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So I jumped back into this game again.. I played the original on the N64 back in 2000 which was .. 18 years ago…. jE@#S I am old.. Had a decent time playing it.. Saw it was Re-released for the 3ds all pretty like..and thought “HEY LET’S DO THAT!” So here is what I thought..


This game while it has the title of Zelda takes a very difference pace from previous titles. It has time constraints, Different characters to play as “AKA using the Masks” and it over all just has this dark creepy underlined tone to it. It’s fun and probably the most FRUSTRATING Zelda game to play “Yes I have played LINK… and this I FEEL is far harder” but it does hold it’s own charms and Presents some of the best most interesting Characters in the series.

Playing it on the 3DS did hold my attention better and for what I think it’s worth made the game a bit more accessible for me. It’s color and graphics have been improved for the system and it looks REALLY good for a 3DS game.


It’s a game that both me and my girlfriend combined our minds to finish because some parts of it I found far to tedious for my attention. Things can drag which is odd considering the game has a time limit of 3 days to finish before having to time travel back in time and lose a good part of your money, and equipment.

While having some of the most annoying mechanics I have ever seen in a Zelda game “SWIMMING!!!” The game does shine in a different light and is worth the price I payed for it on the Nintendo Shop…

Final Fantasy 3 (Wii)

Posted: January 16, 2018 in Video Games Alexander


Last night me and my girlfriend (Megan) Finished Final Fantasy 3 OTHER wise known as FFVI. I first played this game at it’s release with my Cousin Chris back in 1994. The game is without question top 5 best Final Fantasy games I have played in my life.

Megan and I took our time with this campaign. I wanted to show her why I liked this series and honestly it was super charming to play again and honestly the game I feel has lost nothing with time. It’s classic and well built and for the money spent on it TIMELESS.

The characters as charming as I remember the story as dramatic yet funny as ever. It was great to jump back into it. My method of play this time was to do lots of exploring and built our characters up based on abilities we managed to find and look up thanks to Google. Had this been back in the day I would have used the strategy guide to find this stuff.


The thing we did learn from this all was that it does lend into the game we are about to start. Final Fantasy 12 The ZODIAC Age… so it should be fun to play in that universe again..