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This is one of 2 games I had planned to buy this year and I am super happy I DID!! This is also only PART 1 of my review as I have only finished Leon A and Claire B… just started Claire A…so once I am finished with THAT and Leon B.. I’ll write the other half.. but anyway..HERE…We…go…

This game is everything I wanted it to be. It’s a remake of a classic game that I have played at least a million times on the Nintendo 64 and Gamecube. I never owned a Ps1 and I had heard it was a great series so naturally I started with 2 and bought all of em after that. So the concept of them remaking this game was a bit scary for me to even think about at first but my goodness did Capcom NAIL IT.


To start with the game begins like the classic allowing you to choose from one of TWO characters Leon Kennedy or Claire Redfield. For both characters this is a start to the series which is interesting because most sequels you take characters from the First part and Continue that line of story but not with this series. The only real link between Resident Evil 1 and 2 is that Claire is the Sister of Chris from RE 1 and instead of taking place on the outskirts of Raccoon City the sequel takes place in the city itself. Zombies are now over running the city and the two characters are looking for answers as to why and who can they help in that situation.

The biggest change with this remake is that instead of the game being played as a pre-rendered fixed background game it’s a Third person shooter. Which if you ask me was smart because the level of detail that can be focused on now is BEAUTIFUL..AND TERRIFYING. It feels exactly like the game I played back in 1998 only updated and with a bit more detail and focus on the main two characters.

Some of the core details about it remain. You still have Ammunition counts, Herb Combinations, Storage boxes and Type Writer Save points “No ink ribbons this time around it’s save as you please”. Ammunition unlike RE 2 “Classic” isn’t just picked up at random and often.. This time you are required to pick up mixes “Similar to RE 3” which can be combined together to make different types of Ammunition. A fun but often questionable detail that was added.

The zombies while slow still.. are often MUCH more difficult to maneuver around. Pretty much all of the original cast returns for this remake but some are more fleshed out I feel in terms of character. If you want to learn more about lore the game keeps it’s classic note system involved for lore. Clear and beautifully rendered cute sense help to explain each situation and the pacing is perfect in terms of what has been changed and often I found myself saying “OH I REMEMBER THAT…but..that wasn’t here… that’s a cool change!!”


As with RE 1 remake the puzzle have changed and are often just as difficult to figure out as the original. It keeps the game alive and really I think it will force players who didn’t play the original to probably go back and play it after going thru everything this game has to offer which is still A LOT.

The future for this game is also looking bright with FREE DLC on the way!! So really … Part 2 of this review will probably have me screaming at more details..LATER…