it on hard… which while that ticks me off…I can see why..

Either way the game is fairly cheap and is out on the E-shop .. It’s worth the play if you haven’t ever played it…and worth the play if you HAVE..BRING BACK THEM OLD MEMORIES!


Alright I KNOW I KNOW.. I haven’t really updated this in awhile.. Reason being I haven’t FINISHED anything in a long time! I have a ton of stuff I am working on..

Arkham Origins – wiiu

Call of duty 2 – wiiu

Hyrule Warriors – wiiu

Contra 3 The Alien wars – wiiu

The Fall – wiiu

Doom 64 ex – PC

star craft 2 Heart of the swarm – PC

Continuing The Secret world 002 -PC


and a few others!

Yes the list is big..and I haven’t finished any of these games yet so I can’t write about em yet.. Hopefully I will find the time now.. but WE WILL SEE …what happens… Either way.. I am enjoying the lot of the games.. and will get back into it soon.. Expect something new written this month..hopefully…