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So some years ago it’s been now.. I went on Twitter and found out that Koji Igarashi who produced some of the earlier Castlevania Games was making a spiritual successor to Castlevania called.. BloodStained. There was a kickstarter and a site that helped to fund the games Production. Me being super excited about this I naturally went on to and pre-ordered it having no idea how long it would take to come out! Sadly the actual game Bloodstained Ritual of the Night ISN’T out YET.. but rumors have it that SOON SOON.. it will be Available. HOWEVER.. the cool thing to come of all this time and waiting is that the company producing that game made a REALLY AWESOME 8-BIT Retro game called BloodStained Circle of the Moon.

Now I pre-ordered mine for the 3DS  but it’s not been released yet HOWEVER.. Fangamer did send me the PC Version which IS A TEMPORARY CODE for release from the date above till I believe June 8th.. I was lucky enough that my laptop could run the game and So I did play and FINISH IT… here’s what I thought!

screen 1

If you love Classic NES Castlevania this game is perfect in every single way. From the get go the game allows two difficulties for Veteran and Casual. It has a simple enough control set up of ONE Main weapon and several Secondary weapons which you can pick up by hitting classic LANTERNS for items. You do receive power ups in terms of health upgrades and Magic Upgrades. Really everything is straight forward in terms of direction and instructions.

You start off as one character and during the first 3 stages of the game you pick up 3 more characters each with his and her own attributes to use to explore several different ways of completing each stage.


what would a Retro Castlevania “LIKE” game be without an awesome soundtrack. This game delivers in every way possible to make it as close to a Retro 8-bit game as possible and delivers both from a graphics point to the art.  It’s a beautifully designed game and challenging enough to the point that it holds a fun amount of reply-ability that you will want to go back and explore stuff you missed earlier on in the game.

This being a PREQUEL to the coming Bloodstained Ritual of the Night.. It is a simple game that holds challenges of 8 STAGES. Short but sweet.. Personally I think it’s one of the funnest Platformers I have played Since Castlevania Mirror of Fate “which if you know me that’s my favorite 3DS game to date”.

For the price you can’t go wrong and really it makes me SUPER HYPE FOR The coming BLOODSTAINED RITUAL OF THE NIGHT!