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Mortal Kombat as a series has been something I have been keeping up with since MK 2. My history with this game is funny to me because I really didn’t like it at first glance. At first glance I was more of a Street Fighter 2 Fan and really the only person who should get credit for this addiction of mine “now” is my Older Brother.

He introduced me to both Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat when I was the perfect age of Nine. Street Fighter 2 being released a year before MK I was Eight. At the time even with Street Fighter 2 I didn’t gravitate to the Violence or the action of the series it was the characters that caught my attention.


While Mortal Kombat (1992) had 7 characters to play as the story was very New to me and I didn’t have an open mind to what I wanted to see. My brother was far more into Ninjas, and Karate films than myself at the time. I had already invested so much of my time playing Street Fighter 2 that those characters became far more interesting than anything MK had to offer. So it took some time for me to show any interest in it at all. Yet what would really hit me about Mortal Kombat that didn’t really happen till MK 2 was released was this very interesting shade of mystery the game held.


Understanding that in 1992 we had no internet and all that I had to go on was Nintendo Power with some rumors from some friends at the time made the game interesting. The fact it held a layer below what was actually being presented sparked the questions.





Reptile would be my focus for MK 1 and later become my favorite character to play in MK 2. A character that held mystery and in some ways presented a small window into what the next game “Mortal Kombat 2” would expand the lore into. I think it was also the timing of everything in my life that made it work also. I lived in Ocala, Florida and anyone who has been to any part of the south can tell you… LIZARDS ARE EVERY PLACE.. so clearly being 9 it was interesting to see in a video game a character that was HALF lizard…half man.. and be a Ninja/Not a Ninja…. COME ON.. HOW MUCH COOLER CAN YOU BE?


From just one character I fell in love with the entire series because it would expand this lore and this story to the point that in later games it would actually become a focus. Like reading a great comic book the drama would unfold with each part in the series. I would get sucked into each one as it went on.  AGAIN the questions.. Who..what…why?

So here we are now with MK 11 just around the corner.. and of course the story likely to be at it’s best a movie in itself. EXPANDED.. and I find myself asking questions and even holding long discussions on those questions. It’s a good time and I AM Hoping for some great stuff to come next week!