Among the sleep PC

Posted: November 13, 2014 in Video Games Alexander
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Among the sleep

Among the sleep is one of the first “first person horror” games that I played and finished at the first sit down. It’s a short game but it tells the story of a baby! This is the first game I have ever seen that lets you play as a character EVERYONE can relate too. Just a baby! With imagination and a interesting take on horror the game is created extremely well.


To start with it is a simple game .. for the most part you just need to move around with the keyboard, climb, stand up, crawl and pick up objects. It’s really really easy to learn and engaging for the most part. The game doesn’t really focus so much on what might happen as much as it focuses on what IS happening. The sound is built to allow a the player a warning of events. More often then not you will find yourself chase voices, and running from sounds that ARE BAD.



Over all I purchased the game from Humble Bundle for a pretty decent price. It came with six other games and I am sure they will make it available again in the future. Regardless it’s price isn’t bad but I would honestly take my recommendation and wait for it to be available again with the purchase of other games. It’s just too short… and while fun.. and DIFFERENT… You deserve more!

Which! As of the 5th YOU GET! Free DLC which is titled “Prologue” has been released… But I haven’t touched it yet.. BUT SOON!






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