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So recently I finished the main story quest in God of war. I haven’t finished all of the side quest as of yet but I am sure I will get to it as I often do with everything. Yet here I am again about to explain what I like and didn’t like about the game. So here we…go..


So to begin with this is the 4th of the games in the series “Not counting the Prequels and in-between games”. The series for some went God of war 1 2 and 3 …and now God Of War again.. Understanding that story has a great deal to explain as to why this happened I suppose it makes for another good starting point for the series.  Considering how much has changed from this one to the previous I can’t say I blame them.

Everything has changed with this game as opposed to previous. Mechanics, Graphics, pretty much everything. Which in some ways is good and some bad. The series went from a third person hack and slash to a now third person very heavy story action adventure game. No longer using the 3 button Light attack, Medium attack, Heavy attack method it now focuses on just a Medium attack and Heavy attack with the option of three special attacks and a new throwing mechanic. This allows for harder puzzles and exploration threw out the open world “Yes I still hate open world” environments.

Similar more to a Darksiders game rather than Fallout 3 the game does give very good directions on each goal. After finishing one of the main goals the option to do a side quest is often presented. It doesn’t push you to do the side quest but merly suggest that it would be a good idea to do it with some dialog from Atreus “Kratos new Son and side kick.” However the interesting part about the side kick mechanic in this game is you aren’t going to beheld responsible for that character. Atreus while useful during the game can’t die, and you aren’t given the option to play as the character at all. Provided with heavy dialog between the two characters it opens up serious character development between all the characters this time around.


It’s a beautiful game that in many ways does what I hoped most ps4 games would. Uses it’s color and graphics to keep the eye interested in what is going on around you. Never settling for a pallet of just grays and dark grays the game is full of life and breath taking environments. Lots of detail you could tell went into making the world feel alive. My one constant bother about the game is set in the enemies. Very few enemies this time around hold any interest to me.

You won’t be fighting many different enemies this time around but perhaps a select handful of very large creatures that can all be killed the same way. Lots of Nordic restless dead, Revenants, Some Giants, a few mini bosses and some bosses. Again this game is focused more on dialog and story and not Action.

While slower in tone than the previous games much is to be enjoyed about the game. I can see reason for why people love it. Personally after having invested myself into 4 games of the series and this being the 5th game I have played I will say it’s better than Ascension but lesser enjoyed than God of war 2. It’s worth the price of 60$ that I paid for it but does very little that feeling of Returning to the series and more for New Experiences.