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So recently I have been on a mix of playing the entire series of Doom again. Still working on Doom II for the Switch and I completely forgot I finished this one about 2 weeks ago for the 1000 time or something. Anyway here is what I thought… here…we..go!

To begin with the game isn’t going to be as detailed in graphics as the Ps4/PC Original. You won’t get some of the lighting effects and some of the time you play the textures are blurry at points but let’s face it if you are buying this game for switch you should keep in mind TWO THINGS. It’s Handheld! It’s the same speed pace as the original and that is what counts!

doom switch

Why would I buy it on Switch? Well to begin with the game was cheap at about 20 $ and let’s face it I LOVE DOOM and want to be able to play it any place and that’s exactly what you get with this version.

Sound wise it’s perfect also. You get the loud amazing soundtrack from Mick Gordon. You get all the monsters,  guns, and stages however it’s lacking in the multiplayer section in that almost every time I have tried to play it NO ONE WAS EVER ON.. You can’t Create stages and levels like the ps4/pc one also but to be honesty I think I may have used that feature once and never bothered with it again.

So simply put if you want a Handheld Version of DOOM 2016.. THAT IS WHAT YOU GET.. it’s perfect for a fix but it’s not A perfect port. FUN!! And Worth the Money!!