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I have been for as long as I have been a gamer a fan of Tetris. I played it with my sister on the Commodore 64. Still play it with her to this day every now and again. I have challenged MANY an epic people online. Hell my digital wife would kill me if I didn’t say she was a great player “HI HANNAH!” of the series. So yes it roots itself pretty deep into my life.

So when I heard that a NEW Tetris Game was coming out it was a natural buy…and I am not disappointed at all! This is without question more of an experience than an actual video game. You need to play it LOUD, on a big screen in HD and Really dive into it.


It’s back to basic with this game. You have your simple mechanics of move the brick, flip, and Hold ONE Brick. The Tetris Effect button allows a meter to fill up and stop the movement of the game. Which is cool and simple to add to the game. It’s really very basic in terms of what a Tetris game should be.


The biggest Highlight of the game is the visuals and sound. It’s a beautiful game and it sounds perfect. Designed to be more of a puzzle experience it becomes emotional diving into it. THE BIGGEST PROBLEM I have with the game is that it’s 40$ and it isn’t a long game. I am hoping that the 40$ price point will come with future DLC to expand the game. I am working on expert level now and it’s super challenging but Normal was a bit less than I thought it would be “I finished it without dying once on Normal”.

It doesn’t have two players BUT it does have a leader board which is epic to try to get to the TOP. So trying to beat your friends scores or other players around the world is always a fun priority for the game in terms of REPLAY.

To me it’s a new addiction and I love it for everything that it is!

(First stream of my expert Level Play!)

First Expert Stream of Tetris Effect


Probably one of my favorite Zelda games of all time. Ocarina of Time was recreated for the 3DS handheld in such an amazing way. Sadly for me it took me awhile to finish and re-experience this amazing game.


Thinking back on playing the N64 version of the game I really don’t remember the game looking as bad as it does now. Perhaps it’s just my age.. but having played/finished the 3DS version it all felt very much like I remember. Taking each part and just cleaning up, remodeling and adding character to each element of the game really helps to keep it with the times.

Everything about this game is for lack of a better word PERFECT for anyone who loves this series. While I still think A Link between worlds is probably my favorite in the series Ocarina is without question a experience everyone should enjoy.

The characters, the story, the music and with the updated graphics it is one of the few games that I can say in my life I will always remember fondly. In terms of price Nintendo really doesn’t drop $ much but for what you get for the 30-40$ price you do get every penny worth.


This being a 3DS adventure game on the 3DS the only fault I came to find was the 3D part. While it works I did find at times 3D just doesn’t worth well with me and my eye sight. This really wasn’t a fault on the game at all and more a fault on the 3DS. Probably more so a fault on my bad vision. Regardless it’s a charming adventure and one that will probably remain timeless forever.