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So this is probably going to be a long review because I am a big fan of the series in General. I have seen every Film, Played every Game, Owned a number of toys and even read a number of Comics based on this series. So yea… Here….we…GO!

If you are a fan of the first two films and have watched them both at least 1000 times each PLAY THIS GAME. While it’s an Open World, First person Shooter, Frogger “Like”, With a mix of Survival Horror and Decision Interactions in it game.  I must say the amount of love and detail for this game is undeniable.  TEYON Games which is a Polish Game Company have done the best Terminator Game I have ever played.


Starting off Before the first Two Films “And yes it’s Cannon”. You play as  Jacobs Rivers a resistance fighter against the Machines/Skynet in the year 2028. Like I said early it’s for the most part a First person shooter with Survival Horror Elements taking much of the feel from the first Two films vision of a Apocalyptic Earth Ruled being taken over by Machines. The game starts out as a very Run and Hide type of game but it Happily sprinkled with Actions Sequences and Frogger Puzzle elements. It has a Development Tree for your character to work on as you progress thru the game and the Weapons you choose from are a mix of Old School Guns mixed with Future.

While I am sure some people can easily finish the game in probably under 5 hours the game encourages exploration. Most of the charm it holds comes from knowing the series and it sprinkles lots of Easter Eggs that caused me personally to be like “HEY I REMEMBER THAT!!”


It has a crafting system in it that is actually really giving also considering at no time during the game did I have an issue with collecting Ammunition, Health Items or Lock Picks to open doors. The only real issue I had was trying to figure out some of the controls as it isn’t very good at explaining that HOWEVER if you have ever played games like Condemned or really any First person Shooter it can go without saying that you can figure it out fairly Quickly.

I am sure it has multiple endings which at this point I have only seen one but am Eager to jump back in and see what my decisions can change. While I had this game Pre-Ordered for the Price of about 60$ bucks. I personally think it was worth it just because I am a huge fan of the series. However.. I have seen it go now for about 30$ to 40$ and honestly for that price I feel anyone who is a fan of the series is getting there monies worth. Hell I have seen games with developers Much bigger DO FAR WORSE GAMES and really I had no Issues with sounds “AMAZING” OR Graphics “Pretty great Consider it’s a small company developing it”… So yea.. I would say it’s a MUST BUY for Terminator Fans…and a really really Great time for people who are just looking to Jump into that Future fight against the Machines type people.