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So having just finished Undertale everyone has been telling me to try this Deltarune Chapter 1 WHICH IS FREE!!! on pretty much every platform you can think of. My Girlfriend and I managed to get our little grubby hands on it and spent pretty much all of last night running thru the entire game.



Taking the style and game play of Undertale and telling a entirely new story is what  Deltarune is. While this is just Chapter 1 and a continued chapter 2 is currently in the works. What this game does is spin off everything you thought you knew about one story and give a “What If ?” story.

While the relation is kinda odd and really it has NOTHING to do really with Undertale. The story telling is what drives the game. While you had a great deal of decision making to make in Undertale This game takes all of that away and tells you a story the way it is written. You don’t have to know anything about the previous game to enjoy it. It’s humor is far better this time around and while it takes a very direct stance on how the story is being played.

It’s important to note that it also raises so many questions. This being only Chapter 1 entering the game I kinda expected that much to be true. I am very curious how this will end.


How do I describe Mortal Kombat 11? A fighting game with layers of mystery and a story that is complicated to follow that leaves you with more questions than answers!? A part of the series that didn’t need to be but became a fast reminder of why we all LOVE the series….let’s see…here…we…go…!


To begin with you start with 23 characters. Unless you pre-ordered the game you don’t get Shao Khan and Frost is unlocked after you finish a chapter of the story mode. The Story mode itself is probably my favorite part of the game. Basically a 3 hour interactive film with Fighting game elements. The only thing I don’t like about the story mode is how it ends. Far more interactive than MK X and The Mortal Kombat I do feel the way it was executed was perfect.  However the biggest problem I have is that it does absolutely NOTHING to answer questions about the future of the series or progression of the characters involved. If you had any questions about MK X don’t expect any answers from MK 11.

It does take place after MK X and any fan of the series would think ” FINALLY SOME ANSWERS!!”.. no … it raises more questions and more so because “Time Travel” Erases some questions we had without really resolving anything. Will the story have any DLC…? WHO KNOWS! However I expect MK 12 might be the place that will resolve most of this… at least.. I HOPE…


The game itself does return to a interesting pace for itself. Having once again re wired the controls this time around you control one character to fight in several modes “Towers”. The controls go from Front Punch, Back Punch, Front Kick, Back Kick, Throw, Switch Stance, jump, Duck, and a number of combinations for special moves and a Single Fatal Blow move which can only be used ONCE per fight.


Character is at it’s best with this game. Each Fighter has a personality and it’s very clear this time around NRS gave the players what they wanted in that aspect. Personality was important as so many of these fighters feel like real experienced characters. Backgrounds and Music are also top tier in that you could tell how much work went into cutting all the details.

As of right now it’s still a work in progress with how it will be balanced and so far the community has been great with patches, and tweeks to keeping it a interesting game. Fatalities are by far the most brutal and detailed they have ever been.


Holding in my opinion the most gory of the series. The reward system is also interesting in that you are given gold, souls and hearts as rewards for everything you complete in the game. Each of those is used in a krypt system which could be in itself it’s own game.  Exploring and opening chest to reveal new costumes, fatalities, and other items used to make the game more interesting.

It’s a massive game and the content is consistent with keeping the player to come back for a long time. we will see what the future brings…