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Quake (PC)

Posted: August 10, 2018 in Video Games Alexander
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Seeing as how Quake con 2018 started today I thought it would be cool to finally finish up this game that I have been pecking at for a very very long time. So here we go…


To begin with let’s go into a small bit of history here. Quake was released in 1996 for PC on MS-Dos.. So yes it’s a super old game.. give or take about 22 years old. Back in 96 I wasn’t much of a PC gamer and I didn’t really have my first PC till 1997 or late 96. I had friends who had played this game and I DID even finish/own the N64 Port of the game but I never really showed much interest in the PC Version.

Jumping 22 years later and seeing as how everything has changed on PC and still having a copy of this game just wasn’t enough for me sit down and play it. Yes you can buy versions of this game on STEAM but I went the extra step and took the version I had for PC and just used a mode called Dark Places “which is free” to enhance and modified the game to play on my current PC. Boy was I happy to do so.


The Modification not only allows me to play the game but it adds some cool lighting effects and re textures most of the game. Now this is cool and all but personally I like the original designs for the monsters rather than some of the skins for this modification. However we aren’t going to get into those details.

What I came to experience very much like the N64 version of the game is a fast paced shooter coming once again from the guys who made DOOM. The biggest changes this time around was that it’s a fully 3D Set game. Whatever limitations DOOM had Quake made clear not to have. You could move your head around in any direction. Fight monsters that could fly above you and below.  Over all explore a vast and dark world to all ends while still finding hidden rooms and power ups to manage the player in and out of long hallway corridors.

While it’s aged a long time now the game still maintains a brutal sense of challenge. It’s the most basic of shooters pitting you against demons, soldiers, and creatures from nightmares.. You will be shot,clawed, and covered in monster attacks having only 8 weapons to choose from without counting on the handful of power ups you can pick up.

The game holds a particular charm to it with showing the advanced graphics and soundtrack from NINE Inch Nails lead man Trent Raznor. It’s mostly about atmosphere and quick actions. You play 4 chapters in which you are given the direction to find 4 Ruin stones. Without the ruin stones you CAN NOT FINISH the game.. Tedious I know.. but that’s how it works. While brutal in game play it also allows you to save and load at any point in the game using the menu. Cheat codes are enables by using a drop down menu pressing the ~ button.

Honestly this game is a classic on both horror and shooters alike. To anyone young it might not look like much but this was the start of a long road of what we now have today as advanced shooters. It’s worth the pennies you can buy it for and the experience just to see how all this stuff started.