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Recently QuakeCon 2019 came and went.. WITH IT.. The surprise release of Doom 1 2 and 3 for the Nintendo Switch.  The cost!! 5$ Each for Doom 1 and 2.. 9.99 for Doom 3. Rumor has it DOOM 64 is also in the pipeline. Either way I finished DOOM 1 AND … here ..we..go!


To begin with the biggest complaint I have been reading about “that I didn’t and don’t have an issue with” is the Login issue. Which according the Twitter it’s already being addressed. The Idea behind the login was to link it to the slayers club which personally I think was cool because so far that site has been good to me.


Aside from that the game plays exactly like you would expect it. It’s a perfect port of the Re-release from the BFG Edition released in 2012. What came as a huge surprise is that on the Nintendo Switch the game play is EXTREMELY good.  Honestly I think I play the game best on the switch as opposed to PC or even N64. THAT IS HIGH PRAISE… It’s fast paced and runs perfect.

The save system works fast and really not much has changed at all short of it being on the switch system. Overall for 5$ it’s a great buy and I see no reason for anyone who loves this series to not BUY IT!!



I don’t play many online Game to begin with. The Few that I play I only enjoy playing because of Friends and Family. I especially don’t play Fighting Games Online because of how toxic and in so many ways UNFAIR some of the players can be “Looking at you HITBOX Moders!”. However Mortal Kombat 11 has struck something that has caught my interest in creating “Seasons of” days that allow the player to go up a ladder and gain titles! SO LET’S GO ON HERE!!….


To begin with it’s a silly thing to do but by playing online matches “YES AGAINST REAL PEOPLE”.. You gain access to items, coins, skins and Titles that drive you to want to play more. HOWEVER .. the big catch for me I have come to find is that it puts the player against the right range of fighters to progress and learn.

For example a player who is at the level of Apprentice isn’t going to play someone who is at the level of ELDER GOD.. It has this awesome system that upon winning you can progress.. Upon losing you can learn what both you and the other player did to get them to that point with a statics system that actually WORKS!!… I have learned how to measure my lows, highs, and mid attacks for each battle and can easily see a better player in me. It honestly shocked me to death how good I have gotten at this game by simply learning from the progress I have made.


So far I main Baraka and I haven’t really learned any other character because I feel like I haven’t perfected him just yet. Hell even saying that excites me because I come to understand and rediscover an old passion for competitive play. I should also note I have met some great great great players on here.. Of course naturally some not so great players… BUT that’s the online community!!  I LOVE IT!!



I purchased 2 versions of Mortal Kombat 11 one for the PS4.. Which I already wrote a little about.. and the second for the Nintendo Switch. So many things have been updated and patched since day 1 so.. lots to say.. SO HERE .. WE GO!


To begin with as of the time I am writing this the game has been updated and patch so many times that it is equally on pair with the other versions in terms of content and what the game has to offer. I managed to play this last season of Competitive play, the story mode and some of the towers of time with ZERO issues. Some minor problems with connection but I think that for the most part it has more to do with my internet rather than the actual game drops.


In terms of sound and graphics for the Nintendo switch the game looks amazing and sounds just as great. Handheld mode is exactly what I wanted for the price. It’s a handheld version of MK 11 and it’s great for practicing while you can.Untitled

One of the biggest advantages I have come to find is that the community on the switch is really good. Most of the people I have come across are really nice! However due to the Switchs hardware issue with it not allowing for MIC and Communication .. it becomes a fault. You can play online but it requires some work to make friends.. hehe..