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After months and months and months of me telling my girlfriend I would get to Undertale.. WE FINALLY DID IT… and all it really took was for me to buy it on the Nintendo Switch.. to do it… SO HERE WE GO!!!


To start with HAVE AN OPEN MIND…cause to say this game is an experience is an…UNDER….STATEMENT… HAHAHAHAHAHAH…. ok … ummm

You play as a little boy?…..little girl…… ummm…little person.. “That works!” who falls down a hole into a world of Monsters. You encounter lots of different creatures, monsters, both cute and scary looking.  One of the most interesting things about the game is how it’s played. It has sort of a turn base thing that gives you the options for Fight, Act,Items, and Mercy. It forces you to interact with your actions by moving your heart piece in a box while things try to attack it.  Personally I think I sound crazy describing that but that’s exactly how it works.


Lots of text fills this game and personality is a quality I have learned it builds very well. It’s a unique story to tell and often I found myself saying….”what?…what happened?” The music and graphics are probably some of the best I have heard in awhile with this type of retro style. It was a good mix of horror at some points.. and some action rpg…You will gather items and build the character as you would in most RPGs.  Like I started with it was a experience.

From my understanding of this game it has several endings..and depending on how you choose to play it can change the game dramatically.. I went with the pacifist route…  Meaning I didn’t kill anyone the entire game… Which was hard.. but not impossible. I might go with the more aggressive route in the future but … who knows…

Was it worth the money to buy it off the Switch Shop…YES!! If you are looking for a adventure game that is over all easy to play and unique… GO FOR IT!


So this evening I received my invite to stress test the new mortal kombat. To say the least I was very excited and really looking forward to today.. so here…we …go


To begin with you are given 3 characters. Baraka, Skarlet and Scorpion with 3 variations to play with. Only two Backgrounds to select and you can only play Online..”Duh it’s a stress test”. So far I love the level of detail the game has applied to it and honestly it feels far more like a Mortal Kombat game than the last game. Learning the basics of each character is over all pretty easy to do.


The combo system is similar to the mk xl but it seems more focused. Easier to time and I am sure easier to learn than the last game. While it is a stress test I can say for the most part it feels much more balanced to play online than any of the previous games.  Slightly slower with an attention to detail so it’s not just a mix up of a bunch of fast motions that no one can control.


The game does allow you to play a little bit with the variation system but I would imagine this is just a small small taste of what the game actually has to offer. It’s fun seeing the characters in such high detail. So much attention really brings out the personalities of these characters.