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So today was the release of Mortal Kombat 11 Aftermath. The expansion to Mortal Kombat 11 and while everyone knows I am a huge fan of this series and I want to SPOIL THE HELL OUT OF IT… That is not what I do on here.. However I will tell ya alittle bit about it!…so here…we..go!

Just to start with I want to point out that while the expansion does cost about 40$ IT IS NOT REQUIRED for some of the content. That is correct.. SOME OF THIS STUFF WAS FREE FOR ALL WHO ALREADY OWN MK 11!.. They patched it this morning and gave everyone New Brutalities, Friendships, and some new Stages WITH… Stage Fatalities! All you had to do was download the patch that was released this morning and POP!.. You got that content for free! Pretty AWESOME NEWS and cool!

So what did you actually purchase for 40$? Aftermath is the Second Chapter to the Story mode.. which is about 6 chapters long = about 3 hours worth of content story. Pretty cool stuff if you ask me! With it you also receive 3 New Characters Sheeva, Fujin, and Robocop. What I later came to learn after having finished the second chapter is that while you play it you also receive lots of added content in the way of augments, Costume changes and character skins. Again pretty cool stuff to have but is it worth it?

Honestly I think it’s worth it just for the story alone but with the characters as a fan of the series I can say I feel like it was worth it! I do believe you can buy the characters separate for a bit higher of price.. but still.. fun!