Mortal Kombat X Review Part 2 PS4

Posted: April 15, 2015 in Video Games Alexander

Mortal Kombat X_20150413112354

The Fight goes on!So my last post I explained only a few details about the game this post will be WAYYY more detailed. Yet again.. NO SPOILERS!

Mortal Kombat X_20150414214744

After finishing the story mode the next mode to move to is the Tower mode. Now traditionally the game gives you one option for this. During Mortal Kombat 3 and 4 this would be the spot to set the difficulty. This time around they used it to set up the other modes for the game such as Test Your Might, Test Your luck, and so on. I wanted to get the endings for each character ” only maybe a quarter of the way done”. Naturally you get to choose a difficulty and a character before fighting 10 characters up the traditional tower.

According to reports from the game company more towers will be added. I am assuming this will be to add more replay ability.

Mortal Kombat X_20150414214725

Now the game also uses a currency system that allows you to build up coins to spend in an area of the game known as “The Krypt”. They started this reward system back in Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance and have continued to make it better and better since that point. The rewards you can gain from it vary from character outfits, fan art, concept sketches and so on… Tons of content can be found in this part of the game.

Mortal Kombat X_20150415161040

The really cool thing about it this time around is that you can find items that will give you access to other areas to find more stuff. You should be warned! Surprises happen down in the Krypt that while I will not spoil but yes… BE WARNED. Over all it’s a fun concept that uses the first person point of view to travel around. Fun and time consuming! Over all a good bonus!

In the next part I will explain the online of the game.. and Factions.. which I didn’t talk about in part one..but really that is the first thing you do when you start the game.. choose a faction! So yea… NEXT PART!!


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